Thursday, January 16, 2014

#Transportation ♪ Get on Hinomaru Taxi! No worry when you land on Tokyo Haneda/ Narita!

#Transportation ♪ Get on Hinomaru Taxi! No worry when you land on Tokyo Haneda/ Narita!

Here at the airport!!!

Will you feel nervous when you get to a new place that you don't really know the language very well?

It would be ideal if someone is waiting for you to come and give you guidance and direction 

and advice for the trip or so on.......

Oh!!!! Yes!!! Here you are!!!

"Welcome to Japan!"

"Welcome to Tokyo!!!"

"I will be your driver from HINOMARU TAXI , giving you a ride to your hotel!"

(with smile^^)

Let's come on with me!!!

wow!!! a big one allowed to ride 5- 7 people!! Cool!

Hinomaru  Taxi  (日の丸 タクシー)

limousine service

For reservation

"Hi no maru" means the round sun.

That is the National flag of Japan. 


Here you are!

Her smile is bright and kind!

Help me to get rid of my worry!


My friends, this is their first time to be in Japan! 

They pretty enjoy this ride!

they naturally pretend the high school students in Japan, 

putting up their hands to make a V sign to express their happiness! lol

Today's Newspaper is ready (Of course varies languages are available! )

This is so-called Omotenashi (Japanese Hospitality)

wow!!! the sky is so clear!!!

This is also a time for me to feel refreshment!

Sunset from the bridge!!!



"Thank you for the ride!"

"See ya."

A black luminous car!!! Cool outside!

But warm inside, the atmosphere and driver! ^^


Hinomaru Taxi 

Limousine Service

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Tokyo is really a beautiful city!!!


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