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Recommended Place to Stay in Kanazawa | Beautiful Japanese Onsen Ryokan in Kanazawa with an Onsen and View - Katayamazu Onsen Kasuikyo (佳水郷)

Apa Hotel & Resort Katayamazu Onsen Kasuikyo is a hotel-style hot spring resort located in Kaga, the historic hot spring resort of Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. This area is known as one of the hot spots in the Hokuriku region that is full of beautiful nature like Mount Haku (白山), which is known as Mt. Ishikawa's famous mountain, is 7,270 meters high. Along with Shibayama Lagoon (柴山潟), which changes color seven times a day. The hot spring water in the ground here is calcium chloride and sodium, which it is said to be effective for poor blood flow and skin problems.

・Katayamazu Onsen Kasuikyo
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Car map code: 120 343 658 * 54
One-day hot spring available
Check-in 3pm, Check-out 10am
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No Hot Springs in Kanazawa

In fact, Kanazawa doesn't have hot springs. However, there are two historic hot spots near Kanazawa that are easily accessible.

1. Kaga Onsen (加賀温泉) Area
(South of Kanazawa)
Katayamazu Onsen (片山津温泉), Yamashiro Onsen (山代温泉), Chuzan Onsen (中山温泉), Awazu Onsen (粟津温泉)

2. Noto Peninsula Region (能登半島)
(North of Kanazawa)
Wakura Onsen (和倉温泉)


Hokuriku Shinkansen Line (北陸新幹線)

If you are traveling within Japan, taking the bullet train (Shinkansen) is probably the best way to get here. The closest station when taking the Shinkansen is Kanazawa Station, which takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo. After that, transfer to Shirasagi Limited Express (しらさぎ特急) and get off at Kaga Onsen Station (加賀温泉駅) for about 25 minutes. From there you can take a shuttle bus from the station to the resort.

JR Pass Information (ENG)
You can reserve a shuttle bus here

Hotel-Style Hot Springs Resort

Katayamazu Onsen Kasuikyo (佳水郷) is a hot spring resort that has the hotel, with many rooms and various facilities, a ryokan where you can enjoy tatami mat rooms, Kaiseki dishes, and a hot spring, where you can relax in traditional Japanese fashion. Hotel-style services and both authentic hot springs and cuisine are what makes this hotel a popular destination for many foreigners.

Room Types

There are various types of rooms at Katayamazu Onsen Kasuikyo (佳水郷) which makes it different from your ordinary Japanese ryokan (traditional inn). To give you an idea, below are three types of rooms that are offered at the resort:

1. Mizu (水の棟)

This is a typical Japanese ryokan type room that has tatami flooring and a seating table. When you return to your room after dinner, you will find your futons set up and warmed by the hotel staff which is a great side of Japan's famous ryokan hospitality.

(This type of room is offered in four different sizes) 

2. Kisen (輝泉)
Kisen rooms are on the top floor of the hotel and also have tatami mat flooring. Because it is on the top floor, the view is without a doubt the best. There is also a balcony that has a private open-air hot springs bath which is nice for those with tattoos.

(Room divided into bed type and futon type)

3. Hana (華の棟)
 Hana is a semi-suite room, which combines a Japanese tatami mat flooring room with a more Western-style room offering beds instead of Japanese futons for those that aren't used to sleeping on the floor.

(This type of room is offered in four different sizes)

Hot Springs "Onsen"

1. Open-Air Bath
The open-air hot springs baths are one of the charms of Kasuikyo. There are not many places to see Mount Haku and Lake Shibayama at the same time in Katayamazu Onsen, but here you can. There also is a fountain in the middle of the lake, which lights up and goes off 13 times a day (15 times in July and August), is about 300ft (70 meters) tall and is said to be one of the most popular fountains in Japan. 

2. Panorama Bath
There is also a panorama bath "Tamayura", that gives you a view of 49ft (15 meters) long. Here you can also see Lake Shibayama while you are soaking indoors. 

Authentic Kaiseki-Ryori, a Multi-Course Meal
The food that is served is an important factor in selecting a hotel or ryokan. Katayamazu Onsen Kasuikyo offers a wide variety of colorful dishes, taking advantage of the Kanazawa region where all sorts of sea and land delicacies are gathered. Authentic kaiseki dishes made with the freshest seasonal ingredients gives you a unique taste into Japan's food culture. 

 Tatami type

(Sit on a tatami mat and eat in a traditional Japanese way)

Table type

(Or sit on a chair eat at a table) 

Breakfast Buffet
There is a huge area to eat with an equally large breakfast buffet in the background.  

Hotel Entertainment
 Just like some of Japan's bigger and older hotels, there are entertainment rooms and shops that you can also visit.

A recreation room that has activities like pool, ping pong, and karaoke. 

Also every night at 8:30, there are live performances held in the hotel. 

And of course a shop where you can buy things you need or want like local sake, food, and souvenirs. 

Apa Hotel & Resort Katayamazu Onsen Kasuikyo (佳水郷)

"Kaga", a historical hot spring resort in Japan. Among them, "Katayamazu Onsen", where the combination of good quality hot spring water and mountain and lake is superb. Katayamazu Onsen Resort "Kasui-kyo" combines the advantages of a ryokan with superb hot springs and sumptuous cuisine, plus the hotel's wide range of guest rooms and services. Since I operate a direct flight from Korea to Komatsu Airport, I think that it is a place where I can visit my parents, couples, and friends freely.

・Katayamazu Onsen Kasuikyo
Google Maps
Car map code: 120 343 658 * 54
One-day hot spring available
Check-in 3pm, Check-out 10am
Information on Booking.com (ENG)
💻Official homepage (ENG)



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