Monday, December 26, 2016

::: Special ::: 5 great souvenirs that you should get for your friends and family!!

5 great souvenirs that you should get for your friends and family!!

Don't know what to get for your family and friends when you visit Japan? Don't worry, we have a few great suggestion for you today! You should be able to pick up some ideas after reading our sharing!

01. Nagatanien Ochazuke

What is ochazuke (お茶漬け)?
It is just simply white rice topped with seaweed and other ingredients and hot tea!! In one second, you can enjoy this nice traditional dish of Japan!

If you need some fast and easy dinner ideas, ochazuke is definitely one of the best suggestions for you!

There are many special limited editions of NAGATANIEN's ochazuke. Just like those types in the picture above!

More Details:

# Food ♪ Taste of Tsukiji Fish Market in NAGATANIEN Ochazuke! Tokyo Limited Edition!

02. Deco Latte

How about become a professional barista and make your own latte art coffee for your friends? All you need to have is the TakaraTomy Deco Latte Pack!

Just prepare a hot coffee or milk, then you can can make your own latte art easily too! With the Deco Latte kit which comes in with many characters like Relax Bear, Snoopy, and Gudetama etc, you can become a barista too!

More Details:

# Shopping ♪ Best Souvenir in Tokyo! Cute Deco Late ~Gudetama Series~

03. Cheese Cake (御用邸チーズケーキ)

In "Solamachi" under Tokyo Skytree or in Nasu, you can find this famous cheese cake shop too! Some of their best selling items are:

Cheese Cake (御用邸チーズケーキ)

This cheesecake is made by raw cheese and baked at the right temperature. That's why it is so rich in cheese flavor and with a soft texture!

Price: 1,280 yen (tax included)

More Details:

::: Special ::: Japanese Cheese Dessert for the Winter! From famous cheese shops PABLO and Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

04. Talking Hamster - TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S Mimicry Pet

Do you want to have a cute hamster as your pet? It can even dance and repeat what you say!! This cute hamster will cheer up you and your kids for sure!!

TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S Mimicry Pet Official site:

We have a really cool video for you here:

More Details:

05. KOWA Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask

(Left) Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask
A high-performance 5 layers mask keep you away from catching a cold and causing hay fever. It cuts 99% of bacterial in the air!

(Center) Three Dimensional Contour Fit Surgical Face Mask
This mask helps prevent virus, pollen, and even air pollution PM 2.5! With the nose fitter, side blocker and under blocker, it screens out 99% of micro particles in the air!

(Right) Light Herb-Scented Mask
This scented mask is especially designed and made for the ladies. With the protective coating, your make up will not come off easily!

Check out the following video and blog for more details:

Now you should have a few great ideas what to get for your family and friends next time!

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See you there! :)


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