Thursday, November 14, 2013

#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu in Summer 003 Matsukawaya

#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu in Summer 003 Matsukawaya

It looks like muddy springs water.
But it is definitely springs water that Nasu feeling proud of. 
Ryokan Matsukawa-ya

You might feel tired of your daily life sometimes. Thinking to go to somewhere else to relax?
Think Nothing!
Do Nothing!
To be free!

Delicious food to taste
Hot Springs to relax your body
Nature to feel free of your soul

Let's spend a night here at "the king of Hot Springs!"
Onsen Ryokan Matsukawaya.

Matsukawa-ya, Nasu Kogen Hotel

Let's think
what are the difference between Ryokan and Hotel?

According to the law in Japan, ryokan has to have 5 or more rooms with Japanese tatami mat. Basically, most of the rooms in ryokan are Japanese style.
How about hotel?
Hotel has to have 10 or more rooms. Generally, they are all western and well-equipped, of course including restroom.  .

Service style is different, too!
In ryokan, you do not have to request, you can enjoy the traditional Japanese service. That is "O-mo-te-na-shi."
In hotel, there is a variety of service available. Some of them are paid service.

Those of the main point found different between ryokan and hotel.

Open-air bath Matsukawa-ya
Even in winter, you can still enjoy open-air bath at Matsukawa-ya.
A square-shaped open-air bath is surrounded by white snow. I will never forget the snowing scene in winter.
In summer, wind makes your body cool.
You can just be there simply enjoy hot springs.

Fountain Water

You might always see this word on the website of Japanese Onsen Ryokan.
That means it is hotel using fountain water.

That is hot springs water naturally coming from the origin and passing through temperature regulation, then flowing to the open-air bath.

Spring water from the origin?
Yes, Matsukawa-ya builds pipe to allow the springs water flow from the origin.

Muddy Springs Water

Matsukawa-ya is popular of its springs water.
Why it is milky colored?
It is because the hot springs water contains a lot of sulfur ingredients.
It is not muddy.

Matsukawa-ya Hot Springs Bath

Hot Springs Trip in the countryside of Tokyo.
We recommend you Matsukawa-ya.

Private Hot Springs

There is no private hot springs in each room.
But there are two private hot springs available for rent.

By the way, what is private hot springs?
Private hot springs is the private space of your own.

Let's come and enjoy your own hot springs!

Lounge in Matsukawa-ya  

Shops in the lounge of Matsukawa-ya

All the popular local souvenirs can be found.
So you will know what the most popular souvenirs there are!

Yukata Rental

Only available for ladies.
Let's have a try!

Summer festival in Nasu

It is the time of summer festival in Central Nasu.
Let's put on yukata and enjoy your summer!

Summer festival in Nasu

Interesting music is from everywhere.
Sounds like "Welcome! Welcome!"

We like the happy atmosphere here!

Dinner at Matsukawa-ya

Enjoyment in Onsen ryokan is Hot Springs and Meal! What else?

Let's try some sake and Japanese beer.
Food melts immediately when you put in the mouth.
It is another moment to feel different from the daily life.

A content and satisfied moment.

After dinner, of course, you do not want to miss the hot springs time.

Simply enjoy hot springs as you stay in an onsen ryokan.

Yukata is easy to take off and on! How convenient for everyone to feel free to enjoy hot springs any times! ^^

Gather together

Instead of small bed, we prefer Japanese futon.
In the comfortable futons, friends stay together to talk about everything happened in the past, present and of course vision towards future.

Maybe any scary stories.

Then, we get to feel asleep.

A Cool Night

Let's get into hot springs again!

Nothing is better than enjoying hot springs at night.
Enjoy fresh air at night!

What an open space to relax!
Look at the light beam of the distant cities 


Want to go to Hot Springs again

Hot Spring in the morning

Skin is getting better in a night.
We can clearly feel it in the morning.

Let's go to hot springs again in the morning!

Hot Springs after breakfast

Go to Matsukawa-ya Hot Springs again after breakfast!
Ideal is three times a day.
We enjoy Hot Springs so much in these two days.

Entirely satisfied my purpose of this trip!

Hot Springs in the morning

Open-air bath starts at 6:00 in the morning.
Begin a day together with a sun.

Thinking where to go today?

Don't think too much!
Just look up the clear blue sky to enjoy this moment of life.


Feel during CHECK IN and CHECK OUT is totally different!

Hot Springs and Food during the trip of 2 Nights and 1 Day!

We are glad that this trip is more than our expectation.

Journey to present your respect to your parents
Journey to build a united and warm family.
Journey to celebrate wedding's anniversary
Journey to stay sweet with your partner

For any purpose of your journey, we recommend you Nasu Kogen, Matsukawa-ya.

Let's come together to have a Nasu Hot Springs Trip in fall, no!  it is in winter.