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#Travel -Theme Park ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 002 Nasu Animal Kingdom

#Travel -Theme Park ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 002 Nasu Animal Kingdom
(Kanto Region)

It is a paradise that you can get closely with a lot of animals.

Nasu Animal Kingdom.

If you come to Nasu, you absolutely don't want to miss this theme park.

Nasu Animal Kingdom

The most popular spot in Nasu!

Nasu Animal Kingdom

Today we are going to share our trip with all the lovely animals in Nasu Animal Kingdom

Animal-featured Shuttle Bus

It is a shuttle bus help you to move within Nasu Animal Kingdom.

Get on the bus,

get closely to all lovely animals in Nasu Animal Kingdom.

You will find fun everywhere!

Because lovely animals are everywhere!

It makes you feel good!

Autumn,  season of harvest

Feeding Small Animals

The most faster way to get closed to small animals is to feed them!

Little red nose deer♥

It comes directly after recognizing carrot♫ ♬

Together with family♫

Together with little animals.

This shot is so cute! ^^

Kangaroo is so cute too!!!

Hello! I am a kangaroo (Silent)

Hello! I am a kangaroo (Silent)

Lambs can be found everywhere in animal kingdom

Everyday, Nasu Animal Kingdom cannot be closed until all the visitors have gone. 

Towards the closing time, staffs try to keep all the lambs back to cages while most of them are trying to hide and escape away from the staffs! 

How adorable!

King of the Sky!

So lucky that we can take this shot!


Heard that it flies 300km/hr

Wow! So exciting! Especially when came across our shoulder.


Enjoy Together with family

Many foreign families like to bring their kids to Animal Kingdom.

So we highly recommend everyone to bring your kids to Animal Kingdom.

Participating in the real animal shows

There are many animals shows and performances in Animal Kingdom 

It is a good chance for you to get in touch with animals.

Since we are not able to get to them closely in daily life, it shoud become a nice memory of your trip then! 


After the sound of bell rings,

eagle is supposed to be flying over..

But instead of eagle ...

Gaggle are coming!!!

How interesting!

Let's continue watching another animal shows.

Taking a picture with Falcon

He flies pretty fast!


All the cute little animals in Nasu Animal Kingdom

The biggest reason I like Nasu Animal Kingdom is them!!! (Scream)

Whenever you visit here, they woulld kindly wave their tails to welcome you. 

They are just like a group of adorable little angels.

Nasu Animal Kingdom!

Trip to Japan

No! it is trip to Tokyo!

Oh no! Actually it is a trip to Tokyo suburb!

If you choose Nasu as your destination, 

you definitely would like to visit Nasu Animal Kingdom.

All lovely little animals make you feel like you are back to childhood.

Let's come to Nasu Animal Kingdom to create another page of your travel story. 

Nasu Animal Kingdom

Phone    0287-77-1110
Office Hour 9:00〜17:00
Entrance Fee  Adult 1,800yen ( 1,000yen from 14:00)

Reservation of  shuttle bus is required. 
Depart Nasu-shiobara Station at 9:10/ 10:10
Depart Nasu Animal Kingdom at 18:10/17:00

Here is some recommendation for you

If you want to spend a whole day in Nasu Animal Kingdom,

you might want to stay overnight nearby.

Hotel Epinard Nasu may become one of your consideration.

There are shuttle bus directly connect Hotel Epinard Nasu and Nasu Animal Kingdom. 

Depart Hotel Epinard Nasu at 9:50/10:50 - Arrive Nasu Animal Kingdom at 10:15/11:20

Depart Nasu Animal Kingdom at 15:45/17:00 - Hotel Epinard Nasu at 16:10/17:30

For more detail about the bus schedule, you can refer to 

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