Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Look Good While Running the Streets of Tokyo: Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku

These days, Under Armour isn't just the place for athletes to get some simple undershirts. Between their expansion into exercise and sportswear of all kinds, and the advent of athleisure wear becoming the comfortable standard, you'll see Under Armour all over, on just about anyone. Proving just how much of an iconic international brand it has become, take just one look at the recently opened Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku. Multiple floors are packed with the latest in sportswear tech, items made in collaboration with celebrities like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Tom Brady, supremely comfy duds, and even limited-edition Under Armour Tokyo souvenirs. With all this plus an actual workout studio open to visitors, we knew we had to take a look!

A Brand House, You Say?

Reachable within seconds of leaving Shinjuku Station, this bold storefront contains one of the best spots in the world to get some Under Armour shopping done. The Shinjuku "Brand House" opened in September 2019, and the dramatic interiors are specially designed to show off just what this cutting-edge brand has to offer.

UNDER ARMOUR BRAND HOUSE SHINJUKU3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
Tax-free services available for qualifying purchases.
Official Website (jp)

And since the stylish building is a clear destination for Tokyo's athletes and sports-lovers, they've left their mark on the building - literally! In just the few months since the store's opened, they've collected signatures from some interesting athletes, including rugby pros who were in Japan for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and Tokyo local pentathlete Ayumu Saito.

Get a Glimpse of Where Under Armour is Going

Under Armour is always looking forward, searching for the next tech they can utilize to support athletes in their most recent endeavors. This is a vital part of the brand's philosophy, and the futuristic LED floors represent that spirit perfectly. 

Just stepping through the doors, the atmosphere had even the laziest and most exercise-averse among us getting enthusiastic about the cool outfits on display.

Adding an infusion of cool Japanese style to the shop, towards the back of the first floor you'll find limited edition Tokyo merch... surrounded by some fantastic original art that inspired some of the goods. Lining the walls are huge ink paintings called "bujinga" (warrior paintings), created by Japanese artist Masayuki Kojo.

Looking for Souvenirs?

If you want a special Under Armour item from Tokyo, there's something for just about any style.

Wear one of the awesome Masayuki Kojo paintings...

... for a uniquely Japanese memento.

Or keep it simple and clean with a hoodie with "アンダーアーマー トーキョー", or "Under Armour Tokyo" in Japanese katakana.

You and a special someone can even match!

Get in Shape with the Rest of Tokyo

For a once in a lifetime experience, find the little mezzanine level in Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku, and head into the sleek studio space. Along with a little pop-up shop and some cool memorabilia, this floor houses an actual workout room. Make a reservation on the Under Armour app (where you'll find a monthly schedule with all the classes and workshops) to work up a sweat with the locals.

Workouts with celebrity athletes, sessions with famous trainers, free yoga classes... you can see a little of what they have to offer on the official Shinjuku branch instagram. For popular events, make your reservation asap!

What to Look Out for at Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku


With a mission like "Under Armour makes you better," we wanted to see just how the company intended to do just that!

Presenting: RUSH. These items apparently absorb and reflect back the energy generated by your body, promoting improved endurance and strength with mineral-infused fabric.

And the quick-drying fabric's fit is clearly cut for moving limbs and growing muscles.

With men's and women's products available (tops, bottoms, even underwear), just look for the hexagonal Under Armour logo to feel the high-tech fabric in action.

2. Recover

In an attempt to make sleepwear that would please even the many particulars of superstar Tom Brady, Under Armour's "Recover" line came into being. Whether you're cooling down after a workout or going to sleep for the night, the Recover line is designed to help muscles rest, relax, and repair.

And they're obviously pretty comfy for just chilling out, too. Our international team dreamed of wearing a full Recover outfit on a long flight home.

Our international team dreamed of wearing a full Recover outfit on a long flight home.


Under Armour's innovation started with undershirts, but these days their scope is much broader, and some of their latest advances can be seen in their HOVR sneakers! Running shoes, training shoes, basketball shoes, and more.

The running shoes have stable, shock-resistant soles, helping relieve pressure on runners' knees.

And for good support and a comfortable fit, the ankle collar keeps things snug (and not slipping around)!

And for something out of a sci-fi movie, connect your new shoes directly to the Under Armour MapMyRun app to keep track of and analyze your running metrics!

Honestly, we were convinced, and luckily a member of the JAPANKURU team just happened to already be in the market for some new shoes. His thoughts on the flashy pair of HOVRs he picked up? "My shoe size is hard to find in Japan, and my wide feet mean that it's even harder to find a pair that fits well on top of that. The HOVR series was nicely elastic and accommodated my feet without sacrificing support, making for a really comfortable fit!"

4. Women's Sportswear

You won't find a bigger selection of women's wear anywhere in Asia!

So of course there were plenty of good leggings options to choose from, complete with pockets (so important) and also panels cut to provide extra support and comfort.

Intrigued by the leggings but bugged by panty lines? The staff swear by the Pure Stretch no-show underwear!

And your women's sportswear selection isn't complete without some good sports bras, and Under Armour certainly has some options. Anyone with a bit of a bust will appreciate some of the tech that's gone into this line of products.

Light support bras for lively walks or a little yoga.

Medium support bras for activities like golf or strength training.

High support bras for sports that get a little... bouncier. The wide range of sizes come in handy for high-intensity workouts like tennis, boxing, or running.

And a bonus for yoga and pilates lovers - this gear is specially designed with extra flexibility.

5. Kidswear

Everyone can get in on the technologically advanced comfort of Under Armour, even kids! And Shinjuku's the place to check it all out.

You and your kids can even get matching sneakers, although theirs can come with some extra conveniences (like velcro).

Under Armour Collaborations

Under Armour + The Rock

One look at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and you know he's a workout pro, so it's no wonder he's got a pretty slick collaboration going on with Under Armour!

Not only can you emulate your favorite pro-wrestler turned Hollywood superstar, but you can do it in style.

Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? Because it appears to be a whole series of workout clothes, for both men and women.

Under Armour + JBL

Last but not least, many of us would never make it through a workout without some good tunes, so the obvious choice are these headphones and earbuds from JBL and Under Armour!

Between the futuristic atmosphere and futuristic workout tech found inside, we were all pretty wowed by our visit to this enormous Under Armour location. More than one of us went home with some brand new Under Armour merchandise after our visit! And the rest of us are just waiting for an excuse to buy some Tokyo souvenirs there next time, so we can get another glimpse of the flashy LED floor and cool new tech. Good thing it's just a minute from Shinjuku Station's East Exit!

3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
Tax-free services available for qualifying purchases.
Official Website (jp)


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