Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#Accommodation ♪ Capsule Hotel? Let's Explore Akihabara First!!!

#Accommodation ♪ Capsule Hotel? Let's Explore Akihabara First!!!  


Maybe you have heard of it before?

Especially the ones who like electronics, animation, manga (comics), cosplay, Maid cafe, and Japanese Idols like AKB 48 ?!

It is one of the hot spots for both Japanese and foreigners to visit!

*Feel like in a comics world lol

What is this?


Start the engine!

Have a ride on the street of Akihabara! 


A new activity in Akihabara!

* アキバカート(akibakaato), which is Akiba Cart!

Go check it out!

For foreigners, 

international driver license is needed!

*Yamamoto Mimikaki (Ear pick service)

Another new discovery!


No need to worry if you don't understand Japanese, 

since there are already many foreigner visited, staffs are friendly enough to give you appropriate instruction. 

Many local medias have introduced it on TV,  newspapers and magazines.

Got to thumb up! Cool!!!

*Pasela Resort 

It is cafe full of the color of Akihabara!

It is good for multi entertainment. 

8F Rental Party Space
7F Stage restaurant
4〜6F Karaoke & Party Area
3F Restaurant & Dart bar
2F Animation theme Restaurant
1F honey toast cafe ﹠ bakery

Wow!!! Many figures are displayed!!

Here we are in Akihabara! No doubt!

* Akihabara

What an interesting place to explore!

Do you think so?

At night, we have a new discovery again!

*   安心お宿 (Anshim-Oyado)

What is this??

It is a Capsule Hotel

Anyone has idea of what is Capsule Hotel?

Stay 1 night there in a reasonable price! 

It is interesting to have a try!

You might have your own discovery then!!

But it is too bad that men only for this one we found!

Wish we will find another ones available for women too!

We will talk more about our stay in 

安心お宿 (Anshin-Oyado)

Capsule Hotel 

on the next article! 

Keep track with us!

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