Tuesday, October 25, 2016

:::JK Fun::: # A competition that you might have never heard of! Window Cleaning Competition in Ikebukuro!!

Impossible Things Can Always Become Possible in Japan!!

Just a few stations away from Shinjuku, there is another popular shopping spots for many tourists. In Ikebukuro, you can find department stores, big shopping malls, game centers, cinemas, karaoke, restaurants, and hotels etc. Other than tourists, many young Japanese love coming to Ikebukuro and hang out with their friends here.

Sunshine City Ikebukuro, Tokyo
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Sunshine City is located in a short distance from the Ikeburuko Station. It is a commercial complex buildings where you can find variety of facilities such as a hotel, an aquarium, an observatory on 60th floor, a planetarium, a museum, a theater, and of course a huge shopping mall with many restaurants and cafe!

Address: 3-1-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo
Tel.: 03-3989-3331
Hours: 10:00-20:00 (Shops), 11:00-22:00 (Restaurants)

At the Fountain Plaza, different kinds of shows or mini-live are held every week. Last Saturday, we saw a very interesting (weird??) competition there!

17th Window Cleaning Competition!

Really? There is a competition in window cleaning? That's what everyone asked when they first saw it!

In the center of the stage, 3 pieces of glasses were set and the players had to clean them within the limited time. Other than that, looks like the players' poses are also counted. 

We found that the profile pictures on the screen were very interesting too. They were all drawn in Japanese comics style. Look how cool the girl looks!

You may think that this is only a competition for Japanese, then you are wrong!! Actually this competition has been held in many other countries. This time, the champion will represent Japan and go to compete with players from other parts of the world!

One of the sponsor of this competition is the American company which manufactures window cleaning tools. The daughter of the founder of this company was invited to make a speech at the competition. Looks like Window Cleaning Competition is really a formal competition!

What do you think about this Window Cleaning Competition??

By the way, there is another interesting place we wanna show you today! In the same shopping mall, you can find a popular indoor theme park - NamJaTown!

This year, NamJaTown is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Look at the new costumes that the kitten mascots are wearing!

NamJaTown is a place for the whole family! Other than attractions for the kids, there are also desserts area and Japanese dumplings "Gyoza" area for the adults. Wanna get some nice snacks and fun time with the kids? This is maybe a good place for you and your family!

Address: 2F, Sunshine City World Import Mart Building
Tel.: 03-5950-0765
Hours: 10:00-22:00
Entry Only: 500 yen (Adults) 300 yen (Kids)
Passport (Entry+Attraction): 3,300 yen (Adults) 2,600 yen (Kids)
After 3pm Pass (Entry+Attraction): 2,300 yen (Adults) 1,800 yen (Kids)

Other than Sunshine City, actually there are other nice shopping places in Ikebukuro too. Just like the following:

#Shopping ♪ Fast Fashion in Tokyo! Ikebukuro JEANSMATE Open 24 Hours

#Shopping ♪ Men's Paradise in Ikebukuro - VANQUISH @ Ikebukuro PARCO

Visit Ikebukuro and explore more interesting things and places by yourself next time!

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See you there! :)