Thursday, January 5, 2017

::: Special ::: Wanna travel together with you pets? The best 5 hotels that welcome pets as guests!!


Do you want to travel with your pets too?
The best 5 hotels in Japan that welcome pets as guests!

It is really hard to say goodbye to your pets when you go travel. I bet they feel the same too when you pack your luggage. So how about going travel together with them?

In Japan, there are hotels that also welcome pets as their guests. One of the travel site "Rakuten Travel" conducted a survey and selected the best hotels which you and your pets can stay! Let's take a look at the best 5!

05. Kunosato (Kumamoto Prefecture)
Picture credited to Rakuten Travel
All sizes of dogs are welcome here. Running area and bath for dogs are available too. When the owners can relax themselves by having massage, dogs can also have trimming service at the hotel. Both the owners and pets can have a relaxing trip together!

Homepage (Jap.):

04. Brand New Day (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Picture credited to Rakuten Travel
In one of the popular travel destinations in Japan, Izukogen, there is a small sea view hotel where your dogs can enjoy hot bath when you getting in the open-air hot springs! Please note that only small size dogs are accepted.

03. Tsuruya (Ishikawa Prefecture)

Picture credited to Rakuten Travel
Ranked in no.3 is a Minshuku (a budget version of hotel) where guests are treated as they are home. All sizes of dogs are welcome here. Your pets can stay with you when you have meals in the dining area too.

Homepage (Jap.):

02. Hotel Murphy (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Picture credited to Rakuten Travel
This hotel accepts up to 4 groups of guests who want to bring their pets with them everyday. Other than dogs, cats and other small animals are welcome too. Amenities for pets are available in guestrooms. Same here, your pets can enjoy a hot bath when you enjoy the hot springs at the same time.

Homepage (Jap.):

01. Hotel En (Hyogo Prefecture)

Picture credited to Rakuten Travel
If you are looking for some private time with you pets, this is a great place for you. That's because the guestroom that pets are welcome are separated from other guestrooms! Free stay for one pet at a time. If you want to have a high-class travel with your pets, maybe this is your choice.

Homepage (Jap.):

After reading the best 5 hotels in Japan that you can enjoy a good time with your pet, isn't it great to have places like this in your country too? Are there any facilities like that in your country? You can share with us here too!

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See you there! :)

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