Thursday, December 22, 2016

# Shopping ♪ MADE IN JAPAN masks that protect you in winter and keep you away from air pollution!!

KOWA masks that protect you in winter and keep you away from air pollution

~ All Made In Japan ~

It is easier to get sick in winter. One of the good way to protect yourself is wearing a mask. I bet many of you have already known about that.

Actually the air pollution especially the PM 2.5 problem is getting more seriously, wearing a mask is necessary now!

However, there are so many different kinds of masks out there, which ones are the best to use??

Many visitors are getting masks in Japan now since high-quality is guaranteed! 

KOWA Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask

Today we will introduce you three "KOWA Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask", which are the hot winter items in Japan! You can find KOWA's masks in drug stores and convenient stores throughout Japan!

A. Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask

A high-performance 5 layers mask keep you away from catching a cold and causing hay fever. It cuts 99% of bacterial in the air!

Soft string is used to keep your ears away from getting hurt!

Nose fitter and form fit design on the sides block the gaps between your nose and the mask. It prevents infiltration through the gaps and fogs on glasses.

B. Three Dimensional Contour Fit Surgical Face Mask

This mask helps prevent virus, pollen, and even air pollution PM 2.5! With the nose fitter, side blocker and under blocker, it screens out 99% of micro particles in the air!

Equipped with high-spec filter, the mask fits your face well and blocks the gaps even you move around the mask.

3 features that screen out 99% of micro particles in the air!
1. Nose fitter
2. Side blocker
3. Under blocker

Since the mask keeps space between your mouth, you won't feel discomfort while wearing it. It doesn’t hurt your ears too.

Product Details:

C. Light Herb-Scented Mask

There are 5 different scents for you to choose!

Just pat on the mask to make the micro capsule to release the scent!

This scented mask is especially designed and made for the ladies. With the protective coating, your make up will not come off easily!

Product Details:


Of course these are all wrong!!! Bacteria can still get into your nose and mouth!

01. Pull the mask to the top and bottom to make sure it fits your face perfectly!

02. Don't wear your mask like the model above. Bacteria can still get into your nose!

03. Actually many people wear their masks on the wrong side!! Make sure the words are in correct way to ensure the mask is on the right side!

Wearing a mask protects you from bacteria in the air, and it also keeps you away from the dryness in winter. That's why a mask is a necessary item in Japan. Don't be surprised by seeing so many Japanese wearing masks everywhere!! You should consider to get some and bring home too!!

You can get KOWA Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask at drug stores in Japan now!

KOWA Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask Introduction and Video here:

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See you there! :)



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