Friday, November 15, 2013

#Travel -Experience ♪Nasu in Summer 004 Nasu Candle workshop CHOU CHOU

#Travel -Experience ♪Nasu in Summer 004 
Nasu Candle workshop CHOU CHOU

Self-candle Making
Nasu Candle-making Workshop CHOU CHOU

It is a must-visit place for you when you get to go to Nasu.
The most attractive thing is all the colorful candles and good smell.
Another reason of why it is getting popular is you can experience Japanese art making.
Buy one for you beloved.
Make the special one for your beloved.

Candle Making Workshop CHOU CHOU 


A 2-story building (Experience / Exhibition)
2 Floor is exhibition hall, which is filled with Christmas decoration.

2F Christmas

You can feel this Christmas atmosphere 4 seasons in a year.
We feel excited to see all those Christmas decorations.

Self-making Candle

You can making a special candle to you beloved one^^
This time I am going to make one for myself.

Today's Candle

It is the cheese always seen in the cartoon called "TOM AND JERRY."
Let's make a cheese today then!

Today's staff

Her smile is very attractive!
You can communicate freely with her during workshop.

Prepare ingredients.

Melting the dough into liquid.

Filter the liquid.

Make the core of candle

Solidify candlewick

Make decoration

In the meantime of waiting candle is totally being solidified, let's make some decoration.
Speaking of Nasu, of course it is alpaca.
But let me make a cheese for Mickey Mouse

Making of the body of cheese

We use ice to make the concave appearance of cheese. After ice melts, it will look like the real cheese!

Cheese candle is finished!
It looks like a real one!
Maybe it can be someone's present?
It looks delicious too^^

 Nasu Candle Making Workshop CHOU CHOU

A must-visit place in Nasu.
Candle making workshop CHOU CHOU
Locate in the middle of countryside!
We want to take the whole Nasu out.

Nasu Candle Making Workshop CHOU CHOU Website (Japanese)