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#Japanese Cosmetics ♪ KATE 2017 Japan's Latest Beauty Trend ・ KATE's Perfect Yukata Styling Guide Suggestion

Japanese Makeup Brand

Summer Yukata Beauty∴ 

#Japanese Cosmetics ♪ KATE 2017 Japan's Latest Beauty Trend ・
KATE's Perfect Yukata Styling Guide Suggestion

Japan's Summer Beauty Trend
-Makeup to Go with a Yukata Tutorial-
in Asakusa

This summer has without fail, arrived!
We're sure there are many people 
who have plans on getting away from this summer heat, 
but how about trying a summer vacation 
that's different from the norm?

Starting with the purpose of telling Japan’s latest trends, 
a one year collaboration project was done 
with the well-known cosmetic brand “KATE”. 
A Japanese summer experiences that's a MUST
is of course renting a yukata,
but what about the makeup to go with it?
In this 4th edition, we will give you tips and tricks
from the Japanese yukata style 
to touring Tokyo and Asakusa!
Those who are planning a trip to Tokyo this summer,
we'll give you the "express information" you need!

Summer in Japan = Yukata!
Guide to the Perfect Yukata Style Look 

Japanese traditional wear that is popular
and beloved during the summer's firework displays is,
the yukata

There are plenty of patterns on the yukata, making it fun to choose. 
That being said, if you wear a yukata, 
wouldn't you like to have your makeup done specially to match your yukata?
 What sort of makeup should we do when wearing a yukata though?
Together with Japan's famous cosmetic brand "KATE",
we tried to match a yukata makeup look with the latest trends and styles!


Table of Contents

◎Recent Beauty Trend Tip◎
-What type of makeup goes with a yukata?

◎Eye Makeup◎
-Eyeshadow with a clam reddish color
that adds sparkle to a beautiful gradation

-Chic eyeliner drawn by slim and sophisticated lines

-A lovely pink hue keeping your cheeks naturally flushed

-Lip gloss that provides a natural and seasonal shine

◎Enjoying a Tourist Spot in a Yukata - Asakusa◎
-An Essential Summer Experience Course, 
"Yukata・Kimono Rental Experience"
-Asakusa's Landmark "Kaminarimon"
- Asakusa's Best Photo Spot, "Denpoin-dori"

-A Hidden Place Where Skytree Is at a Glance,

-When You Come to Asakusa, Be Sure to Take a Ride!
"A Rickshaw Experience"


Recent Beauty Trend Tips

There is also a style trend with wearing a yukata.
The summer of 2017's trend is "looking mature and sophisticated".
Which means, rather than a cute and refreshing atmosphere,
sophistication is the stylist charm.  

Even in a yukata, while representing the retro look,
it's popular among many since 
it also brings out the beauty of enchanting adults. 

Let's show off the "cool, attractive adult" look with yukata makeup!

This year's yukata styling feature is
having a chic and natural hairstyle to add extra beauty
and emphasizes to your deep eyes.
Let's get into full-fledged makeup style! 


"Intense yet subtle, glistening eye makeup" 
The point is to pick a single color of eyeshadow within the yukata's pattern.
That way it will link your stunning eyes to the stunning yukata.

We will start with making up our eyes, 
what can be easily said as being the most important point of makeup. 
Your eyes are key.
We used KATE's "Metal Glamour Eyes" in RD - 1 
to create deep and slightly shining chic eye makeup. 
We'll go through the steps and explanations together, don't worry!

Natural gradation in the order of A→B
We'll explain using the alphabet A, B, C, D, E to the 5 color palette
(Image Source: KATE Official Website)

A - Lightly brush the base color evenly 
Brush base color (A) all over the lid up to the fold/crease

First thing to do is the take the base color (A) 
and apply it accordingly to your eye natural shape. 

B - Apply the main color on the eyelid 
Don't cover as much area as you did with color A. Leave a barrier of the base surrounding the red color.

After applying the base (A), 
use the tip of the applicator or a shadow brush
 in the same way and apply the B color.

C - Apply the darkest color along your eyelash line 
With color C apply in the area as your would your eyeliner, only a little thicker.

This time, use the thinner, eyeliner applicator
and apply color C to the to both the top and lower lid.  
*Recommended to apply color C only 1/3 out from the outer corner*

Highlight of the areas E→D order
E -  Delicately add the pearl area 
 Apply the color so that it covers over 1/3 of the eyelid
 towards the outside corner.

Either blend/fade the pearl color
out with your finger or a blending brush. 

D - Use the pearl color as highlighter 
Take the pearl (D) and apply in small spots in middle of the top and bottom eyelid. 

Like before, take the tip of your finger 
and tab the pearl color to area D (middle of the top and bottom eyelid).
That way it'll make your eyes open and bring out that extra shine.

And Your Eye Makeup is Complete!

POINT: Vivid and glamorous sparkle gradation UP 

By adding a glossy pearl eyeshadow color 
to the color gradation and the redish color stands out. 
Your strong, impactful, and contrasting eyes are ready to go!
Since the color of the red series color directs a fascinating atmosphere, 
it is perfect for a sophisticated yukata style.

Color used: RD-1 (6 color pallets available)


"A chick eyed line that swifts up perfectly"
We tried to do a chic and classic eye liner which jumped exquisitely with a micro-fine brush.

The "Super Sharp Liner EX" eyeliner 
is the perfect eyeliner for drawing fine and sophisticated lines.
However it also has the abilities to make natural thick lines, 
giving you complete control over the look you wish to achieve. 

