Thursday, December 12, 2013

#Shopping ♪ You know DAISO? Shocking Pink colored 100 yen shop in Harajuku !!

#Shopping ♪ Shocking Pink colored 100 yen shop
 in Harajuku !! 

You know DAISO?

You can find everything here!

Not kidding!!!! 

I am serious!

Guess what are those?

Different shapes
like Japanese buns (manju) ,
Japanese snacks, 

They are all cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Don't you think so! 

What will make you more surprised is they are all just 100 yen!!!!!

And this is a mirror key holder!

Looks like a real chocolate!


Here it is a mirror!

Wow!!! Isn't it good for souvenirs? 

A Japanese folding fan with traditional art written. Cool!

Just 100 yen

Speaking of Japanese souvenirs, 

Japanese chopsticks ! A-must!!! 

They are also 100 yen. 

cosmetic goods are also 100 yen each!!!!

Not kidding!!!!

Green tea pack!! 

The only thing you need is boiled hot water !

Just 100 yen 

you can then taste the Japanese taste of drink!

Bath soak??? 
Interesting !! 

Speaking of Harajuku,

most Japanese even foreigners would probably think of crepe!!!

Eating crepe and shopping for yourselves, friends and family 
would make your day in Harajuku more interesting and your Tokyo Trip more memorable. 

Daiso absolutely helps to save your pocket money of buying a large amount of souvenirs. 

No doubt they are all popular, you will definitely like them!

100 yen shop  DAISO  
Open Hour 10〜21:00
TEL 03-5775-9641

▶ DAISO HP(Japanese)

▶ DAISO HP(English )

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