Monday, January 20, 2014

#Travel ♪ Hot Springs Trip to Hakone by ROMANCE CAR??? What is ROMANCE CAR???!!!

#Travel ♪ Hot Springs Trip to Hakone by ROMANCE CAR???  What is ROMANCE CAR???!!!

Let's start our trip then!!!!

A short trip to Tokyo! 

Using Odakyu Limited Express named  "Romance Car"


Very wide and comfortable seats!!!

Better than Bullet Train lol

Hakone Trip!!!! Yeah!!!!

Famous black-colored eggs!!!

Open-air Hot Springs!!!!

By the way, where to take Odakyu Limited Express "Romance Car"???

At Shinjuku ! West Exit! 

Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center!

Staffs speaking different languages are available! 
English, Chinese, Korean, Thai 

Open everyday 


"Hakone Free Pass"

it is not free though lol

"Romance Car" came!!!

See ya!!!  Tokyo!!!

Gotta plan our trip in Hakone!!

we got this catalog from the odakyu sightseeing service center!!!

We are smart huh!!! ^^

Isn't cute??

A little "Romance car" lunch box !!!

Maybe it is an early morning in weekday

Not too many passengers sitting around me! hhaha

this is the Thank you card from Train Captain!!! 

Very nice and good memory!

We arrived at Hakone-yumoto

The main entrance of Hakone!!!

Okay....we will tell you about our story in Hakone sometimes later!!

Here are some random pictures!!! 

Hope you will enjoy!!!

By the way, anyone has been to Hakone??

Anything to share???

Odakyu Limited Express 

"Romance Car"

from Shinjuku West Exit