Thursday, December 29, 2016

::: Special ::: The Best Lunchbox (Bento) Contest 2016 ran by JR East Japan!!

JR East Japan brings you "The Best Lunchbox (Bento) Contest 2016"

I bet you must have seen all kinds of lunch boxes in stations and on platforms. Actually for long distance travel, it is common for Japanese to get a nice lunch box and eat on the train later. This kind of lunch box culture is very special, right? 

Lunch boxes made with local ingredients and designs can be found in different places. Check out shops that sell lunch boxes next time. You may find something really special!

Picture credited to East Japan Railway Company
Every year, JR East Japan runs the Best Bento Contest for voters to choose the most delicious bento that is sold at the stations. This is the 5th time they are running this contest, and more than 9,300 votes were received this year!!

Interested in looking at all the 61 candidates? Click here.

Alright! Let's see which are the top 3 bento for 2016!!

03. Second Runner-Up

Picture credited to East Japan Railway Company
"Kami No Omotenashi Bento Naruko Hot Spring Version" from Miyagi Prefecture
(1,150 yen)

Comments about the variety of ingredients used explain why people selected it as one of the best bento of the year!

02. First Runner-Up

Picture credited to East Japan Railway Company
"Tsugaru Strait Meat and Fish Bento" from Aomori Prefecture
(1300 yen)

One of the voters said that this bento can really show the greatness of local food of Aomori Prefecture. From the main dish fish to the side dishes, ingredients used are amazing.

01. Champion

Picture credited to East Japan Railway Company
"Minced Hinai Chicken on Rice" from Akita Prefecture
(1200 yen)

A well balance of price, taste and ingredients are the main reason why people chose it as the best bento of the year!! From the chicken to the rice, everything is perfect!!

Contest official homepage (Jap.):

After looking at the delicious Japanese bento above, I guess you should try to get one or two next time when you visit Japan too!

In Shinjuku, you can get Japanese bento at Odaykyu Department Store! Check out our earlier sharing here:

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See you there! :)


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