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# Tokyo Accommodation ♪ Reasonable price and convenient FREE shuttle to Tokyo Disneyland®! Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai Hotel

# Tokyo Accommodation ♪  Reasonable price and convenient FREE shuttle to Tokyo Disneyland®!  Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai  

Speaking of Tokyo Travel,
You never wanna miss the super fun attraction spot in Tokyo!

Where is it?
The answer is ....

Tokyo Disneyland®
We love Mickey and Minnie!

But you might know Tokyo Disneyland® is a little away from the central area of Tokyo.
So many people are worrying the convenience of the transportation.

No worry!!!
We have some tips to show you!
- Stay in a hotel of Tokyo Disneyland®
(But it is a bit budget over? Hard to make reservation? Far from the center of Tokyo? Inconvenient access to other Tokyo Sightseeing spots?)

One more tip
A reasonable price of hotel 
and FREE shuttle to access to Tokyo Disneyland®!!!

Isn't it a prefect idea?
So what is the hotel name?
Where is it?

It is Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai!

→Located in the Nishikasai area of the eastern Tokyo. 

→FREE Shuttle to Tokyo Disneyland® from Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai

→ Just 2-min walk from the South exit of Nishikasai Station, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
Easy access to the main area of Tokyo such as Ginza and Marunouchi.

→ Also,  it is easy access to Haneda Airport too!
※Nishikasai → Haneda  Airport 
First, take the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line to  Kasai Station.
There are direct Airport Limousine Bus Services.

※ Haneda Airport → Nishikasai 
Take the Airport Limousine to Kasai Station
then Tokyo Metro Tozai Line to  Nishikasai Station.

→ Shopping streets and a variety of restaurants and shops 
※ Family Restaurants, Gyo-don, etc.
※Convenient Store
※Shopping mall and drug store

→ Easy access to popular Tokyo Sightseeing spots
※ 24 mins to Akihabara 
Nishikasai  (Tozai Line)→ Kayabasho (Hibiya Line)→ Akihabara  

There are maid cafes
and of course a place of paradise of 
animation and comics!
A good place to experience the sub-culture of Japan!

※ 42 mins to Odaiba 
Nishikasai (Tozai Line) →  Monzen-Nakacho (Oedo Line)→ Shiodome (Rinkai line) → Odaiba

A lot of different style of shopping malls.
Nice ocean view especially at night.
And a new Gundam will come back shortly!

※ 20 mins to Tsukiji 
Nishikasai (Tozai Line) → Kayabasho (Hibiya Line)→ Tsukiji 

If you like seafood,
you don't wanna miss this place.
Not only seafood, 
but many kinds of snacks and local food!
Many stores open early in the morning.

※ 31 mins to Asakusa
Nishikasai (Tozai Line) → Nihonbashi(Ginza Line)→ Asakusa

Enjoy the local and traditional part of Tokyo!
Rent a kimono and have a nice walk!


Again, the hotel we are talking is 
Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai

★Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai
Address: 6-17-9 Nishikasai Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 134-0088
Tel: 03-3675-8900
Fax: 03-3675-9208
Check in 15:00
Check out 10:00
Parking (Make reservation on Phone) 1800 yen /night
Official Site (Japanese)
Official Site (English)
Google Map
For reservation①
For reservation②


Here you are!
Get off at the south exit of Nishikasai Station of Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, 
pass by a variety of restaurants, shops, and convenient stores 
walk about 2 mins 
We arrive to Best Western Nishikasai. 

A clear and calm atmosphere of lounge 

Free Wi-Fi and PC is available. 
Good for both travelers and businesspersons. 

Friendly staffs at the reception desk!
Check in 15:00/ Check out 10:00

Let's take a closer look to the hotel!
We have summed up into 5 charm points!

Charm point ①
FREE Shuttle to Tokyo Disneyland®

Just 15-min ride to arrive Tokyo Disneyland®

Time schedule:
※Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai → Tokyo Disneyland 
7:30 or 8:30 in the morning
※Kasai-rinkai-koen Station (JR Keiyo Line) → Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai
21:30 or 22:30 at night

* Departure time will vary according to the opening time of Tokyo Disneyland®
* The number of seats are limited. 
It'd better to make reservation when you book your room.

