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Japan Fashion and Tokyo Shopping ⦿ High Quality Japanese Shawls | Handcrafted by Japanese Craftsman, Japanese Original Fashion Brand Koma aoyama

Learn about Japanese scarf and shawl patterns,
the specialty of high quality Japanese craftsmanship,

and different ways to wear a shawl!
Great for MADE IN JAPAN lovers!

⦿ Japan Fashion and Tokyo Shopping ⦿ 
High Quality Japanese Shawls
Handcrafted by Japanese Craftsman. 
Japanese Original Fashion Brand 
Koma aoyama

Soft to the Touch
⦿Japanese Shawls⦿
With the seasons and weather changes, 
we often see women wearing a variety of fashionable scarves 
as an added fashion item to keeping them warm.
Even if it isn't freezing outside but 
you want just something light when it's chilly out,
makes not only scarfs but shawls a MUST HAVE item for many.

⦿Shawls vs Scarfs⦿

Usually when you mention a "scarf",
it's assumed as an item to wrap around your neck or shoulders.
However, there are a few differences between a shawl and a scarf.
First of all, a scarf is square as the shawl is rectangular, 
making it perfect to drape over your shoulders.
most fashion scarfs are shiny because they're made of silk,
 but since shawls are made from a variety of materials
they rank from a more casual to high fashion.

It Adds a Sense of Glamor to Everyday Fashion  
⦿One Point Item⦿

 Unlike the scarf, thanks to the material and cut of the shawls, 
various ways of wearing it are possible.
Even in modest fashion, one shawl can change your look drastically.

Japan's Fashionable Area
When talking about "Tokyo's fashion district",
Aoyama is one of the top places to be mentioned.
In the middle of Harajuku and Omotesando, 
Aoyama is not only a favorite for locals but 
full of foreign tourists from various countries.
Today's article is about introducing a specialty shawl store that
sells beautiful and one of a kind MADE IN JAPAN shawls.

1. Shawls Carefully Created by Japanese Craftsmen 
"Koma aoyama"
2. Koma aoyama's Popular Shawls: Best 3
3. Various Ways to Wear a Shawl
4. Domestic Delivery in Japan

Shawls Carefully Made by Japanese Craftsmen 
⦿Koma aoyama⦿
We knew Japan is famous for being a country of craftsmen and women,
but we weren't expecting them to also produce shawls!

With the name "Koma aoyama",
this original Japanese brand is unusual in the fact that 

they specialize only in shawls.

⦿Koma aoyama 
🏢5-10-1 Futaba Bld. 4F, Minamiaoyama, Minato, Tokyo
Google Maps
Irrigular holidays (requesting inquiries)
🚉Omotesando Station, 2min walk from exit B1
Tokyo Metro Ginza LineChiyoda LineHanzomon Line
(Inbetween Starbucks and Kua 'Aina)

"Artisanal Production in the Traditions of the Past"

Unlike big brands using completely industrialized production methods, 
Koma aoyama continues to perpetuate traditions 
using artisanal weaving methods. 
Each thread is chosen with care in order to create shawls with the irreproachable quality.

Soft to the touch,
this work of artisans results in unique products containing

finesse and ease of use. 

 It is a concept that yarn and thread gently overlap without forcibly pulling.
Thanks to that, if you have a little hole or dent, 
gently stroke the thread, and it will return to its original form.
since this low-speed weaving loom machine isn't manufactured anymore, craftsmen make the shawls directly by hand 
which requires skills obtained from many years of experience.

Koma aoyama's Popular Shawls: Best 3

It may be obvious, but not all shawls are the same.
Depending on what materials are combined and how it's weaved,
you get different distinctions and designs.
It can be quite difficult to choose which shawl will perfect you,
which is why we've decided to present you 3 collections which makes the success of 
Koma aoyama:
① Mashma Collection
② Mucc Denim Collection
③ Mesh Collection

Soft and Light Like Cotton
⦿Mashma Collection⦿

Although a shawl is still a shawl, each collection has its particularity.
The Mashma Collection is adored for its sober appearance but 
especially for the softness of the fabric which is smooth like a marshmallow!
 Also perfect for warming you up, 
you can easily store it in your bag until you need it.

This special feature thread that makes up the Mashma Collections
is considerably pricey, but it's the involvement of the thread and the skills of the craftsman that finally creates an exquisite shawl.
The shawls in this collection are light, 
but since cashmere is included it retains heat well and remains durable.

⦿Mashma Collection
Silk 60% · Cashmere 40%
24,000~25,000yen + TAX

Unique Design Made of 100% Denim
⦿Mucc Collection⦿
In a very different fashion, 
the Mucc Collection uses denim as its source of fabric. 
Despite what you may think the denim shawls are very gentle.
The denim gives a unique and vintage look,
and compared to other Koma aoyama collections, 
you feel like you're being bundled up nicely.

