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#Travel - Souvenir ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 004 Okashi no Shiro (Castle of Snack and Sweet)

#Travel - ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 004 Okashi no Shiro
 (Castle of Snack and Sweet)

(Kanto Region)

What a good memory in this hot springs trip!
We spend about two hours in Okashi no Shiro. (Castle of Snack)
Okashi no Shiro is a representative snack factory.
"Goyotei no tsugi"is the most popular onsen manju, representing Nasu.
Of course, there are a variation of snack and sweet; also, you could participate in sweet-making workshop to create your own sweet!

Okashi no Shiro

Okashi: Snack or western sweet
Shiro: Castle

Literally, you will probably image that it is a castle filled with snack & sweet.
Not just a place to sell snack and sweet, but also a place to provide many hand-on experience for you to participate, a big garden, and hot springs service. 
It is like a theme park that you won't feel bored to stay even an entire day.

Okashi no Shiro

TEL 0287-62-1800

Inside the Castle

A wide area that you are able to the manufacturing process of that popular sweet--goyotei no tsugi.

Making process of "Goyotei no tsugi" that is filled with cream 

We can smell the sweet taste even there is a layer of glass separated.

A variation of snack and sweet

Wow!!! There are a lot of choices for me to choose to bring back and share to family and friends

Oyotei no tsugi

The most popular souvenir in Nasu
A cotton-like soft bread filled with cream!
It is a must-try when you are in Nasu!

We bought them all!! Lol

Making Process

We like this kind of DIY activity.
You might not have many chances to experience this in Tokyo!
We have to bring our original souvenirs of this Nasu hot springs trip back home with us!

We made it!
The only one in the world!
A cake-liked memo clipping stand! 

Let's start! Here we go!

Everything is ready!
Paint the gule, and place all my favorite fruit on top!

Of course we should not miss out the decoration of cream. (Looks delicious)

What a simple step1

My original memo clipping stand!

Isn't it cute?

Baking cookies

This time, we also challenge to make our own cookies!
A precious experience for ourselves and a small particular present to someone you want to give them to.

DIY on my baked cookies.

So cute!

Extremely cute!

We made them all!!!
Let's come and make your sweet cookies for your hot springs trip.

Our creative cookies!!!

Staff kindly packed the cookies for us with interesting wrapping bag. Since we went there in October; therefore, halloween featured wrapping is used♥

Wow!! This is our original bag of cookies!
I am not ready to eat them~~
Let us keep them until we get to another destination in Nasu!!!

My memo clipping stand

My cookies

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