Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#Travel - Hotel ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 005 Niki Club

#Travel - Hotel ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 005 Niki Club 

(Kanto Region)

If you ask me what is Niki Club, 
I will answer you it is a "Little Nasu"!

Speaking of Niki Club in Nasu,
most people would probably have an impression of tradition and high standard or an enjoyment in a B&B guest room in general. 

Today, we are going to start our trip in the morning from Niki Club. Then, enjoying a healthy lunch course. At last, we will show you the glass-making workshop that is popular of Niki Club. 


Though it is raining, it show us another side of its beauty.

Maple leaves, everything turns red in this autumn season.

How attractive!

Niki Club-Morning Walking Course (Free to the ones who accommodated there)

Staff of Niki Club leads all the participants to experience an hour of natural walking course in every morning.

In the meantime, you might ask whatever you want.
If the staff finds something interesting or new, they are pleased to hold on and give some explanation. The whole process is interesting. 
It is quite exciting tour.

It is like a mushroom.
By looking at its size,  you can determine the broadness of the surrounding area.

Tour guide of the walking tour.
She is holding a cute cellphone strap, to tell us she likes nature so much.

Kitchen Garden

All the dishes here are made of vegetable grew in this kitchen garden.

Even if you are just visitor, not staying overnight, you are also welcome to come to taste the freshness of the ingredient. 

This doggie just lost his friends; therefore, its still felt upset.

Kitchen Garden

Don't you think this table tennis desk is a little bit weird.

Greenhouse of Kitchen Garden 

All vegetable there is available to pick and eat it right away. 

We could find there are many familiar ones we sometimes see in restaurants.

Let's try!

The tour guide pick one for us!

Okay! We try our first bite!

Surprisingly sweet!

We find some that we have never seen!!! Those are mostly for salad or  to get rid of fishy smell of fish and meat.

If it is not raining, we supposed to see the view that similar to the picture she is holding on her hands.
We can feel how upset she is.
But it is not bad to enjoy this peaceful atmosphere with little rain^^

Tree house

Seeing this 

Remind me of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer read in childhood

Walking inside the tree house makes us feel like going back to our childhood. 
We smile and keep indulging in our nostalgic world.

Niki Club Main Tower

Raindrops gather on the lake in front of building and form a beautiful wave. Heard that this 5cm depth lake is particularly designed for this phenomenon. 

On sunny day, 
artificial sprinklers will replace the real rain water to keep the beautiful wave on the lake.

Don't you think it is beautiful to have many raindrops happened together?


ART BIO restaurant of a B & B typed hotel. 
We are looking forward to the healthy course.

Niki Club is full of artistic atmosphere.

Healthy course includes fresh vegetable and beef.
Looks delicious?

You can feel how soft the beef is when you put your fork into it. 
We can't wait to put in into our mouth.

I have never ever had this taste before!!!
It is so good and fantastic!
You will definitely know the difference.

Yes!!! It is really good!

Glass-making workshop in Niki Club
We wanted to make an original glass for ourselves, but our time is not allowed. So rather making an original glass, we try to make a hair accessory.

It is scary that sparks keep flying around

Workshop time  is about 30 minute.
Time to have your work ready is about 2 hours later.

Look at my original hand-made hair accessory.
The only one in the world.
This becomes one of our memory of this trip!

We have experienced a great trip at Nasu Niki Club.

Niki Club
TEL 0287-78-2215

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