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# Things to Buy in Japan ♪ Family Medicine Total Skin Care Products of MENTURM/ THE OMI BROTHERHOOD (Lotion Cream & Lip balm)

# Things to Buy in Japan ♪  Family Medicine Total Skin Care Products of MENTURM/ THE OMI BROTHERHOOD (Lotion Cream & Lip balm)

Are you familiar with this green color logo?

Today, we would like to share with you the story of it 
and a series of its items we have been used. 

Maybe you have seen there is another similar logo in other skin care products!
No worry of either one fraud. 

Let us tell you the true story behind.


In Japan,  
THE OMI BROTHERHOOD had brought the selling privilege from The Mentholatum Company in the United States. 
As THE OMI BROTHERHOOD went through bankruptcy in 1974, 
the privilege was then sold to another pharmaceutical company ROHTO. 
Therefore, at that time, the Mentholatum products all belonged to ROHTO.
Afterwards, THE OMI BROTHERHOOD has recovered its business with the help of TAIHO Pharmaceutical. 
Although the selling privilege of the Mentholatum was sold to ROHTO,
it still has the production line of the MENTURM.

※MENTURM メンターム is the short form of Mentholatum メンソレータム.
It is the official name made by THE OMI BROTHERHOOD at the very beginning. 

THE OMI BROTHERHOOD then rebuilt the brand of MENTURM. 
So this trademark is not fraud.


What function does the MENTURM has?

MENTURM contains DL-camphor (for cooling) and L-menthol (mint ingredient) that helps promoting blood circulation, and anti-bacterial. 
Also, Eucalyptus, which is often used in pharmaceuticals, 
are used, so it is no doubt having a variety of functions and affordable. 
It is no exaggeration to keep it as a family medicine at home.

Let see how we use it ~



👍① Healing skin surface wounds and protect your skin effectively. 

Especially, the MENTURM contains mint and camphor, helping for calm the pain relief and itching. 
But it does not have anti-inflammatory effect! 
So it is more appropriate to apply it on the small wounds without bleeding 
like mosquito bites. 

👍②  Protect your skin that is always exposed to water and cleansers.  

Since the chemical effects, skin would get rough and dry. 
To solve the problem, apply The MENTURM after or even before working to 
protect your skin from further dryness and roughness. 

👍③ Improve muscle soreness

It is said that in United States, 
it is often used to slow down the symptoms of children's cold and muscle soreness.
If you have the similar symptoms, 
just apply the MENTURM on the surface!
Also, the MENTURM helps promote the blood circulation,
applying on top of bruises is recommended.

👍④  Improve nasal congestion and sore throat

Tip: You can take one or two tablespoon of the MENTURM into the boiling water, then slowly inhaling the steam to improve the nasal congestion and sore throat.

👍⑤  Others....  interesting and functioning usage

Tip for men:  when you are lack of shaving cream at home... lol

★ MENTURM メンターム 
Official page  (JAPANESE) , (ENGLISH)


After introducing THE MENTURM,
let see another two body cream and lotion!



A body massage cream

After taking a little on your hand, apply to the skin.
Since it contains DL-camphor, not only to promote skin metabolism, 
it is recommend for massage, 
increasing the temperature of your skin to help absorption of vitamin B2, B6, E;
potassium glycyrrhizinate to achieve deep maintenance effect; 
soy lecithin and glycerol to maintain moisture. 

How to do massage? 
Photo is credited to official site

This body massage cream can be applied to the whole body expecting face.
You can just follow the 5 steps listed above for the self massage at home.

70g/ (tube shape)  Open Price
145g / 1,512 yen
Official page  (JAPANESE)(ENGLISH)

Recommended to dry skin and the ones who are always suffering from 
 Especially adults, elderly who has dry skin disease, or children born with dry skin, this body cream is the best choice.

EX PLUS body cream does not contain steroids,
 on the other hand, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, lidocaine are ingredients to effectively relieve itching. 
In addition, this EX PLUS body cream also contains moisturizing ingredients,
 can further improve the skin condition!

Improve the crack on your heels in few days.

90g/ 1,490 yen  
150g/ 1,814 yen
Official page  (JAPANESE)(ENGLISH)


After body care, lips care for ladies and gentlemen too. 

Lip Care

👄① MENTURM Medicated stick 

Long seller of MENTURM!
Protect your lips from the sun and the cold wind
Have a good choice of lip balm before applying lipstick, 
to help long lasting of the lip color. 

★ MENTURM Medicated stick (non-pharmaceutical)
4g/ 464yen 
Official page  (JAPANESE)(ENGLISH)

👄② MOISCUBE LIP (3 types)

 1. Menthol (Green)
Contains 25% olive oil and 5% camellia oil to provide moisture to your lips. 
 Menthol (Green) make your lips cool!
★MOISCUBE LIP MENTHOL  (non-pharmaceutical)
4g/ 540yen 
Official page  (JAPANESE)(ENGLISH)

2.  Non fragrance (Blue)
Always the same as the green one above. 
Just without the cool feeling.
★MOISCUBE LIP Non fragrance  (non-pharmaceutical)
4g/ 540yen 
Official page  (JAPANESE)(ENGLISH)

 3.  Sensitive (Pink)
Use a high degree of pure oil and natural sea shark oil to remove the pigment and odor components, creating this low-irritating, high moisturizing and low irritation lip balm.
★MOISCUBE LIP Non fragrance  (non-pharmaceutical)
4g/ 540yen 
Official page  (JAPANESE)(ENGLISH)

Why we recommend MOISCUBE LIP?
See how convenient to carry along. 

And to make it cube shaped the full use, 
let see what is the difference from other lip sticks. 
Keep rolling and rolling....

Roll and stop!

Skin care
Lip Care

Wanna have a set at home huh!

Next time, 
we are going to introduce you other items. 
Highly recommended in summer!
Sun cream!



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