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#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 001 Matsukawaya Ryokan

#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 001  

(Kanto Region)

To the person who goes to travel Tokyo the first time, 
maybe likely focus on shopping and sightseeing, rather than a trip enjoying hot spring.
Because Tokyo has too many attraction spots to see and play. 

However, if you have already come to Tokyo many times such as Takeshita-dori, Shinjuku, then it is a good idea to experience a fascinating hot springs tour in Tokyo.

Having been introducing you Nasu in summer, time flies and the weather has changed, it is already autumn then. 

Let us look closely into this countryside near Tokyo and enjoy an imperial level's hot springs trip. 

That is a place that we fell in love with since we came to Japan. 
Nasu Onsen Ryokan Matsukawaya.

Source of Hot Springs

The most important thing of hot springs is its source.

A good quality a hot springs, 
not the ones shipped all the way to the hotel through pipes,
but the thermal spring water directly out of the tap.

Feeling the temperature directly without going through a heater.
Most hot springs gains evaluation according to their distance from source of hot springs fountain.

If you want to take a hot springs trip from Tokyo, we highly recommend  the hot springs in Matsukawaya Ryokan.
The reason is the source of its hot springs is almost the same as a precious hot springs called "Shika no yu (deer springs), " which has a long history.

Let's come to experience the charm of this precious hot springs.

Shika no Yu (Deer Hot Springs)

Let me tell you some folktales of Nasu.

Water flowing on the river is not simply water but hot springs water.

We heard that because of the rich sulfur concentration, springs water has turned milky. 

①In the 7th century, about 1300 years ago, Emperor Jyomei has opened up the first source of Nasu hot springs- Shika no yu.

②Name of Shika no yu originally came from a hunter called "Kano saburo Hiroyuki." While he was hunting, he shot a deer. Afterwards, the deer ran all the way to the deeper part of the mountain and arrived at a hot springs, which the hot springs water made him to get well very soon. So this miraculous hot springs was then named as "Shika no yu."

③Officially, Nasu hot springs is recorded in the Shosoin document in Emperor Shomu Tenhei 10 year (738) . It was written that government officials always went to hot springs to relax. 
Then, in Shoho 2 year (1645), Abe, Castle leader of Morioka, also ordered generals to ask for springs water for therapy. Since then hot springs was known as therapy for healing in history.

④On the other hand, poet Matsuo Basho visited this Nasu hot springs place during the trip of "The Narrow Road to the Interior (Oku no Hosomichi)"and also left a standing monument written " ishi no ka ya / natsu kusa akaku / tsuyu atsushi (いしの香や 夏草あかく 露あかし)" near Sesshoseki.

Building was built in the Meiji Period and the entrance was built in the Taisho Period and kept until present.

Wooden building presents the evolution of history. Landscape in the distant past times is still staying here without any changes today. 

Source of Nasu Hot Springs! Shika no Yu

Shika no yu is a public bath opened for everyone.
It is the most popular one among hot springs source in Nasu.
Then, you can directly enjoy it in Matsukawaya Ryokan.

Ryokan Matsukawaya

Just 5-min walk from sightseeing spot of Nasu Kogen.

You don't have to take taxi, just go to Onsen Jinja (Hot Springs Shrine) and Sesshoseki (Killing Stone Scenic Area) by walk.

Shuttle bus is available from West Exit of JR Nasu-shiobara Station to Ryokan.

Tokyo Station - Nasu-shiobara (1 hour by Shinkansen)
Nasu-shiobara - Matsukawaya Ryokan (40-min by Shuttle bus)

Matsukawaya Ryokan is popular of its milky white colored hot springs.

It is more convenient than most facilities in Nasu as it is not necessary to rent a car to travel around.

Matsukawaya Ryokan HP 

Matsukawaya Ryokan

Milky White Sulfur Hot Springs 

Milky spring water fills up the large bath; smell of sulfur overwhelms our nose. 

Beautiful Hot Springs

I  would like to say it is beautiful just to simply describe the hot springs. 

Hot Springs Observatory 

The most attractive point of Matsukawaya is ...

There is a large open-air hot springs observatory. 
You can outlook the view of the whole hot springs town from this hot spring observatory. 
Relax both your body and soul.
This is one of the reasons we like the hot springs in Matsukawaya.

Soaking in the springs,
coming out from the springs and let breeze to make your body dried naturally.
Soaking in the springs again, 
let breeze to dry your body.
Keep repeating to enjoy the deepness of hot springs.

Cool! You definitely would express your feeling like this!

Can you hear the sound of flowing water.

A relaxing hot springs bath

Private Hot Springs

It is a newly built private hot springs.
You might share your happiness with your partners, friends, family and of course yourself. 

Private Hot Springs

A hot springs room is made up of wood, so that you and your skin can get in touch with the wooden smell and properly let your body to relax.

Speaking of hot springs in Nasu,

We highly recommended you to choose Nasu Matsukawaya Ryokan. 

If you want to experience a hot springs trip from Tokyo next time, 

go take Shinkansen to Nasu

and have a healing hot springs trip at Matsukawaya!

Every time introducing Onsen Ryokan here, would definitely make us feel refreshed and relaxed.

Let's go to have a good soak in hot springs tomorrow!

Name : Ryokan Matsukawaya 


Address:  252 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gu, Tochigi