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#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 004 Open-air Hot Springs 1300m above sea level! Feel the snow at Omaru Onsen!

#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 004  Open-air Hot Springs 1300m above sea level!  Feel the snow at Omaru Onsen! 

Here we are at the only Open-air natural hot springs in Nasu!!
Located up high at 1300 m above sea level.
This is "Omaru Onsen Ryokan."

Not only it is a COED bath (which female and male can enjoy the same open-air bath),
You can feel the beauty of nature that it is hard to use word to express this paradise.
When you see it, 
you would definitely want to bring your friends, family, and partners to here as well.

We visited Omaru onsen in spring, summer and autumn.
this time, we are gonna discover another story of this 1300 m above sea level 
onsen ryokan in winter.

※ You can just click the following picture to see 
Nasu Omaru Onsen Ryokan in Spring, Summer and Autumn. 

( Sorry! Spring is currently not available)

#Nasu in Winter

Yes!!! It is extremely chilly and cold.
It is below 0 Degree Celsius. 
My friends from Taiwan feel very fresh and exciting. 

Omaru Ryokan

#Cheering green in summer

Omaru onsen own a huge open-air COED hot springs.
Let us introduce you three hot springs: 
Shiragaba no yu, Ajisai no yu and Azami no yu. 

# Mysterious Autumn 

Let's look for a fairy in the forest.
Soaking a bath in a forest will make us feel like we are in a fairy tale. 
A bit away from the topics?

Although it is a COED hot springs in Omaru,
we must wear a green bath towel before we get into the bath. 

# Next, it will be with the winter background. 

Icicle hung from the forest, from the roof. 
and it is minus 10 degree Celsius!!!!

Even nose hair is frozen. 
We know it is a nasty expression lol
But it is easier for you to imagine, right? 

Although it is chilly, you will feel its charm in winter.

# COED mixed bathing culture since ancient times

It is one of the seven hot springs in the year of 1380, 
being recorded in legends and history records.
(seven hot spring are Omaru, Shika no yu, Benten, Kita Onsen, Yawata, Sandogoya Onsen and Nasu yumoto Onsen) 

Omaru Onsen also becomes the member of 
"Japan Onsen Protection Committee."
Total number of member is about 180. 
Purpose of the Committee is to protect precious hot spring and nature environment from exceeding promotion of tourism. 

Wish we could go to all 180 protected hot springs one day.

Lounge filled with fresh air up on the mountain
1300 m above sea level , 
at the highest point of Nasu Kogen
A classic ryokan having 200 years history. 

You need nothing to bring with you.
Just relax your night here!
Enjoy your time, make it the greatest memory at this wonderful sight.

# Drinkable hot springs

Are you curious the taste of hot springs water?
 If you try a sip, you might not want another sip then.....

just kidding..... lol
for real, no taste of it!

# Essence and Soda water made by springs water

You can only find them here.
springs water soda!

Since springs water included rich mineral substance, which is good for body,
Omaru onsen then make use of the springs water to produce both essence and soda.

# Feel of Winter! A warm guest room

Speaking of winter in Japan, it is kotatsu! 
(Japanese styled heater under the table)

After soaking in hot spring outside at minus 10 Degree Celsius 
 coming back to the room, 
you will feel free. 

Sitting around the kotatsu
eating orange (Japanese customs in winter)
 chatting with friends 
making great memory together!

How beautiful life it?
This might be the most attractable thing  to experience Japanese culture in winter.

# Interesting Ashiyu (Foot bath) @ Special room

Indoor Ashiyu, cool!
Natural spring water is used. 
Local Japanese said
You will know which part of your body is weak at Ashiyu.

Comfortable bed @ Special Room

Wooden Flooring
then, Bamboo Charcoal is placed. under the bed, 
making the room filled with ions and energy, 
which is good for renew our body cells.

# Unforgettable Meal

Although most of the ryokan in Nasu use the seasonal natural ingredient, 
most of them are fantastic!
Meal in omaru onsen is absolutely awesome as well!

Wanna bring my family to taste it!

#Japanese Mixed COED hot spring! Nasu Omaru onsen hot spring

*One day hot springs trip 
Open hour: 11:30~14:30
Fee:  Adult 1000yen; Child (3 years old~ elementary school students) 700yen
Parking available for 30 spaces 
※Open Air bath is not available under the following circumstances. (Typhoon, floods and snow)

Let' go to the fitting room  after getting both green and white tower.


Let's go to hot spring then!!

 # Enjoy soaking in a COED mix hot spring. 
First time to enjoy hot spring under the snow.
Although you might find your body is freezing, 
sweat generally comes out from your body!

How relaxing!!!

To take this picture, 
We try to soak the whole body under the water!
Isn't it Interesting ?

A warm (?)
heartwarming open-air hot springs trip!
What an unforgettable memory with friend at Omaru Hot Spring.

Winter in Nasu! Let'e rent a car to travel then!

<Free Shuttle bus from Omaru onsen to Nasu-shoibara Station>
Here are 2 suggested timing  to use shinkansen (bullet train) and shutte bus- Rindou

① Take Shinkansen
 Depart Tokyo at 10:20
Arrive Nasu-shiobara at 11:35
Take shuttle bus- Rindou No.2
Depart Nasu-shiobara 11:55
Arrive Omaru Onsen Ryokan 13:00 

② Take Shinkansen
 Depart Tokyo at 13:20
Arrive Nasu-shiobara at 14:43
Take shuttle bus- Rindou No.2
Depart Nasu-shiobara 14:45
Arrive Omaru Onsen Ryokan 13:50 

※Time schedule for bus might be renewed irregularly, 
please check with the official HP

※ You can just click the following picture to see 
Nasu Omaru Onsen Ryokan in Spring, Summer and Autumn. 

( Sorry! Spring is currently not available)

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