Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#Travel ♪ Where is Chiba? which is where Tokyo Narita International Airport located!

#Travel ♪ Where is Chiba? which is where Tokyo Narita
 International Airport located! 

Have you been to Tokyo?

Most of you would probably be landed on the Tokyo Narita International Airport!

Its name might confused you. Although it is written as "Tokyo," actually it is located in Chiba, 
which is east to Tokyo! 
Anyhow.... lol

We were there last month, at the beginning of December. 

Why did we go there in December?

Here is the first reason ↓

Fall foliage ♪

Isn't it beautiful??

This is Chiba in Autumn/Winter!

Of course,  there are also many charming spots in spring and summer.

This time we are going to share with you our trip to Chiba in autumn and winter.

Finally, we are settled a little bit to share these awesome pictures after New Year Holiday in Japan!

Just like a painting huh?

* Canoeing at Lake Kameyama  60 minutes for 1000 yen

Worth to try!

* Yorekeikoku (A famous place for Fall foliage)

Red maple leaves and....

yellow ginkgo

1.2.3 Take a deep breathe !!!


at Observatory deck of Kujuku-tani Park lol

*Mother Farm, one of the representative spots of Chiba

woa!!! Alpaca!!!! so cute....

Dining Time at Mother Farm!


It comes to time of Sunset!

Beautiful sky!

Then, the second reason we came to Chiba is .....

Christmas Illumination!!!

Until February 23, 2014 
(Open on weekends only)
at Mother Farm

Seems we have gotten into a fantastic world! 

Next is...

*Country Farm Tokyo German Village 

One of the biggest illumination events in Kanto Region

Until March 31, 2014 

Oh it is time to check-in

#We decided to stay at Candeo Hotels Chiba, 
which is opened on January 23, 2013!

(weekdays: 5,500 yen per person)

Nice furnished

Enjoying Hot springs!!! oops!!

Izakaya nearby with Chiba-kun (the Red mascot represented Chiba)

#Wow!! Big christmas tree outside Port Tower!!!!

Christmas has passed!!!
Looking forward to the next one!!
a year later lol

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