Friday, February 28, 2014

#Day Trip to Kawagoe ♪ Have you heard of Little Edo (Ko-edo)? It is Kawagoe, a nice town just 40-min Seibu train from Shinjuku, Tokyo

#Trip  ♪ Have you heard of Little Edo (Ko-edo)? It is Kawagoe, a nice town just 40-min Seibu train from Shinjuku, Tokyo

Just 40-minute train from Seibu Shinjuku train

The station is right inside this red brick building on the 2nd floor. 

On the Upper level of this building is 

Shinjuku Prince Hotel and Shopping Center called Pepe!

Then, how to go to Kawagoe, the little edo?

Take an express train called "Red Arrow" ^^

Here we are. "Red Arrow"

Do you remember we mentioned on articles before, 

take "Romance Car " to Hakone

Then, this time, take "Red Arrow" to Kawagoe!!!

Just 40 minutes!

Seibu Shinjuku 

Wow!! many people!!!!

Gotta buy a ticket!

If you take the normal local train to Kawagoe (get off at Hon-kawagoe)

it is 1280yen  (two-way ticket)

If you would like to take an express train "Red Arrow"

it is 1280yen + 500yen = 1780 yen (two-way)

A form (multi languages ) to fill out when you purchase tickets. 

Very simple!

Why 3 tickets?

① Seibu Shinjuku ←→ Hon-kawagoe (Bus ticket for Little Edo Loop Bus from each station)

② Seibu Shinjuku ←→ Hon-kawagoe (Train ticket)

③ Hon-kawagoe ←→Seibu Shinjuku (Train ticket)

Oh! "Red Arrow" is coming! 

Enough space to relax inside the train.

You might want to buy a bento (Japanese-styled lunch box) and enjoy during your ride.

Arrived! Hon-kawagoe Station.

Tourist information center at the station

just right beside the ticket gates. 

Gotta get some info here before my trip to "Little Edo" lol

Wait!!! Manga (Comic books) !!!!


Kawagoe is the shooting background of a TV animation called Kamisama Hajimemashita
(The God has Come). 

Don't miss it if you are the fan of this comic^^

For your reference

Can't believe that it is a place located away from Tokyo Shinjuku by just 43-minute train!

We pretty enjoyed this Kawagoe Trip! 

Enjoyment  ①

Kimono Rental

The most recommended thing to do in Kawagoe!!!

Put on a Kimono and enjoy your time walking on the street of little edo (an old-fashioned style street)

So that don't worry if you don't have time to go to Kyoto .

Kimono Rental Shop: Vivan 

Enjoyment  ②

Kawagoe's food

A Japanese snack called "Imo koi "

which is made by yam and sweet potato. 

Located near the symbol of Kawagoe "Toki no kane"

Enjoyment ③

Walking through the street 

Feel and enjoy the atmosphere 

Pretend to be Japanese for a while lol

Enjoyment ④

Unagi Lunch 

Unagi is very famous in Kawagoe

itadakimasu ^^

Enjoyment ⑤

Experience the culture ^^

at Kawagoe Kitain Temple, one of the powerful spots

Enjoyment ⑥

Find some Japanese snacks since long long time ago


Enjoyment ⑦

Looking for souvenirs

Tasting local sake (liquor)

At Rakuri ( 蔵理)

How was my trip ?

An amazing journey huh!!!

Just 40 minutes from center of Tokyo !!!

Seibu Railway: 
Get on "Red-Arrow" from Seibu Shinjuku Station, get off at Hon-kawagoe Station

Kawagoe Discount Loop Ticket: 

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