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#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 001 ~ Kita Onsen ~ Shooting Place of Popular Japanese Movie★

#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 001  ~ Kita Onsen ~ Shooting Place of Popular Japanese Movie★ 

"Mysterious Hot Springs"    Kita Onsen, which is the location to shoot the movie "THERMAE ROMAE"

Although we had known this hot spring ryokan before,
we didn't really have chance to spend a visit! 
Finally, we have come!!!

Before the release of the movie "THERMAE ROMAE" starring by Hiroshi Abe and Aya Uedo,
it was called "mysterious hot springs" Kita Onsen.
Now it has become very popular! ^^

The main story of "THERMAE ROMAE":

In the old Rome, Roman architect named Lucius, who had designed a public bath called "TARMAE, " suddenly appeared in the modern 21st century of Japan! He was surprised to the innovation of Japanese modern bath. He got inspired and brought back the idea to the Old Roman Empire, later was told to create the latest special baths to the King.

Please check HP for details (Japanese)

It is just in the world of the movie.
Let's experience the nostalgia in a Onsen Ryokan which had gone through 3 historical 
Edo Period, Meiji Period, and Showa Period.
"Kita Onsen" was built with wood.

Today, guests can cook there.
You can also find Hot Springs which is good for health.
Moreover, open-air bath and COED bath.

Although we were not born in the Edo Period, we can still feel the Nostalgic feeling!
Are you feeling interested?
Wanna know more about "Kita Onsen" ?^^


You know where is "Kita Onsen "located?
Let's go check the location of Nasu Onsen Town.

Nasu  is located at the North of Tochigi 
which is 180km away from Tokyo Station.
Next to Fukushima Prefecture, having a Nikko National Park.
It is about the halfway from Tokyo to Sendai.

You know what?
Nasu is considered part of the national park,
so all billboards of convenience stores and restaurants are brown^^
It is pretty fresh to see a brown 7-11!

"Kita onsen" located 1,100m over sea level. 
Mount Chausudake, 1915m over sea level, is the symbol of Nasu. 
So you can imagine how high "Kita Onsen" is !!!

It started snowing earlier than other area,
so it is very cold there!

Kita Onsen @ Rent a car in winter, don't forget to switch to studless tires!

Kita Onsen @ Blue sky and white clouds! Fresh Air! What a beautiful view!


Let's have a day trip!
It means no worry of accommodation!
How about have a day trip of hot springs?
It means although you don't stay at a hotel/ryokan overnight, you still enjoy the hot springs time!
You can find this kind of service or travel pack at most of the popular Onsen Ryokan!
"Kita Onsen" is one of them.

▸ A day trip of Hot Spring

Available Hour: 8:30~16:30
Fee: Adult 700yen / Child 400yen

Kita Onsen @ Park your car at a park lot, then have a little bit walk to Kita onsen


Kita Onsen Ryokan
It is ryokan full of Nostalgia of Japan.
Having 160 years of history, reproduce the atmosphere of 3 historical period: 
Edo Period, Meiji Period and Showa Period. 
Although it is located in highland, no worry, there is electricity going though. 
Recently, it is always full booking! 
The reason is the releasing of the movie "THERMAE ROMAE"

Just 20-min ride from Nasu Onsen town towards hill!
Then you will see the mysterious kita onsen^^

Kita Onsen HP (Japanese)

Kita Onsen HP (English)


Kita onsen Ryokan @ Outlook

Kita Onsen @ Entrance

Kita Onsen @ You feel the nostalgia at the entrance.

Kita onsen @ Little kitten also enjoys hot springs to relax!



Because of this movie, Kita- onsen is getting more and more popular!
Although we have been to Nasu for many times, this is our first time to visit Kita-onsen.
Because of this movie, we decided and planed this trip! ^^
Wow!!! You can imagine how influential of the movie!

Kita Onsen @ In the corner of ryokan, you can see the posters and pictures of  MOVIE THEMAE ROMAE on the corner of a room. 

Kita-onsen @ Oh! This one! The popular "Tengu-yu" of Kita-onsen

Kita Onsen @ A scene of Movie THERMAE ROMAE 

Kita-Onsen @ We just intimated lol


Mysterious Hot springs

In Japan, it is pronounced as "hiyu."
The spring water come out from the flow of the valley of mountain.
Just like a fall, so it is also called Fall of Springs.

Kita-onsen @ Kawabara no yu which is built at Meiji Period

Relaxing at open-air bath , enjoying the beautiful winter view!! Perfect!

Kita-onsen @ nostalgia at every corner!

Kita-onsen @ You might hear the sound from the friction made of wood when you walk through.

Kita-onsen @ Have a hot tea after Hot springs.

Kita-onsen @ Never been seeing these ropes

Kita-onsen @ Have them to walk to the parking lot! No worry to be fell down then! 

Ancient people are intelligent!


Mysterious Kita-onsen Ryokan

Ok!! We had decided to stay here!

People here are very nice and just feel like family members. 

Let's come and enjoy the Japanese culture of Hot springs.

Our hot springs trip in Nasu ......
To be continued.....

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