Thursday, October 3, 2013

#Sightseeing ♪Trip to Odaiba

#Sightseeing  ♪Trip to Odaiba

Where is it???
New York, USA


sorry it is Tokyo in Japan!

it is an area called Odaiba (お台場), beside Tokyo Bay!

someone is waiting for us!!!!

 you see...
he is holding his fist!!!!

Gotta be hurry!!!

One of the common way to go to Odaiba is take the Yurikamome

from Shinbashi (新橋)

It is right in front of JR Shinbashi Station

New Transit: Yurikamome  (ゆりかもめ)

That is rainbow bridge behind!
That is why the mark on the train is rainbow too lol

Crossing Tokyo Bay!!!

Here we are in Odaiba!!!

This is the must-visit spot!!

Got to take a picture with this Statues of Liberty!!!

On the other side, it is Fuji television broadcasting building
 (one of the large and popular TV in Japan) 


we see something big

whose back is it!!!!

Here it is!!!

Mr. Giant Gundam!!!!

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

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