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Japanese Street Fashion Brand in Tokyo's Harajuku District - Casual Tokyo Fashion Clothing Store BACKWOODS BOROUGH

Japanese Fashion Street Brand

Before introducing BACKWOODS BOROUGH, let's talk about Ura-Harajuku. The reason for using "Ura" is because it means "back" or "reverse side" in Japanese, so it's somewhat of an implied meaning that it's the back alley of Harajuku. Having a different style from Takeshitadori and Omotesando, there are a variety of shops, boutiques, and coffee shops in the area.

There are many street fashion brands in Harajuku, some well-known others not, Japanese and foreign alike. Which brings us to BACKWOODS BOROUGH.

A Japanese Streetwear Brand
That Started from Underwear
BACKWOODS BOROUGH is a street brand with hip hop as its main concept, 100% Japanese brand. Most of the items in the store are BACKWOODS BOROUGH's original brand "Back Channel", but there are items from other brands including collaborations.

Originally BACKWOODS BOROUGH was just a brand that made underwear under their Back Channel brand. It wasn't until later that it became popular and known as a street brand. You can still buy the underwear in their store.

The material is soft with a plain colorful palette. There is something special about this underwear but you will have to go to the store and find out for yourself.

You may think that BACKWOODS BOROUGH is the same as most street brands, but there are unique subtle differences that make the brand stand out.

The products sold by BACKWOODS BOROUGH's original brand "Back Channel" are designed and manufactured by themselves. Each article of clothing will have different designs of course, but the clothes that are sold here (not only Back Channel, BACKWOODS BOROUGH's other brands as well) are also designed to allow people to wear comfortably, but also have the street style vibe they are known for.

Seamless Line of Cotton T-Shirt
 This summer's new cotton T-shirt is actually seamless. When asked why the owner said that it helps keep the clothes from wrinkling easily along with keeping its shape.

Sweats and More
Their "leisure style" clothing is their main style, selling sweatshirts, zip-up jackets, pullovers, etc.

Collaboration with Famous Brands
BACKWOODS BOROUGH also releases collaborative items with famous international brands, like the popular baseball cap brand New Era. 

A Japanese Brand Loved by Celebrities
There are even famous Japanese and international celebrities that like BACKWOODS BOROUGH. Like American east coast rapper Joey Bada$$ (left) who visited the store. As well as former UFC star Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto (right).

Photo source link
Photo source link

As mentioned earlier, BACKWOODS BOROUGH has done a lot of collaborations with brands, many of those brands include outdoor brands. Although it is a street brand clothing store, they sell many outdoor accessories and offers different kinds of interesting things for customers to check out.

Not only just outdoor accessories like YETI can cozies, but you have fun stuff you probably won't find in most Japanese stores like a marijuana ashtray. 

Even some rare pins, because who doesn't like to represent Pabst Blue Ribbon? 

Harajuku Street Brand BACKWOODS BOROUGH

In recent years, Western street fashion has been making its way into Japan. If you are one who is into a more simple, laid back style but still wanting that MADE IN JAPAN quality and rare factor, we recommend going to Urahara and checking out BACKWOODS BOROUGH. It was really interesting to see as an American, that there was a clothing store like this in Japan.

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