Natural + Chic Cat Eye UP
Eyeliner available in two dark colors to emphasize the eyes more. 

The eyeliner "Super Sharp Liner EX"
is perfect for drawing narrow and sophisticated eye lines.
The ultra fine brush was developed 
with the famous Japanese stationery maker "Pentel". 
Thus it is is easy to draw stable lines 
giving you complete control at every stroke. 

Colors available - jet black and dark brown


"Natural colored rosy cheeks"
Blending two different color tones accentuates a naturally colored cheek. 

 A blend of two different shades
and a three-dimensional face look
is easily doable with 2 WAY brush.

(Image Source: KATE Official Website)

The secret behind KATE's new blush/cheek product is this~ 
It was a "2 WAY brush" that is freely changeable. 
We will introduce its features along with how to use it!

Neat, isn't it?!
We've never seen anything like it before!!
Makes things so much easier and more compact
than having to carry around two different brushes. 
But are you wondering when to use which style?
Allow us to give you a lil note:

A. OPEN the brush to apply the highlighter
Graduate the brush applying the highlight diagonally out on your cheekbones  

B. CLOSE the brush to apply the blush
Same with the blush, starting at your apples or wherever works best for your face shape.

It's that simple!

Producing that three-dimensional look + adding some color to your face

(Image Source: KATE Official Website)
Color used: RD-1 (4 shades available total)
KATE: 3D Cheeks Page (Japanese)


"Natural, kissable lips"
Apply an appropriate amount to the entire lips, finishing with a natural glossy coat. 

While caring for your lips, 
this lip product will produce a natural sense of rouge color and gloss.

"CC Lip Oil" contains 5 beauty essentials in one;
color correction, volumizing, gloss, lipstick base, and lip care!

Color used: 01 RED SPICE


Together with KATE, your trendy Yukata look is completed!

In accordance with 2017's yukata styling trend of "Adult Cool",
we coordinated and completed an overall style and look. 
Now that the perfect look is achieved, 
it's time to enjoy traveling around!
Let's check out the best 5 ways of enjoying Asakusa,
the tremendously popular tourist spot within Tokyo. 


Before Going to Tokyo, Remember This!
-Asakusa's (浅草) Fun Point-

1. Yukata・Kimono Rental Shop
"Aiwafuku" (浅草愛和服)

The yukata・kimono rental shop is a minute walk from the Asakusa Station

A yukata and kimono rental shop in Asakusa,
which is of course loved by many Japanese and foreigners
for it's kind and sincere service along with being reasonably priced. 

Aiwafuku even made an appearance on famous Japanese TV programs 
and other media such as the trend magazine "Zipper" 
and a morning information program "TV Asahi". 

Yukata・Kimono Rental Article↓
Aiwafuku Traditional Yukata/Kimono Rental Shop Asakusa

Aiwafuku (Shops #2 and #3)
Address: 2-3F NW Building, 1-11-4 Hanakawado, Taito-Ku, Tokyo
Tel.: 03-6231-7554
Hours: 09:30 - 18:00
Holidays: Not fixed
Homepage (Price and Plan):
Reservation Page:


2. Asakusa's Landmark 
"Kaminarimon and Asakusa Temple"
(雷門 and 浅草寺)
Kaminarimon, the symbol of Asakusa

"Kaminarimon" (雷門) means "gate of thunder", 
and the official name is "gate of the gods of wind and lightning" 
(風雷神門;Fuuraijinmon or 風神雷神門;Fuushinraishin-mon).
It is here that the big red lantern that hangs 
over 3.9m (12.7ft) high, 3.3m (10.8ft) in diameter, 
and weighing 700kg (1,543lb).
Since Kaminarimon is sightseeing spot of Asakusa,
it's crowded with tourists taking photos everyday. 

Address: 2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo


3. Asakusa's Best Photo Spot 
It's the shopping street next to Nakami-e Road,
which comes out after passing through Kaminarimon 

There are craft shops, eating and drinking places, 
and more all along this 200m (218yard) street. 
The sense of the Edo era is still there and well intact.
Making this a popular photographic place for SNS posting recently. 

Address: 2-3-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo


4. A Hidden Place Where Skytree Is at a Glance 
Sumidagawa, or Sumida River, flows across Asakusa 

Sumidagawa is the place where you can see many landmark buildings 
of Asakusa such as the Tokyo Skytree and Asahi Building.
Sumidagawa Fireworks Display (Japanese firework festival),
is held here yearly and always produces a huge crowd!

*Sumida Park
Address: 1-1 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo


5. When You Come to Asakusa, Be Sure to Take a Ride! 
"A Rickshaw Experience"
Explore Asakusa with a rickshaw guide!! 

The rickshaw drives know more about Asakusa
than probably anyone else!
So going here and there by rickshaw
is the best way to see all the great spots of Asakusa.
Not to mention the most fun!
Recently there have been drivers/guides who can speak English.

*Asakusa Kuruma-ya (浅草くるま屋)
Address: 2-9-8-202 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo


That sums up our trip with KATE 
that tells up the latest Japanese trends!
What do you think?
If you're planning on traveling to Tokyo this summer,
we recommend you check out these spots!
Even if you don't come to Tokyo,
these makeup tips 
are useful and perfect 
for when you want to add a little extra glitz to your look.
Don't miss KATE's new items and makeup!
Next time, we plan on doing a Halloween special with Kate.
We simply can't wait!!

Let's have a look to a short video clip of JAPANKURU x KATE

One year collaboration project with KATE Please feel free to read the following past articles!

 ◎KATE 2017 HOW TO ♪ Trendy Makeup


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