The overall style of the shawl looks great with any sort of fashion coordination.

⦿Mucc Collection
100% denim 
19,000~20,000 yen + TAX

100% Cashmere
⦿Mesh Collection⦿

The Mesh Collection is made of 100% cashmere shawls.

Cashmere is a high-class material that many knows, 
but cashmere is still a unique fabric that surprisingly 
isn't commonly used when making shawls.

⦿Mesh Collection
100% cashmere
42,000 yen + TAX

Various Ways to Wear a Shawl
⦿Koma aoyama Shawls⦿
Compared to a splendid and short scarf, 
Koma aoyama shawls are long and come in various colors.
Which means you can enjoy a variety of ways to wear your new shawl~

Simple and Casual
⦿Editor Style⦿
The Editor Style is the simplest and most straightforward method.
It is made to show off the design of the shawl from the front.
As for the method, 
after leaving one long section down,
wrap the other section around your neck and you're finished.
It's casually simple and still lovely. 

Gorgeous Atmosphere
⦿Milan Style⦿
Koma aoyama's Milan Style gives a very high-class image, 
but it's pin point is creating a tight knot like wrap around your neck
making your face appear smaller.
Like a necktie, pass through the neck from the bottom up 
after rolling up to the editor style introduced above.
Then make the ends shorter by weaving around the knot.

⦿Same Item, Different Looks⦿
Left: Hiding shawl design, Right: Showing design
You can still wrap the shawl up around your neck like a scarf,
but decide whether to show the shawls designs or not!

Left: Hiding shawl design, Right: Showing design
Traditional shawl fashion of draping them over your shoulders is also an option.
Just like wearing them as a scarf,
deciding to show or "hide" the shawl's designs are up to you!

Domestic Delivery in Japan
Unfortunately, Koma aoyama doesn't deliver overseas.
You can go directly to the store or get it through Japanese domestic delivery.
Recently, it seems that there are also quite a few of people 
who order online and have the shawls sent to their accommodation's reception.
For those who wish to buy online and ship within Japan, 
please check the URL of the online store below.

⦿Light and Compact, Making Great Gifts⦿
These shawls make great gifts because 
they don't take up a lot of room and are light, 
and at the same time highly usable fashion items!

You Can Touch Various Shawls
⦿Aoyama's Retail Store⦿
Even though you can still ship within Japan,
if you're able to pop by the store and check out the shawls directly,
why don't you!?

The store is located in the fashionable area of Aoyama, 
as we introduced before.

Just to mention,
yes, the address says Aoyama,
but in fact, the closest station is Omotesando station, 

with about a 2 minute walk from the B1 exit.

The shawl specialty retail store isn't open every day.
so accessing the site first and reserving a date is the easiest way to go.
Once the store gets a reservation,
it will open up for that time regardless.

※Depending on the schedule, 
there is a possibility that they won't respond quickly, 
so we recommend contacting and confirming personally.

Benefits of Visiting Directly!
⦿Easy Coordination and Checking First Hand⦿
No matter how many times you internet shop,
seeing the products first hand for yourself is ALWAYS better.
Especially when dealing with such high quality MADE IN JAPAN items,
you'll want to go for yourself if possible.
Then there you can coordinate various of shawls 
according to your personal style.

We think you'll get what we mean when we say that their shawls are as soft and light like cotton candy!

Internet inquiry page of Koma aoyama store

*お名前 = Name (in English is fine)
メールアドレス = Email address
お問い合わせタイトル = Inquiry title

お問い合わせ内容 = Content of inquiry
*If requesting to make a reservation to visit the store,
be sure to include desired date and time


Koma aoyama previously moved store, so be careful!
Since the information in this article is current,
you are fine but be sure to check again before going 

so that you don't go to the past store.

Shawls Made with the Finest Materials and Techniques of Craftsmen
⦿Koma aoyama⦿
Taking a look at the fashion side of Japan,
this article introduced a beautiful fashion accessory
that shows off Japan's handcraft expertise.
Shawls have become functional as well as fashionable,
which may be why they are a hot item currently in Japan.

Japan's shawl brand Koma aoyama exquisitely matched the three stages of 
rare traditional method, highest class material
and craftsmanship technique.

⦿Koma aoyama 
🏢5-10-1 Futaba Bld. 4F, Minamiaoyama, Minato, Tokyo
Google Maps
Irrigular holidays (requesting inquiries)
🚉Omotesando Station, 2min walk from exit B1
Tokyo Metro Ginza LineChiyoda LineHanzomon Line
(Inbetween Starbucks and Kua 'Aina)


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