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# Osaka Travel/Osaka Shopping ♪ Find the latest trend in Osaka! Bring with you JAPAN cosmetics KATE "THE BASE ZERO"

# Osaka Travel/Osaka Shopping ♪ Find the latest trend in Osaka! Bring with you JAPAN cosmetics KATE "THE BASE ZERO"

TIPS to Osaka Travel
Photo Spots you don't wanna miss in Osaka!

Whenever you go on a trip,
there are some representative photo spots!
For example, 
Tokyo Tower, Skytree, and Kaminarimon Gate in Tokyo.
How about the representative spot in Osaka?

To remind you that 
JAPANKURU and KATE are having collaboration this year to share with you the 
latest makeup trend in Japan!

This time, 
we will explore the best photo spots to take in life
 together with the popular sightseeing spots in Osaka!
Let's have fun together discover the latest trend in a trip to Osaka!

★ What kind of place is Osaka ... ?!
- The reason that Osaka becomes so popular as a tourist sightseeing spots

★ Osaka Popular Photo Spot TOP 5
①- Osaka's largest shopping street "Shinsaibashi" (心斎橋)
②- Street that is full of great enjoyment with your eyes and mouth "Dotonbori"(道頓堀)
③- Must-go latest trendy spot Cafe GARB
④- Osaka's downtown New World- popular spot "Tsutenkaku Tower"(通天閣)
⑤- Osaka's golden sightseeing spot "Osaka Castle" (大阪城)

★ Osaka Gourmet Information
- Well-known as World's Kitchen- Osaka Gourmet

★ Osaka Shopping information
- Remarkable shopping item "THE BASE ZERO"


★ What kind of place is Osaka ... ?!

Osaka is the largest city in Western Japan, also called Japan's second capital city.
It is known as the center of the Kansai region.
it has become Japan's most visiting city from visitors all over the world and 
the 2nd city following Tokyo, as a popular revisiting city.
In addition,
famous sightseeing cities such as Kyoto, Nara and Kobe are nearby; 
no doubt most tourists would spend a visit to Osaka during their trip to Kansai Region in Japan.


★ Osaka Popular Photo Spot 

Well, for what reason that so many people are visiting Osaka...?
Let's explore together!
First, let us show you some of the 
nice photo spots in Osaka!

① Shinsaibashi (心斎橋)
👜For Shopping ★★★

As Osaka's largest shopping street, it is the most prosperous area in the southern part together with Namba(難波).
There are large-scaled department stores and shopping malls,
such as Daimaru Department Store; 
small and medium scaled shops and restaurants. 
No doubt it is a highly recommended shopping street in Osaka.

Shinsaibashi☆HOT TOPIC 1
KATE has conquered the whole shopping street!

Wow!! Brilliant advertisements has filled up the ceiling of Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street!
The advertisement is KATE's new product 
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The trendy foundation item "THE BASE ZERO."
We just bought and tried in person. 

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After trying in person,
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With its strong covering power,
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There are 6-color variations. 
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In the trend of natural skin color, 
KATE's new item is perfectly matched to the latest cosmetics trend!

👩Item Info
Secret Skin maker Zero Foundation (Liquid)

Shinsaibashi☆HOT TOPIC 2
Feast that is full of great enjoyment with your eyes and mouth 

Photo credited to Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street Homepage

Various specialized dessert stores can be found in the Shinsaibashi shopping street. 
For example, 
A well-known cheesecake specialty store Pablo has provided a limited dessert in Shinsaibashi store.
The sweet you can only meet here!
Don't you wanna enjoy a sweet dessert after meals?

② Dotonbori (道頓堀)
📷 For Sightseeing ★★★
🍴For gourmet ★★★

It is a downtown area where you can feel a little different from Shinsaibashi.
Here, you don't wanna miss the symbol "Glico" board and 
the colorful distinctive signboards lined up from Ebisu bridge to the east of the Nihonbashi in Namba.
Since there are a lot of attractive gourmet, 
it is an popular area for most of the foreign visitors. 

Dotonbori☆HOT TOPIC 1
Economic effect of this Glico board is 29.1 billion yen?
Photo credited to Livedoor News

Glico signboard has become one of the Osaka's landmarks. According to a professor at Kansai University, the economic effect value of a year of this Glico  signboard converted into money is about 29.1 billion yen.( Wow! It exceeds the general function of a signboard!)

Dotonbori☆HOT TOPIC 2
Take a picture with Glico signboard

In front of the Glico signboard, 
Ebisu Bridge is always crowded with people,
putting their hands up, 
waiting for photos.
A standard picture to be taken here,
but you don't really to take it at the same place.
Try to take it at a slightly different angle!
Let see...

☆Dotonbori (道頓堀)
1-10 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0071

③ French Restaurant 
🍴For gourmet ★★★
👀 For attraction ★★★

"Cafe GARB" has become a popular delicious shops with a good atmosphere among young people in Osaka. Although it is a restaurant and cafe, it is a multi-typed restaurant that also serves as a bar at night. 
Following Tokyo, it has opened the 2nd shops in Osaka!
No doubt it is a hot spot among young people. 