Bus departing Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai in the morning 

Bus arriving the parking lot of Tokyo Disneyland®
You have to ride the specific train to go to the Tokyo DisneySea!
After having an enjoyable day at Tokyo Disneyland®
remember to go to Kaisai-rinkai-koen Station to take the bus back to the hotel.
(One station next to Maihama Station, where Tokyo Disneyland® is located.
Since it must be too crowded if bus departing Tokyo Disneyland® directly.)

Charm point ②
Excellent guest rooms in reasonable price
FREE Wi-Fi in all rooms.

※Semi-double Room
Good for one-man travel or travel with close friend
Full set of facilities.
Standard room type in Japan modern hotel

 ※Twin Room
Plenty space to put suitcase
Deluxe Twin / Family Room

Corner Twin

If you are going with friends,
and bet you will buy a lot of souvenir at Tokyo Disneyland®
Above rooms are highly recommended.

Family Twin Room Reference Price:
 26,000 yen each (for two people)
30,000 yen each (for three people)

Corner Twin Reference Price: 
24,000 yen each (for two people)
27,000 yen each (for three people)
*Prices will vary in seasons

Plenty space in the room

 Airweave mattress for good sleep
Not available in all rooms (Only premium ones)
Special material is not only breathable, 
but also evenly dispersed body pressure, 
so you can help maintain a deep sleep state, to achieve a higher sleeping quality!

Convenient facilities such as 
refrigerator, kettle, free tea bag, shampoo, body lotion and etc. 
Ice machine ans laundry are available on the 2F.
Even you have a longer stay here won't be a problem.

Charm Point③
Multi-languages platforms

Hotel introduction, weather information, TV program table, movie, e-book, hotel sightseeing information, etc are available in different languages such as English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
Yeah!! We got some good information about the Izakaya nearby the hotel!

Charm Point④
Taste the great ingredient in Tokyo!
Tokyo specialty Fukagawa bowl rice
Fukagawa bowl rice is another popular Tokyo local dish.
Includes shellfish and vegetables of Tokyo, kind of sweet. 

Restaurant on 1F

Oden (Tokyo local food)

Western or Japanese or both lol

Breakfast is available 6: 45 ~ 9: 30 (final admission 9:00)
Accommodation guests: adults 1, 080 yen (tax included) *remember to bring your room card
General guest: adults 1, 404 yen (tax included)
Primary school students 864 yen (tax included)
Child (3 years old to 5 years old) 648 yen (tax included)

Charm Point ⑤
A variety of convenient stores and shops nearby

Royal Host/ Mister Donut/ Ramen shop

Just 2-min walk from the hotel.
No worry even you are hungry at night.

We have come to the Izakaya nearby the hotel.
Less than 1-min walk
Good to experience the local Izakaya atmosphere here!

★Kodawarimon ikke Nishikasai Store (こだわりもん一家 西葛西店)
2F  2A KIRAKU, 6-19-3 Nishikasai, Edokawa, Tokyo
17: 00 ~ 24: 30 (L.O. 24: 00)
Sunday and holiday 17: 00 ~ 24: 00 (L.O. 23:30)
Admission fee ( 350 yen + TAX)

Additional Information for you!!!
The one who is reading this article only!
New hotel will be opened nearby!

Best Western group has increased the number of hotels throughout Japan recently.
There will be a new one opened in Nishkasai on April 1, 
nearby the hotel we are staying this time.
Of course Free shuttle to Tokyo Disneyland® is available too.

★Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai Grande
Address: 6-19-18 Nishikasai, Edogawa, Tokyo
Tel: 0120-05-3901
It is available to make reservation already!

Let's start a trip to Tokyo!!!!

-FREE Shuttle to Tokyo Disneyland®
-Excellent guest rooms in reasonable price
FREE Wi-Fi in all rooms.
- Multi-languages platforms
- Taste the great ingredient in Tokyo!
- A variety of convenient stores and shops nearby

★Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai
Address: 6-17-9 Nishikasai Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 134-0088
Tel: 03-3675-8900
Fax: 03-3675-9208
Check in 15:00
Check out 10:00
Parking (Make reservation on Phone) 1800 yen /night
Official Site (Japanese)
Official Site (English)
Google Map
For reservation①
For reservation②

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