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# Entertainment ♪ First in Japan!! 180°U-shaped Screen 3D Theater and Musical Café and Bar. Shinjuku ALTA Theater

# Entertainment ♪ First in Japan!! 180° U-shaped Screen 3D Theater and Music Cafe and Bar.  Shinjuku ALTA Theater

First in Japan!!!
180° U-shaped Screen 
@ Shinjuku ALTA 7F

In front of Shinjuku ALTA 

Speaking of trip to Tokyo,
you probably won't miss the place Shinjuku.
No doubt, you should have seen the building SHINJUKU ALTA.
It is a well-known place for meeting point among the Japanese locals.
Many young people around with novel fashion and sense. 
That is the moment makes you feel like you are in Japan in real!

ALTA Building is just in front of JR Shinjuku Station East 

Speaking of Shinjuku, 
there you are ALTA!
Speaking of ALTA, 
there you are Shinjuku!

Today, we come to Shinjuku 
because we have heard that there is a brand new spot done inside ALTA building!

Japan, a high-tech country

Robot, Linear Shinkansen (Bullet Train),  all the brand new technology, and etc.
We get to adopt future-oriented technology into our real life.

Japan has surprised the world with robotics, electronic equipment, railway and various other technologies;  recently as well as contributing greatly to the aerospace technology.
Also, the development and innovation of such technology is applied to our real life indeed.

It is not easy to imagine...
allowing us to explain from now!
Stay with us for a while =)

Let's start our innovating journey!
180° U-shaped Screen 3D Theater
  Music Café and Bar
@ Shinjuku ALTA Theater

(Left)ALTA Building 7F
(Right) 180° U-shaped Screen

The ALTA THEATER was just open in November 2016 
180° U-shaped Theater" where Japan's cutting-edge technology was introduced.
A new sensation theater that combines the functions of "Music Cafe & Bar."

(Before the theater was open,  it is a studio to record  a very popular legend Japanese program 
called "笑っていいとも (waratte iitomo)," that was originally televised between 1982 and 2014.

Address: 7F Shinjuku ALTA, 3-24-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Toyko
2-min walk from JR Shinjuku station
1-min walk from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station
3-min walk from Oedo Line Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station 
5-min walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station
Phone: 03-3350-5634
Open Hour: 
・Theater Time→11:00~18:30
・Music Cafe & Bar Time→19:30~24:00
(※Last order23:00)
Free Wi-Fi
Official Homepage


1.  Theater Time 

2. Music Cafe & Bar Time
19:30~24:00 (Last Order: 23:00)

(Left) Theater Time
(Right) Music Cafe & Bar Time

SHOW FEE (Tax included)

Adult: 800yen
Junior High or below 18-year-old: 600yen
※All are free seat (seats are not specified)
※ Tickets will be sold only at the ticket counter.
Only same day tickets will be sold.

(Only food and drink will be charged)

-Menu (tax included)
Beer: 500 yen
Wine and cocktails: 400 yen
Soft drink: 300 yen
Mini fried chicken: 450 yen
Okonomiyaki: 650 yen
Special beef curry: 750 yen


Open Hour: 11:00~18:00

25-min per show
Feel the reality of the 3D function 
Enjoy the 180° U-shaped Screen 
(Eight shows per day)

180° U-shaped Screen
Surprising 3D reality 

Three types of 3D videos

Alta Theater prepares three kinds of videos (A, B, C) 
Therefore, we can enjoy 3D experience in various forms.

A type: Dynamic 3D effect
B type:  Character pops out effect
C type: Realistic effect as if you have come to the LIVE venue

It seems like making choice on food.
Enjoy 3D experience that fits your preference.

① Purchase tickets first at the lounge
-Buy tickets at ticket counter on 7F of ALTA THEATER

ALTA building 7F

② Borrow a 3D glasses before entering the theater

~After purchasing the ticket, you are allowed to enter as the screening time approaches.

Get the 3D glasses before entering the theater

No worry if you are wearing glasses
Enough space for you even you wear your own glasses

Wondering what can we seen  through the 3D glasses shown on the 180° U-shaped Screen!
How excited!

③ Have a seat in front of FRIST in Japan 180°U-shaped Screen 
~feel free to take any seat

Don't be surprised by the 180° U-shaped Screen in front of the audience seat. 
Stay calm =)

FIRST in JAPAN U-shaped Screen theater 

Yes!!! FIRST in JAPAN U-shaped Screen theater.
In general, 2D videos are shown and then 
3D videos are shown through 11 projectors of an excellent quality in total.

④ 2D videos first
Music videos are singers of AVEX

Within the 25-min,
2D are shown first.
Most of music videos are originally from AVEX' singers, the largest entertainment company in Japan

So any music videos you saw PV on Youtube are now shown on a 180 degree screen.
And you will be impressed by every single movement of the dance!
How powerful and extreme!