Popular Trendy French Restaurant

The reason it has become popular is its fashionable atmosphere and interior.
It is a little bit different from the restaurants and gourmet at the shopping street of Osaka. 
It you are looking for good food, nice interior and atmosphere,
this is your choice.
Daily lunch set and terrace seats are highly recommended. 

Daily lunch set 1,000 yen

Cute cafe that you wanna share the photos on social network

It is the era of social network.
Many people have a habit to share the moment and best shot on the Internet. 

Here, a cute and famous French restaurant, 
you definitely wanna share the best shot with your friends. 
Before taking the best shot,
it is a time to fix your makeup!
But the thing is make up is not worn at all. 
Thanks for the long lasting power!

☆Cafe GARB
Chuo Ward, 4-4-7 Bakuromachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

④  Tsutenkaku Tower(通天閣)
🍴For gourmet ★★★

Tsutenkaku is an observatory tower located in downtown Osaka, the center of the New World. It is a tangible cultural property designated by the country, as well as a tourist attraction. To enjoy Tsutenkaku to the fullest, of course, going up to the observatory deck, also looking up from the bottom at a little distant place. 

Tsutenkaku Tower ☆HOT TOPIC 1
Specialties here are Kushikatsu (Japanese style of deep-fried kebab) and Biriken

 Osaka, center of gourmet in Osaka, 
famous shop of "Kushikatsu" can be found here!
Besides, Mascot of New world "biriken statue" is also the spot,
you don't wanna miss. 
It is said that you will get good luck if touching the back of the feet.

-Kushikatsu: Japanese style of deep-fried kebab of meat, and vegetable.

Tsutenkaku Tower ☆HOT TOPIC 2
Photo Spot of Tsutenkaku

As its name "Tsutenkaku New World", 
it is able to see the whole view of Tsutenkaku!

On the southern part of Tsutenkaku,
the entrance of super world, 
there are a restaurant called Zuboraya with a big balloon of blowfish and a huge statue of biriken!
Here, you definitely can take a beautiful with all of these as background.

※We recommend you to visit Tsutenkaku in the afternoon!

☆Tsutenkaku New World
2 Ebisu-higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

⑤ Osaka Castle (大阪城)
👀 For attraction ★★★

One of Osaka's leading sightseeing spot, Osaka Castle. 
It is a symbol of Osaka, which is one of the leading cultural assets in Japan.
 As well as Osaka Castle, in the park around, 
you can enjoy the beautiful flowers and 
the beautiful scenery of the seasons in Japan.
No doubt, 
it is highly recommended to visit here
in autumn for fall foliage and in spring for cherry blossoms.

Osaka Castle ☆HOT TOPIC 1
Visiting in Spring and Autumn

In Osaka Castle Park, about 3,000 cherry trees are planted and about 1,270 plum trees are planted. Therefore, cherry blossoms blooming are expected from March to April. Also, between November and December, it seems that you can enjoy the gorgeous red leaves overwhelming the park.
If you like enjoying the beautiful natural landscape, 
come visiting Osaka Castle in spring and autumn.

Osaka Castle ☆HOT TOPIC 2
Photo spot in Osaka Castle

If you come to Osaka Castle, you should have leave a memorial shoot with the castle.
Where and when will be the best chance to take a beautiful picture?
Of course, there are tons of the spots.
Here, we discover  the most beautiful spot for a shot!

Most people would take a picture in front of Osaka castle at the plaza.
But we gotta tell you, 
the Japanese garden where you are see the whole view of Osaka Castle has the best view!

Here, Japanese Garden and Osaka.

You can see whole the castle here.
On the sunny days, 
the shadow of Osaka Castle reflected on the pond, 
together it create the most beautiful scenery!
If you have chance going to Osaka Castle, 
come and take a look then!

☆Osaka Castle 
1-1 Osakajo, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

★ Osaka Gourmet Information★

[TOP 3 Gourmet of Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori]

1. Dotonbori Kururu's Takoyaki 
2. Kinryu Ramen
3. Mizuno's Okonomiyaki

Osaka is one of the town popular of gourmet in Japan.
 Okonomiyaki, sushi-go-round, shabu shabu, Japanese omelet rice, udon noodle etc ... 
There are a lot of original food from Osaka. 
Not only those, 
ramen, crab, blowfish fish...
all these are delicious. 

If you have chance visiting Osaka, 
come and check them out!

★ Osaka Shopping information

There are plenty of places of interest, gourmet food and shopping spots in Osaka. As a representative landmark, Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street is the top choice. 
Here, there are many brand shops and souvenir shops such as 100 yen shop.
All the latest trend, you might not have enough time going around a day!

Find the latest trend in Osaka!
Check point in your trip to Osaka
Sightseeing spot, photo spot & THE BASE ZERO

Trip to tell the latest trend of Japan with KATE!
Together with KATE, 
in this trip,
we have checked out the sightseeing spots and photo spots in Osaka!
Not the usual one but the unique one!

Wanna have a best shot in your trip, 
using the foundation of KATE for the best of the best shot!

in the JAPANKURU and KATE's collaboration, 
we would like to summarize the items and info on the articles of the first half of 2017!
Keep track with us!

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