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#Japan cosmetics ♪ KATE tells as HOW TO create perfect skin!! Pay attention to 2017 trendy item "THE BASE ZERO"

#Japan cosmetics ♪  KATE tells as HOW TO create perfect skin!! Pay attention to 2017 trendy item "THE BASE ZERO"

Popular Cosmetics brand in Japan

Trendy item to pay attention in 2017
~Tell you the secret of beauty you didn't know yet~

As a global brand, Japan's cosmetic brand KATE is attracting attention for women all over the world.

Do you remember on our last article of KATE,
we have introduced challenging the 2017 trendy makeup with the latest items of KATE?

To remind you that 
JAPANKURU and KATE are having collaboration this year to share with you the 
latest makeup trend in Japan!

This time, 
we have had chance to specially participate into the memorial event party
 of the release of KATE's new item 
Let's take a look at the party full of enthusiasm and excitement, 
as well as the hottest beauty topics!


★KATE New item
- Secret Skin Maker Zero Foundation(liquid)
- Secret Skin Maker Zero Foundation(powder foundation)
- Secret Skin CC Base Zero

★ Presented by KATE Secret Party
②Tokyo's most trendy area "Asabu-juban"
 ③Dress code is a chic black coordination
④ Gathered a number of officials and professionals in various beauty fields of Japan & brilliant guests
 ⑥ Professional makeup test & beauty TIP
⑦ Self-make by THE BASE ZERO
-⑧ New item of KATE & new presenting model 
⑨ Party full of trends
⑩ Party's special: gifts from KATE


Introduction of KATE's new item 

KATE's base make up series 

KATE's base make up series 
Foundation series to create the most beautiful skin condition was born.

Today, there is a trend of putting effort to present a natural skin.
Trying to cover the any flaw and weakness, 
evening using a thin layer foundation will end up putting layer and layer.
In order to solve those problem, 
a new item is invented!

With a strong covering power, it is a "thick" coating to turn any flaw and weakness into "zero" by applying once  only!
No worry! 
It is not apparently a thick-layer foundation series. 
 "THE BASE ZERO" consists of 3 items 
 CC cream base, liquid foundation, and pact foundation.

Secret Skin Maker Zero Foundation(liquid)
KATE Secret Skin Maker Zero Foundation(liquid)

This liquid type foundation has 6 colors in total.
The overall color configuration is designed to be one level lighter than the existing skin color.
It is an item excellent in skin tone correction and covering power.

Secret Skin Maker Zero Foundation(powder foundation)
KATE Secret Skin Maker Zero Foundation(powder foundation)

Pact foundation with six colors same as the liquid type.

Present a natural covering power, is highly recommended to ladies who like light powdery type base make up.
(By the way, the powder and case are sold separately)

 Secret Skin CC Base Zero
KATE Secret Skin CC Base Zero

This item is a kind of CC cream to apply before the foundation;
thereby, it is a makeup base.
The most noteworthy point in base makeup is
its high-performance base product
to correct bending and color tone of your skin!
 This CC cream is an item, having a correction effect to cover pores and 
 increasing the healthy sense pink color of your skin.

For more detail of KATE THE BASE ZERO (JAPANESE)
Click HERE


Secret Party
presented by KATE

Last month, on March 7, 
we had been to the Secret Masked Party organized by KATE at Azabu, Tokyo.
It is a secret party,
which only limited to the participation of beauty related officials, professionals and mass media. 
 We would like to share with you more about the party here!

KATE Masked Party

A memorial party
 of the release of KATE's new item 

A memorial party <MASQUERADE PARTY>
 of the release of KATE's new item 

While experiencing new items directly, 
we get to know more about the world of the brand of KATE!

Just one-day limtied!
Secret and enchanting KATE's  <MASQUERADE PARTY>

Short but intense, the most fascinating 
is the concept of the party!

Tokyo's most trendy area 

One of the trendy area in Tokyo
That is Asabu-juban.

KATE's Masquerade Party was held at the location between Aoyama and Roppongi.
That is a famous club of Azabu Juban.

