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#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu in Summer 007 Nikki Club

#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu in Summer 007
 Nikki Club

Combination of nature and luxury
Nasu Resort~ Nikki Club

Another world of Nasu.
Located at the highest in Nasu
Nasu Resort Nikki Club.

Nikki Club, how would you explain this resort?

Taking camera as an example,
digital camera, lens, camera body, film are altogether to form a whole camera.
Taking food as an example,
sushi, Korean rice cakes, ramen are altogether to be a fairly rich set meal.
Taking Hotel as an example,
it is a five-stared hotel!^^

Nasu high standard resort <Nikki Club>
Probably 20-30 thousands per night

But actually, Nikki Club provides 3 choices to different groups of guests.
-Main Tower
-East Tower
-B & B

What is B&B?
It means Breakfast and Bed, commonly seen in accommodation plans in Europe.

Today, instead of Main Tower and East Tower.
Let us introduce you the one with a little lower price, B & B guestroom.

Although it is named B & B guestroom, it will satisfy you as a high standard class hotel.

Nikki Club PLAN

It has area of about 14,000 square meters, equivalent to three times of the area of Tokyo Dome.
Walking tour is available because of its wideness!

Being in Nikki Club makes you feel like you are walking into a little Nasu Kogen!

Nikki Club ~ Glass workshop
Glass workshop is located near B & B guestrooms.
Original art works are displayed.
Some of them are available to be sold.

Nikki Club ~ wellbeing dining

Vegetables here are incredibly delicious!
The most attractive point is Nikki Club cultivates its own vegetables.
You can enjoy the original taste of each vegetable by not adding any seasoning!

Nikki Club~ B & B Building

Different from style of Main Tower/ East Tower,
you will feel the artistic style of B & B guestrooms.

Exhibition of art work in Nikki Club
Efficiently use the space of lounge and hallway,
bring out the beautiful interior design.
Let's indulge you in the world of arts.

With a welcome drink,
staff will explain you the structure of an area of 14,000 square meters of this Nikki Club
You can also go to Main Tower and East Tower to enjoy hot springs ( 3min by walk)  

There are a lot of books!
Just take your time reading book and having a cup of coffee or tea!

Supper Service

After finishing dinner, soaking in a hot springs, supper is ready for you in your rooms.
Supper service in a high standard class hotel.
Japanese Inagi Sushi 

Outlook of Guestroom

Ordinary image of B & B is narrow and old.
But B & B of Nikki Club creates a new image.

Drinks in the Refrigerator are all free.
Wi-Fi is connected.
Bathtub and toilet are available.

Just one thing feel disappointed is its small-sized television.

Glass Workshop Experience

Glass Workshop is located on the 1st floor inside the building.
It is neatly furnished.

Create your own glass
To make a souvenir by yourself!
Staff kindly explains to you, especially if you are the first time to do it.
Don't worry!!

Having dinner at lounge
Having both dinner and breakfast on the bar table at lounge

Dinner: Restaurant in East Tower and Take-out Hamburger
Since it is already midnight, all restaurants have closed.
Therefore, we ordered take-out hamburger.
It tastes better than the one in Mosburgar.

Nikki Club~East Spa

Spa room in East Tower has hot springs and open-air bath.
At open-air bath, you will hear the sound of water fall from valley and voice of birds sang.


Enjoy supper after coming back from Spa.
Welcome the coming of night with a free drink and supper together.


Nikki Club~ Breakfast

Nikki Club~ Rental Bicycle Service

Nikki Club~ Walking Guide Tour

This is a guide tour to introduce you the facilities in Nikki Club.

Take a walk before breakfast for good health!
Starting from 7:30 in the morning to begin the fun time at Nikki Club for about 1 hour.

Enjoy the nature, broad grassland, greenhouse, and valley!
Don't miss the chance to enjoy this kind of experience!

You might make reservation of the walking guide tour a day before!

Nikki Club~ Main Tower

There are 5 rooms.
In front of the rooms is a pond.
A beautiful pond view will be formed if rain water is over 5cm.
It is a well-designed garden!

Few attractive points

There are a lot of fresh mushrooms!
Those are part of the nature.

Adventures of Thomas

Don't you remember?
A wooded house in front of the valley!
It reminds me the scene of the story.


Vegetable cultivated in Nikki Club is high quality grew in greenhouse.


Little buffet set of ham salad and bread, together with natural melodies.


Butterfly comes when we are having breakfast in the nature!

A precious moment.

High standard Nasu resort~ Nikki Club

Up to this point, we just introduced you 1/3 of Nikki Club.
There are a lot to tell and share.
It is another face of Nasu.
You can feel and see it at Nikki Club!

Main Tower (1N 2Meals)
About 40~50 thousands yen at Nikki Club.
You might feel that it is a little bit expensive, and then you might choose the B &B guestroom of about 10100yen.

Nikki Club Homepage (English)

Nikki Club HomepageJapanese


Free shuttle bus from Nasu-Shiobara Station to Nikki Club (about 30 min)
*Reservation is required.
(3 times a day: 12:55, 14:55, 16:55)

Free shuttle bus from Nikki Club to Nasu-shoibara Station
(3 times a week: 11:40, 13:40, 15:40)

Glass art work is done!
Pour sake and ice into the glass you made, maybe you can taste something special!

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