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# Beauty ♪ Transform into a Golden Beauty with CANMAKE Cosmetics! A golden makeup that may bring you fortunes!! ~Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture~

Transform into a Golden Beauty with CANMAKE Cosmetics! 
~In Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture~

You may have known that Kanazawa has the largest gold foil production in Japan. So this time we will take you to Kanazawa where you can experience the beauty of gold!

Before we head for Kanazawa, let's learn about the CANMAKE's golden makeup first!


Of course gold color is the main color of the whole makeup. Actually this color is not only for party use, you can use it as your daily makeup too.

Especially in Autumn, this is one of the hottest color to use. This time, we first use a brown color eye shadow as base, then we use the gold color to create the layers of the whole eye makeup. How do you like it?

3 things that you need to create the Golden Makeup

Girly, Pop and Shiny!

CANMAKE is popular among Japanese girls who like cute and sweet fashions! Also, the prices of their products are not expensive, it is a famous cosmetics brand in Japan!

In order to create the Golden Makeup, you will need the following items:

1. Transparent Finish Powder PL (Face powder)

2. Jewelstar Eyes (Eye shadow)

3. Stay on Balm Rouge (Lipstick)

CANMAKE Homepage:

You can get CANMAKE products in all drug stores in Japan!!

An advice for you. Make sure you know about your skin color before getting any base makeup products. If your skin is quite dark, remember to select colors that are more natural. If your skin is white, you can choose colors are brighter.

For those whose skin is yellowish, you can try products with purple color tone since purple can help you to make a balance with your skin color. However, if you have whiter skin and use purple color, then it will be too bright and not natural! Got it?

01. Purple color tone face powder 

As we have mentioned, if you have yellowish and dry skin, this purple color face powder is highly recommended. It will help you to create a shiny skin! You can use the concealer to cover the spots first and then apply this face powder! Then the base makeup is done! BB cream is not needed too!

Pictures from

Transparent Finish Powder PL (Face Powder)
Price: 940 yen + tax
SPF30 PA++
Products Details:

02. Golden Eye Shadow

What eye shadow colors do you use usually? Many people use natural colors like brown which is also very important for our Golden Makeup this time!

This product has a paste-like texture which can be used easily.

Just apply the eye shadow to your eyelids and eye bags from your finger tip. Then apply your mascara and brown color eye shadow.

If you have dry skin, you can first finish your eye makeup first before putting on the face powder. Then it can be kept longer!

Last step is to apply the gold eye shadow on the brown eye shadow. Look how nice it is!

Picture from
Jewelstar Eyes (Eye shadow)
Price: 580 yen + tax
8 colors in total
Color used on model: no. 07
Product Details:

03. Glossy lipstick that protects your lips too

This lipstick is very easy to use, and there are many colors you can choose in this collection! Moisturizing lipstick with UV-reducing effect!
Picture from
 Stay on Balm Rouge (lipstick)
Price: 580 + tax
9 colors in total
Color used on model: no. 12
Product Details: 

Before and After

A transparent and glossy base makeup, add with brownish and golden eye makeup, plus the glossy lips, how cute and nice is that!

Adjust the gold color as per your personal preference!

This Golden Makeup is easy to create. Another good thing about it is you don't need to buy and use too many makeup products. Nice!

Speaking of gold foil, Kanazawa is the right place!!

Kanazawa is located in Ishikawa Prefecture which is in the central part of Japan. The scenery and culture here is very unique and special. If you come here and visit, you can see lots of traditional products like fabric, pottery and other crafts that are made with gold foil.

4 gold products that you need to check out!!


01. Gold Foil Face Mask
It is said that it has anti-aging effect!

02. Gold Foil Ice Cream
God Foil wrapped around the vanilla ice cream!

03. Gold Foil Pound Cake
Both green tea and red beans pound cake and chocolate pound cake are topped with gold foil.

04. Gold Foil Japanese Wine
Added with gold foil, it is great for your special days!!

Perfect Golden Makeup for Kanazawa!!

It is said that a golden makeup may bring you fortunes and good luck!

Now you have the perfect makeup for the trip in Kanazawa! In our next sharing, we will show you interesting sightseeing spots in Kanazawa!! See you very soon!

CANMAKE Homepage:

You can get CANMAKE products in all drug stores in Japan!!

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