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#Tokyo Travel ♪ Things to do in Tokyo! with LIMOTAXI! Top Experience! Ninja! Edo Sushi! Bonsai!

#Tokyo Travel ♪ Things to do in Tokyo! with LIMOTAXI! Top Experience!  Ninja! Edo Sushi! Bonsai!

It is time for Tokyo Travel with HIROMARU LIMOTAXI!

Together with London, New York, and Paris, Tokyo is one of the world's four major cities!
All four cities always gives a modern and ever-changing experience.
Tokyo, a bustling metropolis, 
it seems more difficult to feel the traditional Japanese atmosphere today.
Don't you think so?

No worry!
Let us bring you to experience a traditional Japanese tour!
A plan for your reference!

🚗Let's go!!!!!!

Our plan:
①Ninja in Shinjuku (新宿)→ 
②Sushi in Akasaka (赤坂)→
③ Bonsai in Niihori(新堀)


By the way, 

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No need to worry the crowd at public transportation!
Heavy luggage is not a problem too!

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One more friendly service:
An official APP for interpretation directly connected to the multi-lingual staffs.
With this, 
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No worry of communication problem!
Have a nice trip then!

※ Available languages: English, Chinese and Korean
※Not provide tour guide service
※Available time: 9:00-22:00

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Okay! Let's go back to our 
experience-traditional-Japanese tour!

① Ninja in Shinjuku (新宿)

Remember here?
A huge Godzilla at the 24/7 town SHINJUKU"
we are here for an unique place!!!!

"Hello! Anyone here?" 

"oops ... a ninja figure" 

Here you are!!!
(手裏劍道場 新宿 忍者)

Yes!!! A Japanese-styled room!
Here you might experience the Japanese Ninja culture!
According to the manager and instructor, 
it is pretty popular to kids and family too. 
Why don't you come to explore the mystery world?

What is Ninja?
You might see Ninja has appeared in a variety of anime and movie.
Basically, during the period of 1185~ 1868, 
Kamakura period to the middle of Edo Period,
Ninja is mostly person wearing in black, 
entered enemy camp 
film active ninja, the main activity in the era of AD 1185 ~ 1868, that is, Japan's Kamakura era to the middle of the Edo period. Ninja's main task is to go deep into the enemy camp for espionage or assassination activities.
Simply, it is kind of a spy.


What to experience?

💣Experience 1💣 
Learning hiding skill! 

In order to entering enemy camp,
Ninja got to hide their identity well and technically. 
Especially, when they are trying to collect information and involved into assassination activities.

Learning the technique and 
get to see the samples of some weapons and necessities.

💣Experience 2💣
Trying unique weapons!

Props to be used to decrease the speed of enemy chasing! 
No doubt it is pretty hurting!

Throwing stars (手裏剣)  
Props to disperse the concentration of the enemy 

Instructor starts giving lecture of using ninja swords. 
In order to be carried easily, 
the length is shorter that the samurai sword!

💣Experience 3💣
Nine Symbolic cuts (Kuji-kuri 九字切り)

  A practice of sing hand gestures.
It is kind of a Japanese martial arts.


(臨)Rin – Power
(兵)Hyo/Pyo – Energy
(闘)Toh – Harmony
(者)Sha – Healing
(皆)Kai – Intuition
(陣)Jin – Awareness
(列)Retsu – Dimension
(在)Zai – Creation
(前)Zen – Absolute

For example

It is believed that it is originally from Chinese Taoist. 
Then, it has came to Japan and being practiced as a ceremony of wishing for success.

Cool posing!

Thanks, the driver of LIMO TAXI!
Feel the friendliness of Japanese hospitality. 

4F Daiichi Building, 2-28-13 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Open Hour: 10:00 - 21:00
Last admission: 20:30
Tickets (tax included): 1,000 yen per person; free admission for children under 3 years old 

② Sushi in Akasaka (赤坂)

Intersection in front of Akasaka TBS broadcasting 

Bustling area following Ginza,
National Diet Building is also located here!
We gotta feel the Japanese style in the town of various large-scale commercial facilities and restaurants. 

Itamae Sushi EDO  Akasaka-mitsuke(板前寿司江戸 赤坂見附)

We are having lunch here, with its grand opening in October 2016.
A space under the concept of Japanese traditional opera Kabuki stage.
Wooden box sushi container on the wall, and excellent quality of fabric. 
Free yukata rental!
Yes!! Let's have a time travel for 1-2 hours.

🍴Rainbow Sushi🍴
(Crab, sea urchins, tuna, and salmon)
It is just like an artwork.
Fresh seafood is great!

🍴Edo Tower of Sashimi🍴
Seafood from Tsukiji market everyday. 
Order one for a group and see the fresh shrimp moving!

🍴Tuna grilled in kettle🍴
Full of dramatic flames on a table!

A rare part of black tuna 
only 3% is available on one black tuna.

Interesting name care to bring home^^

Want some souvenir? 

★ Itamae Sushi EDO  Akasaka-mitsuke(板前寿司江戸 赤坂見附)
Akasaka 3-9-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo
11:30-15:00 (L.O. 14:30) /17:00- 3:00 (L.O. 2:00)
Sat, Sun, National Holidays
11:30-15:00 (L.O. 14:30) 17;00-23:00 (L.O. 22:00)
Free Wi-Fi

3.  Bonsai in Niihori(新堀)

Where is it???
It is still in Tokyo,
but it is a little bit hard to reach using public transportation. 

LIMO TAXI is a nice choice then. 

Shunka-en Bonsai Museum (春花園BONSAI美術館)

Here, you can buy bonsai
make your own or just enjoy yourself in this natural atmosphere!

You know what?
The middle one costs about 100 millions. 

Lecture from Mr. Kunio Kobayashi (小林國雄)
A professional of BONSAI
We are so glad to see him in person,
as we always saw him on TV in Japan. 

He taught us three points:

Of course, putting effort and your original creativity!

At the beginning, Mr. Kobayashi taught us how to repair the branches of wood, 
speedily and confidently!
Next would be the use of wire to shape the branches.

He also taught us how to recognize good plant!
1. Roots of potted plants - the performance of strong vitality
2. Moss - give a sense of stability and a sense of quality
3. Dry and veined bark - to convey the historical sense of years 
4. A branch that stretches out of the trunk

Before and After
Isn't it different impression?
Japanese and foreign visitors are welcomed!
But only Sunday 10:00-17:00 
Recommended you to make reservation in advance.
3800 yen per person.

★ Shunka-en Bonsai Museum (春花園BONSAI美術館)
1-29-16 Niihori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 
Open Hour: 10:00-17:00
Admission: General 800 yen, Students 600 yen
Closed on Monday 

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