Thursday, January 23, 2014

#Accommodation ♪ A Designer Hotel in Shinjuku, Center of Tokyo! Granbell Hotel Shinjuku ②

#Accommodation ♪ A Designer Hotel in Shinjuku, Center of Tokyo! Granbell Hotel Shinjuku ②

Continue our trip in Tokyo

Remember this time we have choose shinjuku, center of Tokyo 

to stay!!!!

Here is 

A brand new hotel opened on December 18!!

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

A designer hotel  behind Kabukicho. 

A shot directly from the front!!!

Can you see anything!!!

Use your imagination!!! lol

I had a nice shower yesterday!!

I am in the center of the city 

taking my time peacefully!

Brilliant Urban Night ☆

You can access to 

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

from JR Shinjuku Station and Metro Subway Higashi-shinjuku Station 

There are 4 types of rooms!

in different themes

Economy / Superior / Deluxe nado

▲ Loft Room

with 3.6 m high ceiling!!

A big screen to enjoy movie!

Nice Terrace

Enjoy the spacious space with a wide window!

4 themes designed by 4 different artists. 

There should be one you will like!

△ Suite Room

DISEL featuring "The Resort Suite" 

Using furnitures from DISEL

△ Suite Room

"The Vila Suite"

Just like a Vila even in a urban city

△ Suite Room

"The Penthouse Suite"

△ Suite Room

"The Club Suite"

Marble Flooring 

Have a luxury night!

When you turn off the night, 

you still feel the living shinjuku from a wide window!!!

Neon light from buildings form a picture!

No doubt Shinjuku, a urban city, never sleep lol

Let's go to Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho!!!

It is in a walking distance!!!


This is our Buffet breakfast in the morning !!!!

Here in 

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

I feel, experience and enjoy 

the day and night of Shinjuku!

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