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#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 003 Hotel Epinard Nasu

#Travel -Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 003 Hotel Epinard Nasu

(Kanto Region)

The meals here taste so good!
This is the best buffet among the ryokans I have been in Japan!

Hotel Epinard Nasu 〈ホテルエピナール那須〉

It is a big scaled Hot Springs Resort with well-equipped facilities.

Public bath, open air hot springs, massage service, swimming pool, spa massage, entertainment space, karaoke, kids space, and restaurant etc. 
Moreover, a large scale of outdoor facilities make the whole resort area more interesting and attractive.

Food of Autumn

Looking at the menu of Hotel Epinard, you probably will know the season it is. 
Can you see the little pieces of carrot, they are cut in the shape of maple leaves.
Eating also becomes one of the enjoyment.

Hotel Epinard Nasu

Having a number of 295 rooms, Hotel Epinard represents the largest scale of hot springs resort.
Easy access from either Tokyo Station or Ikebukuro Station by Direct Shuttle Bus. 
Also, there is a bus stop right in front of Hotel Epinard, which buses bound for Nasu Animal Kingdom are available. 
So even if you are not renting a car, you can still easily visit Nasu Animal Kingdom.

Charm Points of Hotel Epinard Nasu

Let's find all its charm points out together!

Hotel Epinard Nasu

Official HP:

First, let's us take a look at the public bath in Hotel Epinard Nasu. 

Enjoy a bottle of milk after hot springs

Wow!! Milk in Nasu tastes fresh.
As we know, Nasu is popular of its dairy farming industry; therefore, most of them all local  dairy products.
Following Hokkaido, Nasu becomes the 2nd largest productivity of dairy products in Japan. 

After body was heated by hot springs,
try a bottle of cool milk.
This brought the hot springs time to the end.

Dining Restaurant

Hotel Epinard is being proud of its large-scale outlook restaurant.
In this restaurant, you could enjoy a variation of high quality cuisine.
Let's enjoy both food and night in Nasu together at Hotel Epinard Nasu.

A variation of drinks!

Self-service Beer Kit

You just have to place the beer mug there, the machine will automatically brew you beer. 
You could then enjoy having beer altogether.
(All-you-can-drink option: 1480yen per person)

High quality of Nasu Beef

This would probably make be full!

Spaghetti made right after ordered.

Fired shrimps

There are sushi of course

Compare to the sushi from Sushi shop in Tsukiji, 
you can't help to express your feeling towards its high quality.

Vegetables Garden

Nasu is popular of its fresh vegetables.
Just listen to the clear sound when you bite it in your mouth, you will definitely feel its freshness. 

Kids Space

This is a corner especially for kids.

No matter dishes or tableware, 
all the decorations and furniture are very cute; of course most of them all the favorite food of kids.

A high quality of dinner

I have to relax and enjoy a big meal tonight!

Japanese beer tastes very good!

Vegetable is sweet and fresh!

Let's have a bite of Nasu beef!

Nasu beef is going to be melt in my mouth! I got to enjoy every bite.

Since it is autumn season, mushrooms can be found in many dishes.

I can't believe that I am entirely satisfied just from eating!
I am the happiest person in the world at this moment.
Here I am at Hotel Epinard Nasu!

Starting from 21:00, a number of events and activities are held at the lobby everyday.
So you might want to enjoy the performance while having a free drink at Hotel Epinard.

Bar on the 13th floor

A woman bartender is going to make an original drink for me!
Let's enjoy the originality!

Having a harmonic memory as background music,
tasting my original drink!
Here I am on the 13th floor of Hotel Epinard. 

Guest room of Hotel Epinard Nasu 

The name of this room is called Kizuna.
You can see the view outside the windows of the room. 

This is the view in the winter from the Kizuna room.
Catching the precious moment of sunset, the most beautiful view of Nasu.
Don't miss it if you have the chance to come to Nasu!

It is like the room at home!

A wide table.
Internet is free to access.
I wish I could stay here for a month. 

Pajama used within the hotel

You can dress on the one you like and walk inside hotel freely.
You might feel it is a little bit weird.
But you can have the pants wore on the bottom too.
This will make your movement more convenient.

An ultra-sized bed

The reason I like this Kizuna bed is because of this ultra-sized bed!!
It is enough for 4 people to sleep!!!

Breakfast in Hotel Epinard

Oh! Yes!! This is the famous breakfast on Hotel Epinard!

You will regret of not eating it!

Okay! Here you are!

Local fresh milk of Nasu

French toast

Rice ball (onirigi) which won the award of Kanto best breakfast!

Rice Ball 

You can have it with hot Japanese tea as a ochatsuke, or fired rice ball is also good too.

Just have your favorite one.

French toast

You will definitely fall in love with Epinard after having this French toast.

Because of its French toast, some people come regularly to Epinard to feel and enjoy its precious value again and again.

Hotel Epinard Nasu

Does everyone feel the charm of Nasu already?
If you are thinking to go to a hot springs trip from Tokyo, 
Nasu would be your best choice.

Nasu will become your destination of Japanese hot springs trip!
Come to feel it at a large scale of hot spring resort, Hotel Epinard Nasu.

Hotel Epinard Nasu


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