Thursday, March 6, 2014

#Interest ♪ Welcome Home, Master ^^ by Maids at @ home Cafe in Akihabara

#Interest  ♪ Welcome Home ^^ by Maids
 at @ home Cafe in Akihabara 

Does anyone know Maid cafe
 Can you find one in your home country?
Even there are "Maid cafe" in your home country, we bet that should be different from the one in Tokyo! 

There are countless maid cafes in Akihabara; all have their own characteristics.

If you wanna to have your first visit, 
we recommend you this one!

   @ほぉ-むかふぇ秋葉原  (@home cafe) 

Master!! Princess!!! 

May I help you? ♡

Near JR Akihabara Station Denki-gai-dori Exit

The building right behind gyu-don"Yoshinoya"

@ home cafes locate on the 4F, 6F, and 7F.

If it is your first time, 4F is recommended because it is the standard maid cafe since then. 

All have different concepts and interior designs.

5F is the Japanese style one, all maid wears yukata ^^

Her name is Sui!!!

Nice to meet you!!

Her name is Mizukin 

She likes the Korean pop idol called KIM SONJE from Cho-shin-sei.

Mizukin: "Welcome home, princess! Here is your parfait^^"

wow!!!! so cute!!! 


※Dessert Set (A dessert, a drink,  take a picture or play a game with maid)  
around 1600yen 

We order a Japanese omelet rice as well!

wow!!! She is drawing on the top of omelet!!

A rabbit!! so cute!!!

※Food Set (A main dish, a drink, take a picture or play a game with maid)  
around 1900yen

wow!!! there are shows everyday!

Their dance and songs are cute!

Many fans always visit to support!!

She is Hitomi not from AKB 48, one of the top idol of @ home cafe^^


What a enjoyable time!!!!

Welcome home, master ♡

Welcome home, princess ♡

This is so called "Membership card"

Bring with you on your next visit, then you will be upgraded to silver and then golden member lol

So  please come home more often lol

 @ほぉ-むかふぇ秋葉原  (@home cafe)

Office Hour
Weekdays   Open 11:30 Close 22:00
Saturday      Open 10:30 Close 22:00
Sunday・Holiday Open 10:30 Close 22:00

Let's have a fantastic experience!


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