Party venue where you can feel 
the charm of KATE
 "black and chic" 

Take a look at the venue!
Inside the venue where the Cool & Sharp KATE worldview was reproduced.
It was mysterious and charming,
making to feel like you have come to a different world.

Dress Code
"Cool black and chic"

KATE's <Masquerade Party> Dress Code " Cool Black and Chic"

In this party, the dress code was specified.
That is cool and black image of KATE.
Looking all around, 
everyone is charming enough to have a beautiful cool black color. 

Brilliant guests
 "Officials and professional in beauty field and Japanese media"

Venue crowded with people from various field of beauty and mass media

Among the guests in the party, 
Officials and professionals of various fields of beauty and mass media 
are remarkably seen in the venue for special reports.

A number of trendy peoples and celebrities participated.

a number of general guests, invited through lottery campaign, 
were exciting to join.


Pursuing the "Cool & Sharp" concept

In this party,  it was possible to catch the latest information of the new product,
as well as experience the concept of the world of KATE in person.

A party focusing on expression of the concept of the brand 

Like the brand slogan 
Expressing oneself without pretending to anyone, 
not being influenced by trends and others.
Not only the beauty of the appearance but also the inner beauty.

 Makeup is no need to be bounded by rules of others!
Participating into the party, 
experiencing the world of the brand directly,
 reminded us the importance of it!


"Make up Test & Beauty Tip"

Doing make up with the latest item of KATE 

First of all, 
it was a simple presentation on KATE's new foundation item 
by the inventor of the product. 
After that, a trial make up presentation was held.

Just a simple make up to transform into model

With the only new item of the foundation, focusing on the expression of the skin, 
we have learnt the way of base make up 
as well as the latest make up trend.

"Self make up"

We were able to experience the new item of KATE that has not been released.

After the presentation of the trial makeup,
participants were also able to experience  
"THE BASE ZERO" on skin.
Among the base make up of 2017 make up trend,
it is a key point to create a natural skin lightly and transparently.

Foundation of light texture, gentle to your skin

After applying it on the skin,
it was just a light and thin layer, 
but its covering power was wonderful!
In the trend of natural skin color,
KATE's new item is perfectly matched to the latest cosmetics trend!

KATE's new image model
"Ayami Nakajo"

Airing the new CM of "THE BASE ZERO" at the party; 
while everyone in the venue were wondering who would be the new model of KATE!
That moment has come!
It is the the most popular model and celebrity recently!
"Ayami Nakajo" appeared.

Interview time of becoming the new model of KATE

"Ayami Nakajo" was debuted 
as a model of representative of 10s of fashion magazine "Seventeen."
Today, she has been well-known to appear in commercials, movies, dramas and various fields as a "next-generation star."

On her comment, 
she was happy to be chosen as a new model of KATE.
From now on, in order to match the brand image more perfectly, 
she would like to put effort on it!
She is really charming and beautiful!
Please take a look at the new commercial!

KATE's commercial

From a girl to a dignified lady,
The charm of THE BASE ZERO is a well-represented in this commercial.

The most trendy place 
Trendy party venue

Enchanting dance show was also one of the attractive points.

Unusual, yet enchanting KATE's special masked party.
All the participants were concentrated on taking pictures.
There are photo spot to take memorial photos of this trendy brand.
Especially, the macaroon with the logo of KATE is very popular among the beauty bloggers!


Charming people who were sensitive to the trend,
sharing the fun of party to the social network!

Party's special 
Gifts from KATE

Gift from KATE 
There is "THE BASE ZERO"

At the end of the party, we all got the gift from KATE!
Of course, 
the main role of today's party

During self-make up time, 
we wrote the color number on the card.

At the beginning of the party, 
there were cards on the table for testing of the new item. 
Color number written on the card was the well-matched color to everyone.
Oh! It was for the gift!


The most trendy item to get attention in 2017!

KATE's new concept

This time, we have shared with you the memorial party of the 
new release of KATE's item. 
A fun time to have chance getting to try the new item 
and experience the concept of KATE.

Next time,
we will have a fun trip to Osaka with KATE!
Keep track with us!

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