Saturday, November 16, 2013

#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu in Summer 005 Nasu Epinard Hotel

#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu in Summer 005 
Nasu Epinard Hotel

Let's play with the nature.
Nasu Epinard Hotel - (TREE TREKKING)

The largest Hot Springs Resort in Nasu.
Nasu Epinard Hotel
Let's see!
Let's eat!
Let's experience!

If you want to go to the trip to Nasu Kogen with your family, we would like to recommend you this largest Hot Springs Resort- Nasu Epinard Hotel.

Indoor warm water swimming pool.
Massages, Spa
Restaurant that is awarded as the Number 1 of breakfast within the Kanto Area by Rakuten!

There are dining rooms and activity rooms for kids, and large-scaled open-air bath, workshop rooms and other facilities.


Tree trekking of Nasu Epinard Hotel
Let's go through it!

Nasu Epinard Hotel

A lot of PR events are held in this longue.
Paper folding for kids,
regular program and performance attract many people to come to stay; therefore, it becomes a popular resort in Nasu.

Nasu Epinard Hotel Homepage

Tree Trekking
Let's get active in the nature! It is good for kids' health. Of course welcome everyone to join^^

Safety Check

Just lock the rope
That's it?

Staffs check again and again.

That's the earnestness of Japanese, to try to prevent accident.

It looks very scary, starts feeling afraid to do it or not.

But I am already here! I got to try my best to play hard, feel hard and scream hard!

Training for Tree Trekking

Enjoy the broad grassland at Nasu Epinard Hotel

It is good place for kids to play around!
Doesn't it remind you your childhood?

Various experiences
House-riding, an activity limited to September only!
If you want to experience horse-riding, we recommend you to come to the largest resort in Nasu.

A big slide of ONE PIECE

It is a big slide for kids.
Parents are also allowed to look after their kids to prevent accident inside.
Let's get into the small small world of the kids then!


Gourmet of Nasu Epinard Hotel

Do you know the gourmet there is very famous?
Variety of food in buffet, using fresh ingredient.
Got chosen as Number one of best breakfast in Kanto area on Rakuten website.

Grand Buffet Restaurant (Reopen)

Reopened buffet restaurant

Space for kids

Rental Bicycles
It is fun enjoyment to rent a bicycle and travel around at a resort.

After having a good meal, go out and have a walk in fresh air. Actually, you can ride on an electric bicycle to go up through the slope.

You can relax both mentally and physically.
Feel the fresh air in the greenland of Nasu Highland.

I am getting to love this resort place more and more.

Nasu Epinard Hotel
- Japanese Homepage
- Address: 1, Takahisa, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi
-Phone: 0287-78-6000

Tokyo Station - > Nasu-shiobara Station (about 1 hr 10 min by Shinkansen)
Nasu-shiobara Station - > Nasu Epinard Hotel (about 30 min by free shuttle bus)
*Reservation is required.


You can refer to Rakuten, Jalan Japan and etc for reservation.

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