Tuesday, November 29, 2016

:::JK Fun::: # Festival? Sport Day? Marathon in Japan!

Any marathon runners here?
Next time you may consider coming to Japan
and participate in marathon here!

In recent years, there are more oversea runners applying and participating in the marathon in Japan, just like the Tokyo Marathon and the Osaka Marathon. However I am not a marathon runner, so I don't understand why the marathons in Japan is attractive to oversea runners.

Until last Sunday, I got a chance to participate in the Toda (戸田) marathon (as a supporter for my colleagues, not a runner >.<), and now I know the interesting things about Japanese marathon!

01. Family Activities

Only the runners go to the marathon? 

Actually the runners' family also go there and give their full support to the runners! People bring food and drinks there and enjoy an outdoor time while waiting for their family members and friends who run.

Family members show their warmest support to the runners at the starting point!

02. Vendor Booths!

Just not far from the entrance, I was surprised to see vendor booths where people selling sports goods like running shoes, T shirts, sun glasses etc. People really spend their time and do some shopping at the marathon!!

03. Food and Drinks!

It is more like a Japanese festival rather than a marathon! You can find food vendor booths selling different kinds of Japanese snacks and drinks. Yes! They are selling draft beer and other alcoholic drinks too. Isn't it just like a festival??

04. Getaways From Work

Now it is the best time to see the autumn leaves in Tokyo! Running around the park under the yellowish autumn leaves, it is a great way to get away from the busy working life too.

Other than going to the cinemas and shopping malls, isn't it better to bring you family to the park and enjoy some fresh air during weekend?

There is one thing that really impressed me. You could hear cheers from the people on the sides even they do not know about the runners. You can see and feel the warm support from the Japanese! This is really amazing!

It is not easy to finish a 21 km long marathon, and I am happy to see all my colleagues could finish the marathon within 3 hours. You guys really tried your best and did a great job! We are so proud of you!!

Interested in participating in any marathons in Japan? It is a really special and unique experience for you maybe!

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See ya there!



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