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#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 003 A Ryokan in the middle of Green Nasu Sansuikaku

#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 003 A Ryokan in the middle of Green Nasu Sansuikaku

First time we came to visit Nasu Sansuikaku in May, 2012.
It was a verdant and relaxing weekday afternoon 
Our first encounter with this peaceful land, Nasu Kogen. 

If you asked any resort hotel and spa near the suburb of Tokyo,
we would definitely say either Hakone or Karuizawa.
We was hoping to have more chances.
At that time, we first spent our visit to Nasu Kogen.
Since then,
we were attracted by this place badly!

About just an hour ride of Shinkansen (Bullet train) from Tokyo. 
It is surprisingly closed to Tokyo.
But if you would like to travel around the whole Nasu Kogen, 
we would recommend you to rent a car.
Otherwise, you might want to take shuttle bus running within the area.
You will be alright if you prepare well advanced!

You know what? Nasu has been chosen by Local Japanese people as the NO. 1 destination to travel!
Just go there to feel it in person.
Then, you will fall in with it and want to travel every season. 

But something you might be worried about is 
・ it is nearby Fukushima Prefecture
・ Sightseeing spots are not yet as popular as Nikko/ Kinugawa 
Therefore, it is not yet familiar for tourists to find the information. 

This time, we are back to Nasu again. 
Nasu Sansuikaku Resort Ryokan. 
The place we had stayed in our first Nasu visit!

Speaking of Sansuikaku, 
 you can imagine a picture of 
a fresh green patch of  greenwood. 

You might hold a wedding Party here

Speaking of Sansuikaku, 
you can imagine a scene of Hot spring bath, which have skin whitening effect. 

Speaking of Sansuikaku, 
you can't miss the high ranked Nasu beef!

Sansuikaku, will bring you the kindest Japanese hospitality, 
which is called "Omotenashi" in Japanese.


Magic of Sansuikaku 

To me, Sansuikaku resort located at Nasu Kogen,
is full of the light of sunshine, smell of flowers. 

When you get inside, 
you will feel the nostalgia from its interior design.

The most impressive thing is 
the scent of nature attracts us to get into the magic of Sansuikaku.

Lounge @ Nasu Sansuikaku 

Lounge @ Nasu Sansuikaku 

Lounge @ Nasu Sansuikaku

Lounge @ Nasu Sansuikaku

Most of the decorations and interior items are available for purchase. 

All are the collections that the master of Sansuikaku purchased from all over Japan.


Bedrooms @ Sansuikaku

Sansuikaku is basically formed by 2 buildings. 
Main ANNEX and a new ANNEX named Bettei 「 回  :kai 」  has 9 guest rooms, has private open-bath. 

If you don't have enough budget for Niki Club (the resort hotel we introduced few days ago), 
you might want to try this one in Sansuikaku.

A spacious terrace @ Sansuikaku New ANNEX Betti  Kai

A comfortable room @ Sansuigaku New ANNEX Kai

A private open-bath @ Sansuikaku New ANNEW Kai


A key-lock-shaped linking Yesterday and tomorrow 

Representing the sense of Sansukaku New ANNEX Kai. 
9 rooms in total, and different designs of open-bath are built in each room.
The above one is the most representative one of Sansuikaku.

Place ourselves inside the key-lock-shaped open bath. 
Recover ourselves from  yesterday  
Refresh ourselves of today and 
Renew ourselves for tomorrow!

You might probably feel surprised on the first sight of this open-bath!
Moreover, it is good for skin care.
so sometimes, female visitor would visit on their own to relax,
instead of use their earning on shopping.

A gift and reward for yourself! 
Go for a trip then!

Sansuikaku (English)HP

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