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Staying at a Beautiful Hotel in Nihonbashi, Tokyo - One of Tokyo's Most Popular Hotels Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier

Nihonbashi, the Center of the Ancient Edo City
Nihonbashi (日本橋) is known for being the marker or connecting point for Tokyo to other regions of Japan known as the five roads ("gokaido"), which was started by Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Edo era. Nihonbashi has been a center of cultural and commercial activities then, thus creating a new culture to the area becoming a place of business. Even currently due to its location being close to popular sightseeing spots such as Tokyo, Ginza, and Akihabara, Nihonbashi is one of the spots that foreign visitors recommend.

A Major Hotel in Tokyo
Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier
There are many people who want to stay in Nihonbashi primarily for the location. When staying in Nihonbashi it is convenient to get around to each area of Tokyo easily. For those looking to stay in Nihonbashi, we would like to recommend the Mitsui Garden Hotel Premier Nihonbashi, which is a part of Japan's most well known hospitality companies. They boast offering luxurious services and set up, and having spacious rooms for guests that don't want to feel cramped like in some other hotel rooms in Japan. This particular hotel is directly connected to Mitsukoshi-mae Station and has the Nihonbashi Information Desk on the first floor. The hotel lobby on the ninth floor of the building with the hotel facilities going up to the 15th floor. It is truly a beautiful building suiting the Nihonbashi image. 

Hotel Front & Lobby
One of the attractive points of the Mitsui Garden Hotels is the concept, which is decorated with various artifacts and works of art. For instance, here in the front lobby there ceiling lighting has a meaningful significance of being a motif of the river under the Nihonbashi bridge. 

Hotel Rooms
Premier Twin Room
Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi's Premier Room is one of the most luxurious rooms to represent Nihonbashi! Being overall a cozy room with a toned down feel, it is also decorated with a theme of Edo's classic designs with a luxurious twist. There are doors separating the living room and the bedroom but they are viewed as more than just that. The doors are actually a piece of art called the "drawing wave" expressing the movement and emotion of water. 

Twin Room
The Twin Rooms (rooms with twin size beds) are on floors 13-15, which still gives you a nice view of the city. You can enjoy the scenery of the main street of Nihonbashi on the side of the table where you can sit facing each other. 

Corner Twin Room
Their Corner Twin Rooms are located in the corner of the hotel giving a unique view that is different from other rooms. While less spacious compared to other rooms, the beds are still a nice size and comfortable. 

Double Room
The Double Room with a view of Tokyo Skytree. It is recommended for those that want wide beds, plenty of space, and a view of the city. 

Large Public Bath

The bathhouse is decorated in Hinoki cypress giving you a clean and crisp scent while you relax. Aside for just the large bath, there are a few lie-down baths in both baths (men's and women's), allowing you to lie down and soak. 

⏰6am〜9am / 3pm〜1am (following day)
*Bring towels from your room
*For those with tattoos, stickers to cover the tattoo(s) are available for free at the front desk.

Breakfast Buffet Restaurant Nihonbashi Asada

The hotel restaurant has a buffet-style breakfast that established in the old Kaga Domain of Kanazawa. Thus their menu features many traditional Japanese dishes native to the Kaga style.

*Asada (浅田)
Mitsui Garden Hotel Premier Nihonbashi 9F
⏰ 6:30am〜10am
💶 Breakfast buffet 2,700 yen
Restaurant official page (JPN)

Cocktail BAR MATSU

If you combine all alcohol together, this bar has just over 100 kinds available. You can order from the menu or order something that you're in the mood for. It is a popular place to visit either before or after dinner with the large windows and terrace giving a beautiful view of Nihonbashi.

 Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier is one of Japan's key hotels located in one of Japan's main hubs. The hotel has a high reputation, plus its location ensures a pleasant stay during your busy trip. 

Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier
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Closest stations: Mitsukoshi-mae Station - Direct access
Shin-Nihonbashi Station - Direct access (Exit 1 or 3)
Tokyo Station - 11mins on foot

Nearby Sightseeing Spots

Mitsukoshi Department Store
Mitsukoshi Department Store is Japan's leading department store, which has been recognized as an important national cultural property of Japan. It is a department store that boasts a long history of more than 100 years and is said to be the first place in Japan to accept western clothing culture. As it is a department store that grew up with history, there are many things to see inside the department store interior. 

Nihonbashi has long been an image of the shopping streets of the rich. Coredo Muromachi was born, and it became a shopping street which is modern, neat, and can get a feel Japanese traditional culture at the same time. One can find many stores selling Japanese traditional area brands as well as Japanese desserts.

Fukutoku Shrine
There is a shrine in Nihonbashi, minutes away from the hotel by the name of Fukutoku Shrine and has been around since the 9th century. It is known as being a "power spot" in Tokyo, popular for those hoping to win the lottery.



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