Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#Accommodation ♪ Capsule Hotel? Let's Explore Akihabara Second!!

#Accommodation ♪ Capsule Hotel? Let's Explore Akihabara Second!!

The one we visited is in Akihabara called Anshin oyado. (安心お宿)

Show your Passport when you check-in!

This is an E-key.

Just scan it whenever you need to pay within this facility!

Then, you might pay at once during check out!

If you have something valuable, there are so security boxes available to use.

locker room before going for bath

wow!! havent thought that there is laundry room here!

Pretty good for travelers!   

looks like it is clean place!!!!

everything is available!!!

Cool for travelers!

It is bath time ~~~~lalala♪♪♪

After bath, gotta relax for a while!!!

They have my favorite comics!!!


You might find yours there too^^

Individual space to go online! 


time is being forgotten!!! 

it is just like a heaven!!! 

No one disturbs!

We find great refreshment here!!!

it is just like a hotel!

Then, here it is!!!

Our first experience of Capsule Hotel!!!!

We saw it on TV before!!!

Wow!!!! Cool!

Mine is on the upper deck!


Just flashback our memory of childhood!!!

it is like a indoor amusement park!!! XDD

security alarm, mirror, electronic plug  

A bottle of water is provided too!

Nice service!

And a TV, all kind of entertainment like audios, videos and music are available!

Enjoy the time privately!

Do whatever you want!

No one to disturbs! 

Anshin oyado

①Standarda course

15:00~ 12:00 the next day (21 hours)

②VIP Course (Specific Floors)

15:00~ 12:00 the next day (21 hours)


CALL +81-120-083-489
(English staffs are available)

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