Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#Shopping ♪Tokyo Souvenirs~ Tokyo Campanella ~ Became our favorite !!! A Light blue box like Tiffany lol

#Shopping  ♪Tokyo Souvenirs~ Tokyo Campanella ~  Became our favorite !!! A Light blue box like Tiffany lol

Every time, when you come to Japan, 

You might buy some souvenirs back home to your friends and family!

Of course there are many special food and products in different part of Japan. 

Especially in Tokyo! 

When you go to department stores or souvenirs' corner, you might feel like you are in a maze lol

We were the same at first, but then we finally have found a great one!!!

It is called Tokyo Campanella


Today, here we come to Asakusa area!!!
Wow!!! There you are "TOKYO SKYTREE"
A new symbol of Tokyo!

Anyone has gone up there?

At the bottom of "Tokyo Skytree, "

there is a shopping center called "Sola machi."

You could find many shops selling "SKYTREE limited edition" there lol

This is TOKYO CAMPANELLA in "Sola Machi"

It is right opposite of "Hello Kitty Shop."

Let me see......

Wow! This is so cute!!! the one with a pink ribbon^^ very tiny

Very good for present to friends and the ones you like and love ♡

Of course the normal light blue box set!!! 

Many people say it "the Tiffany cookies" lol

no doubt a familar colors and the box ^^


what is this?


The limited SKYTREE edition!!!!

There you are!!!! lol

Skytree is printed on the front of the box ! Cool!!

Of course only sold here!!!

30 pieces for 3150yen  (about 30 US$)

enough to give colleagues and friends huh???

Plus,  I want a box of 5 pieces for myself too!!! lol 

just 600 yen  (about 6 US$)

Look at her smile!  

We feel the "omotenashi "

(Japanese hospitality)

Can be paid by Suica, Pasmo, 

Come here at the end of your trip, then you can just use -off all your yen ^^

Why it has become our favorite?

①  Both milk chocolate and white chocolate favors are amazingly good!

With 3 layers of thin and crunchy cookies and its lines of wave on the top 

② A simple but elegant box 

Tokyo Campanella! 


Definitely an ideal choice for a gift!

Both the one who gives and one who receive will feel the kindness and warmth each other ♡ (English)

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