Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#Accommodation ♪ A Designer Hotel in Shinjuku, Center of Tokyo! Granbell Hotel Shinjuku ①

#Accommodation  ♪ A Designer Hotel in Shinjuku, Center of Tokyo!  Granbell Hotel Shinjuku 

Let's plan another trip in Tokyo then!!!

Here we are in Shinjuku now! 

JR Shinjuku East Exit!

We gotta go across Kabukicho, moving to East Shinjuku 

Here we are!!!

Not too far!!!

A brand new hotel just opened on December 18!!

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku 

A designer hotel  behind Kabukicho. 

One of the tall building/hotels in that area!!!

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku 

Novel Concept is "FUN to Stay" 




Don't you know this word! 

Just feel it!

Japanese Hospitality 

# Lounge on the 1st Floor! 

 # Original Cafe on the 1st floor 

Beer, Japanese sake, coffee, cappuccino and snacks are available.

Open Hour: 6:00~25:00

# Terrace on the 1st floor

Free WiFi is available! 

Yes!!! This is really a designer hotel!

Using art to present "Popular," "New," and "Sense".

For more info about creative concepts

# Standard Room (Single/ Double) 

Using simmons bed of the world , 

wish you have a good dream !☆

# Loft Room

Isn't is special? Loft room in a hotel !!!

# Executive Room 

Let's enjoy the spacious and relaxing time!

#Suite Room

Only 4 in this hotel. Each are designed by different artists!

Wanna try all!!!

# Restaurant G on the 12th Floor

which serves casual French & Italian cuisine! 

Enjoy a wonderful dinner with this fantastic night view of Shinjuku City

Fusion cuisine!!!


# Roof Top Bar & Terrace G on the 13th floor

Private room to enjoy Shinjuku sky quietly 


Having my cocktail!

Seems like We are on the top of Shinjuku looking after people 

What is going on?

What is happening?

peacefully...... ♪

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku 

Just click for more info!

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