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#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 006 Omaru Onsen

#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Autumn 006 Omaru Onsen

(Kanto Region)

It is just like walking in a Japanese Animation Scene.
Girls and guys are altogether enjoying COED hot springs XD

Speaking of Japanese culture,
you might think of a hot springs scene appeared on a famous animation called Ranma1/2. 
Just 2 hours away from Tokyo.
Here we come to 
Omaru Onsen (Hot Springs) in Nasu.

A secret springs in legend.
Nowadays, there are still a few number of the traditional Japanese-style onsen ryokan.
Today, we come to Omaru Onsen Ryokan.

Starting from the establishment of Omaru Onsen Ryokan, open-air hot springs is available for both male and female to enjoy hot springs together. (COED hot springs)

During my hot springs trip in Japan, don't you want to experience the scene always appeared on Japanese comic books or animations.
Let's try and find the enjoyment of COED hot springs!

Heading to Omaru Onsen Ryokan (On the photo, we are taking a shuttle bus from JR station to Omaru Onsen Ryokan)
Start our trip by taking an hour of Shinkansei from Tokyo Station or Ueno Station and getting off at Nasu-shiobara Station. Then, get on a free shuttle bus "Rindo-go" until Omaru Onsen Ryokan. 

The best time to start you trip from Tokyo is

Plan 1
Depart Tokyo at 10:20 (Ueno 10:26 ) arrive Nasu-kagohara at 11:35
Then, ride on the Rindo bus at 11:55  and arrive Omaru Onsen around 13:00

Plan 2
Depart Tokyo at 13:20 (Ueno 14:43 ) arrive Nasu-kagohara at 14:43
Then, ride on the Rindo bus at 14:45 and arrive Omaru Onsen around 15:50

Omaru Onsen Ryokan's HP 

It is a peak season to enjoy fall foliage at Nasu Kogen in November.

The view from the windows of our room

Omaru Onsen Travel

Our heart is going to be jumping out.
Experience COED Hot springs is worth more than enough in your trip 


This is the real Japanese traditional culture of hot springs

Lounge of Omaru Onsen Ryokan

Ancient soldier's wears

In Meiji period , a General called Nogi come to Omaru Onsen Ryokan for treatment of physical illness.

Let's go to hot springs!


Wondering who are we going to meet this time…

Looking forward to it!!!

COED Hot Springs

It is written "COED Hot Springs."

Just walk into it without any hesitation.

Who is out there?

Since it is a hot spring for both male and female, so it is necessary to use a green towel to cover your body. 
The advantage of COED hot springs is it is bigger than the family bath tub.

Omaru Onsen, the best hot springs! Kawano Yu!

The capacity of this open-air hot springs is about 50 persons.

Secretly peeking in the COED hot springs.

Haha! We just peek in the hot springs and now there might be other people are doing the same thing like us. 

Nothing to care

The purpose of most people coming here is to relax in hot springs, especially enjoying together with friends, family, partners.
Let's experience this large scale open-air hot springs culture!
What a happy moment!

Try to  drink the hot springs water after hot springs.


For both breakfast and dinner.

Enjoying a rich meal after body got warmed by hot springs.

A premium enjoyment.

Let's have an autumn beer in autumn.

Besides the original dishes in general, 
there are also seasonal dishes.
Plenty of choices to fulfill us.


A satisfied meal with rice and miso soup. 

Main is Shabu Shabu!!!
Extremely great and delicious!

Something is on your face???

Haha We just concentrated on eating and didn’t care others' action!!!! That's why?

Hot springs, and hot springs again.
Here we come to Nasu, 
we don't want to think,
just enjoy our time soaking in hot springs.
That's the purpose of our trip.

Omaru Onsen Ryokan in the Morning

Good Morning!
Let's start off a day with a cup of green tea.

From mushroom to vegetable, all healthy ingredients
and a bowl of miso soup.

Memo: You can't miss out miso soup in a Japanese breakfast!

Good Smell. Good appetite.

After a full breakfast, 
let's start our trip in Nasu then!!!

Our precious day starts with a full breakfast!!! Isn't it cool?

Omaru Onsen Ryokan is one of the few ryokan, 
still keeps on the Japanese traditional culture of COED hot springs.

Some people might wonder why not increase the number of COED hot springs?
The reason is that Japanese Government has increased a bunch of complicated rule regarding COED hot springs. 
So even many ryokans want to build a new COED hot springs, most of them are not able to because of those rules. Therefore, it seems building a COED hot springs has become impossible. 

That's why Omaru Onsen Ryokan is now becoming one among few to keep this culture from the past and is going to continue passing through to the future.

Omaru Onsen Ryokan 

TEL 0287-76-3050

HP (Japanese)

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