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:::SPECIAL::: # At The Most Popular Waiting Spot in Shibuya, Hachiko and special guest Pompompurin are waiting for you this Halloween!

The Most Popular Waiting Spot in Shibuya

Hachiko Statue Outside The JR Station
Something Special and Cute Joined Hachiko This Halloween

"If you ask your friends or family to meet in Shibuya, usually where will you ask them to meet you?

I bet 95% of people will answer you "Hachiko" in front of the JR Shibuya Station.

You may have heard about the Hachiko story from your friends or the Hollywood movie. Let us share with you one more time to recall your memory!

The story of Hachiko

Hachiko was an Akita dog and he was remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner Mr. Ueno, a university professor.  After his owner passed away, the dog kept walking to the station and waiting for his owner every day until the day he died. Everyone was touched by his loyalty and a statue was made specially for him and put in front of the Shibuya Station.

By the way, just across the JR Station, you can find Shibuya 109 Men's which is popular among guys in Japan! Inside this shopping mall, you can find a cool shop with the latest Japanese style and fashions - VANQUISH @ Shibuya 109 Men's!

Please check out our earlier sharing on VANQUISH here:

# Shopping ♪ VANQUISH @ Shibuya 109 Men's - The Trendiest Summer Style for 2016! Hachiko is here too??

Now you should know the reason why there is a Hachiko statue in the shop too! That's very interesting right?

As we have mentioned, this Halloween, something very special and cute joined Hachiko to welcome you at Shibuya! So who is that??

Picture credited to Fashion Press
Since this year is the 20-year anniversary of this cute Sanrio character, Pompompurin, there are many different kinds of celebration going on in Japan. For example, the Pompompurin themed cafe and McDonald's menu etc.

From now until 1 November 2016, right in front of Hachiko statue, you can find the Yellowish Pompompurin Train!! You can even get on the train and take some great pictures with this cute character.

Picture credited to Fashion Press
Look! How cute the inside is decorated! I just love the Pompompurin seat.

Picture credited to Fashion Press
Of course, you can find Pompompurin waiting for your inside the train.

Pompompurin Train
Period: Now - 1 November 2016
Location: In front of JR Shibuya Station (Opposite to Hachiko statue)
Train Opening Hours: 10:00 - 20:00

As we have said, there are many different kinds of celebration for Pompompurin this year in Japan. Now, if you order the McDonald's Happy Meal, you can get a Pompompurin toy (kitchen ware??!).

Picture credited to McDonald's Japan
You can choose one toy from the 8 types above. If your kids got these toys, do you think that they will be happy to help you cook?

Top Row (Left to Right): Whisk, Cup, Plate Set, Pudding mold
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Measuring cup, Measuring spoon, Spatula, Cooking notebook

If you want to read more about other Sanrio characters like Gudetama, please check this out:

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See you there! :)

Currently, as of 2018,
"Shibuya 109 Men's" has changed its name to

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