Friday, December 16, 2016

::: JK Fun ::: Surrounded by colorful sweets and desserts! A Fantasy World in Omotesando!!

Picture credited to NAKED Inc.

Get into a colorful fantasy world in Omotesando

A world full of sweets

Have you ever dreamed about visiting a fantasy world where everything is made of sweets? You can just grab things around and put into your mouth? Today I will make your childhood dream comes true! Follow me!

From 1 December 2016 to 9 January 2017, a "SWEETS" themed exhibition is held at Omotesando Hills where guests are brought into a colorful world of sweets.

The projection mapping and lightup professional NAKED Inc., who also created the 3D projection mapping event "TOKYO HIKARI VISION" for Tokyo Station in 2012, collaborated with famous sweets brands like HUGO & VICTOR, BEN & JERRY'S, and MAGNOLIA BAKERY etc. and presented this fantasy world to everyone who loves sweets!

Once you step into the exhibition hall, you can get a very nice smell of sweets and chocolates right away. Look around! Decorations made with sweets are everywhere! Just like the projection mapping screens hanging from the ceiling, they are all made with candies!!

With the use of projection mapping, sweets become so lively here! Even the ice cream can talk!! Try to pour some water on the ice cream cones, you will be surprised!!

If you get the "Sweet Set Ticket", you can get into the shop "Ice Cream Florist" and choose a flavor that you like to try! What's more? You can get a chocolate-designed ring at the "Chocolate Tailor" shop where your tailor-made ring is selected for you!

After getting your tailor-made chocolate ring and trying some delicious ice cream, it is time to walk around this sweets world and take some great pictures!! By the way, there are many interactive exhibits indeed, try them all!!

You can also get some souvenirs at the gift shop near the exit too. Candies, chocolates, cookies, pancake flour and stationery with sweets design can be found here!

If you are looking for a special place to go during Christmas and New Year, now you should know where to go!!

Period: 2016.12.01 - 2017.01.09
Hours: 11:00-21:00 (11:00-22:00 on 22-24 Dec 2016)
Location: B3F Space O, Main Building of Omotesando Hills
Entry Only: 1400 yen (Adult), 900 yen (Children)
Sweet Set: 3400 yen (Adult), 2700 yen (Children)

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