No wonder if you are J-POP lovers,
it is paradise then!
(New videos will be available according to different period )

Time to put on the 3D glasses!
Announcement from the screen. 

2D videos are just warming up.
Let's get started to the overwhelming ones.
Time for 3D.

You will be notified to put on 3D glasses for 3D videos.
This time, 
it is the new AVEX' group "lol" make the announcement.
It is their show time.

All videos will be done in 25 minutes. 

What do you feel?
First in Japan! 180° U-shaped Screen 

The moment once we put on the glasses after the announcement...
wow! That brings us into a brand new world never ever experienced.

3D video is overwhelmingly powerful.

Video and sound surrounded by the 180°U-shaped Screen.
It makes you feel like you are part of it!

Actual LIVE is a sadly far and hard to see, but Alta Theater uses this large-scaled  180°U-shaped Screen,  3D video can convey a realistic feeling like attending a real concert.

So in the future, 
instead going directly to the real concert, 
a new type of enjoyment will be expected through the 180°U-shaped Screen and 3D video. 
Like VR(?) concert?

Open Hour: 19:30~24:00

is until 11:00-18:30

Starting from 19:30, 
it is the space for MUSIC CAFE & BAR.
Time to enjoy drink (liquor / soft drink) and food 
In other words,
it will transform into a 180°U-shaped Screen restaurant.

At 19:30, transforming from a 3D Theater to a music cafe & bar 

Making full use of the 180°U-shaped Screen that 3D videos were shown,
it becomes a nice interior part during the Music Cafe & Bar Time.

Enjoy the beautiful videos showing on the 180°U-shaped Screen with food and drink.

Order food and drink at the ticket counter!

Self-service after ordering food and drink at the ticket counter

We recommend you to confirm a table before making orders.
What an interesting concept!
Transforming a 3D theater into a Music Cafe & Bar, 
allowing you to have a drink easily in Shinjuku.

Drink menu (Choice of Liquor)
Looking at the menu, 
thinking isn't it a theater?
More choices unexpected.

Especially Beer and wine,
and a variation of cocktails,
not much different from other restaurants.

While enjoying wonderful videos on 180°U-shaped Screen
have a drink with acquaintance, friends, partners, or family?
Isn't it a good place?

Food comparatively high quality to price

Not only snacks but some main dishes!
Snack: Cheese, fried chicken, etc.
Main: Okonomiyaki, Curry, Omelete rice, etc. 

Excellent quality!
Hight cost performance indeed!

Cafe atmosphere changing into forest, ocean, universe

180°U-shaped Screen Music Cafe! What a Romance!

180°U-shaped Screen brings to a unimaginable world

From a overwhelming world to a relaxing unimaginable world of forest, sea and universe. 

No doubt to release your mind and make you feel good and free. 

An oasis in a noisy and complex world Shinjuku

Shinjuku is crowded everywhere every night; 
sometimes it might make you feel confused. 

Alta Theater, which has a charming attraction such as the 180°U-shaped Screen, would  make your time in Shinjuku more enjoyable even with friends, family, or partners. 
Give it a try and spend a visit if you drop by Shinjuku.

Get lost in Shinjuku?
No worry!
Just go up to 7th floor of ALTA THEATER!

1.  Theater Time 

2. Musical Cafe & Bar Time
19:30~24:00 (Last Order: 23:00)

Souvenir in ALTA THEATER

Collaboration products with ALTA THEATER

Souvenir corner in front of the ticket counter

This time is the collaboration products with the musical group "lol" that appears on the 3D video.
Black and white, a mono tone design
don't you think it is a good choice for souvenir in your trip to Japan?

Special tip to you only!
Want a discount at ALTA THEATER?

Get a leaflet in front of the elevator at 7F ALTA THEATER

Oh! It is a guided map "Timeout,"
which is always seen at Tokyo Metro Station and popular sightseeing spots in Japan. 
You will find a 200yen discounted coupon for ALTA THEATER/ 10% discounted coupon for cafe & restaurant. 

So it is a plus to have one with you!

Beside bringing you the Japanese traditional culture or shopping information,
this time, we are happy to show you another side of charm of Japan.
One of the high-tech innovative spots in Japan!

Overwhelming experience at 180°U-shaped Screen 3D Theater 
and fantastic atmosphere of Music Café and Bar.
Shinjuku ALTA Theater

It is brand new spot still.
Take your time, jot a note and  make you plan on your next trip to Tokyo!

Address: 7F Shinjuku ALTA, 3-24-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Toyko
2-min walk from JR Shinjuku station
1-min walk from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station
3-min walk from Oedo Line Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station 
5-min walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station
Phone: 03-3350-5634
Open Hour: 
・Theater Time→11:00~18:30
・Music Cafe & Bar Time→19:30~24:00
(※Last order23:00)
Free Wi-Fi
Official Homepage

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