Tuesday, April 23, 2019

IMANO OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI HOSTEL: A Newly Opened Hostel and Cafe within Osaka's Shinsaibashi District

Osaka, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. One of the reasons that foreigners are also attracted to the Osaka area is because you can get a sense of both past and present. The vibrant city has a completely different feel and culture compared to Tokyo, with its amazing local food, exertive people, great amusement parks like Universal Studios Japan, interesting store signs, and more. Finding a place to stay in such a popular city can be difficult. Location is a big part of deciding accommodation, but you also have comfort, cleanliness, and price to take into consideration. Within Osaka's popular Shinsaibashi district is a newly opened hostel that also runs as a lounge and bar. The outside alone looks like a coffee shop, so we were surprised to find out that it is a hostel. Which brings us to introducing IMANO OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI HOSTEL.

Two of Osaka's Fashion Districts
Amemura and Horie
Next to Shinsaibashi is a more peaceful district, Horie, which is often compared to Tokyo's Aoyama district. It's home to a number of independent shops and designers, restaurants, and coffee shops. It's the perfect place to visit if you're looking for a more calm place to walk around. Another more famous part of Shinsaibashi is Amerikamura or "Amemura" (アメ村). Amerikamura, or better known as Amemura, is the center of creative fashion and entertainment in Kansai. The name means "American Village" which gives you a look at the Japanese point of view of an America but a reason is apparently due to the focus that is put on Western import goods. However, once you go here you are more likely to see things specific to Japan from its open ranged fashion trends and small food shops. 

Inbetween these two fashion areas is a hostel, IMANO OSAKA SHINBASHI HOSTEL, which was newly built this year. It's already becoming a popular place to stay among travelers primarily due to its great price and wonderful location.

 Hostel and Lounge Bar:
Accommodation within a Coffee Shop 
IMANO has a great reputation with its hotels in Tokyo Shinjuku and Ginza, along with their hotel located near Kyoto's Kiyomizudera, so it only makes sense that they would open a hostel in Osaka. Their international staff helps make the mood less serious and more friendly, and the hotels are always so clean and well kept despite being so cheap. IMANO hostels are also always known for their cafe and bars which are right next to the front desk. It's of course always open to the guests, but it isn't uncommon for people passing by to stop in for a quick drink or bite. Which is also a great way to get to know and talk to some locals (especially at night once it becomes a bar).

 Choose a Bed Type That Fits Your Travel Style 

There are different types of bed types that you can choose from; the typical capsule style beds, bunk beds, or regular single beds. You also have a selection between staying in a private or shared room. As you may have imagined, making a reservation in a private room is like reserving a hotel room (but much cheaper!). Whereas if you were to reserve a shared room, you are only reserving a bed, and will be sharing a room with other guests (typical hostel style). In that case, the bathrooms and showers are separate and shared, compared to being in the room like in the private rooms. 

Private Rooms
They have up to 6 beds available in their private rooms.
Lofted Double Room

Lofted Twin Room

Double Room

3 Bed Group Room

If you are staying in a private room, there are towels and basic toiletries, including toothbrushes, combs, razors, and hair bands. There is also a special package for sale at the front desk, containing a face pack and hair tie.

Shared Rooms

As mentioned above, since it is a hostel the shared rooms are a basic bunk bed style, including 4, 6, and 12-person rooms.
In the shared dormitory type rooms, in addition to comfortable and clean bedding, there are lockers/safes in the rooms so security is never an issue and hangers. Along with each bed having a curtain giving you that extra bit of privacy if desired. The beds definitely provide more room to stretch and layout than many other hostels or even capsule hotels. 

If you need toiletries, such as toothbrush or toothpaste, you can go to the front desk buy what you need. There are also items such as chargers (with a deposit), hair dryers, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gels available in public bathrooms. Which is great for those who made an effort in packing light.

Bunk bed for 4 people

Bunk bed for 6 people

Bunk bed for 12 people

 Women's Only Floor + Other Facilities 

In Japan, it isn't uncommon seeing hotels and hostels with gender separated floors/areas. IMANO OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI HOSTEL is no exception. There is a special women's only floor that not only has rooms with women only but also provides a lot of supplies that girls tend to need, such as straighteners, irons, beauty mirrors, etc.

There are of course community space areas, a kitchen with a microwave and fridge to store any food or drinks, and public bathrooms and showers.

 600 Yen Breakfast Buffet 
We have to say that every time we stay at a hotel, we're always looking forward to breakfast. Although most people wouldn't expect much, if anything, from a hostel. Fortunately, IMANO OSAKA, which is also a coffee shop, isn't like other hostels. They offer a full breakfast, and at a cheap price. Whether you want just a homemade cup of coffee or something to make you full, they have you taken care of. IMANO OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI HOSTEL offers breakfast for everyone, even if you aren't a guest of the hostel. For just 600 yen you enjoy a simple but delicious breakfast buffet.
In addition to sandwiches, you can also enjoy a delicious day with yogurt, oatmeal, sausages, special rice medley, and something to drink.


We asked IMANO staff for some recommendations on places to go nearby. Besides Shinsaibashi, Amemura, and other popular spots to see cherry blossoms like Osaka Castle, there are two other places that they mentioned. One is the ever famous Shinsekai (新世界), which was made with New York and Paris as its model before the war and neglected ever sense. The other is a Japanese public bath, Minami Aoyama Shimizuyu (清水湯), that is open to those with tattoos.
★Tsutenkaku Tower in Shinsekai
Google Maps
Dōbutsuen-mae Station (動物園前) - about 10min walk
💴Adults 700yen, Middle school~high school 500yen, Elementary school 400yen, Kindergarten 300yen
💻Official website

★Minami Aoyama Shimizuyu (清水湯)
Google Maps
🚉Shinsaibashi Station (心斎橋駅) - about 2min walk
💴Adults 400yen, Middle school 300yen, Elementary school 150yen
💻Official website

If you are planning to come to Osaka, whether it is business or pleasure, whether it is a trip by yourself or with a group of people, IMANO OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI HOSTEL in Shinsaibashi is one of the most costly and convenient places you could stay. It offers comfortable, clean, and versatile accommodation at an affordable price. Where you stay can really change the effect of your trip, and we really had nothing but the best experience. Which is why we recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap place to stay in Osaka.

🚉Metro Shinsaibashi Station - 10min walk
JR Namba Station - 11min walk
: Check-in time is from 4pm
Check-out is at 11am
Breakfast: 7~10am
Lunch: 11:30am~2pm (Last order 1:30pm)
Cafe: 11:30am~4pm (Last order 3:30pm)
Bar: 6pm~10pm (Last order 9:30pm)
📞: (+81)06-6534-0088
Free WIFI available
💻Official website (ENG)




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