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#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 005 Japanese Ryokan Best 5! Matsukawaya

#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 005 Japanese Ryokan Best 5!  Matsukawaya 

Coming to Nasu
Let's me introduce the Best 5  Ryokan in Japan.
Where is it?
There it is!
Nasu Onsen Ryokan Matsukawaya!
The formal name is 
"Matsukawaya Nasu Kogen Ryokan."

The reason we like Matsukawaya:
It is very simple. 
We like the hot springs there!
Our favorite hot springs among the ryokans we ever visited.
Hot springs here has all the element that hot springs should have!

We have visited last Spring, summer and autumn!
Feel free to check them out!

The article of spring is temporarily unavailable. 

Why did we come back again? 
We wanted to take some picture of a snowy open-air bath.
no doubt it is freezing. 
We can't find any snow.... 

# Basic Information of Nasu Hot Springs

<8 largest hot springs in Nasu>
8 largest hot springs are very popular in Nasu since the past.
"Omaru Onsen" on the top left is famous of its COED mixed bath.
"Kita Onsen Ryokan" on the bottom is the shooting location of a Japanese movie about a Roman hot springs.
Nasu has many onsens with different characteristics.
You will definitely attracted by each of them.

<Hot springs story of Matsukawaya>
Hot springs of Matsukawaya come from two springs origins. 
Shika no yu, which has 1380 years of history
Oku no Sawa Onsen, which is located above a higher sea level of Omaru Onsen.   

● Hot springs in Matsukawaya directly uses spring water from original,
haven't gone through any systems of heating , water adding and any circulation procedures. 

"Shika no yu " 
Simple acidic sulfur hot springs (emulsified water) , pH of about 2,6
"Okunosawa no yu"
Slightly acidic hot springs,  pH of about 4.0

Make your skin feel more elastic and look more clear. 
You will definitely attract by it if you soak once.

# Matsukawaya Nasu Kogen 
There are 25 rooms in Main tower and annex tower. 
Not any featured deluxe room, so you won't feel pressured.
No fancy ball room, 
so you will feel its comfort as a traditional ryokan.
Pretty nice place for the ones who want to spend your days peacefully.

# Hot springs for female @ A Greenery Season 
Matsukawaya in summer 

# Open-air hot springs @ Midnight 

<Way to go to Matsukawaya from JR Nasu-shiobara Station >
Just 1 hour from JR Ueno Station or Tokyo Station to Nasu-shiobara Station by Shinkansen !
Then how to go from JR Nasu-shiobara Station to Matsukawaya?!

1. Rent a car from rental car service besides Nasu-shiobara Station! Let's go!

2. Get on a Nasu shuttle bus called Rindou. Bus stop is 3-min from Nasu Tourism Information Center. 
(You can make reservation in advance: )

3. Direct shuttle from Matsukawaya (Need Reservation in advance with Ryokan) 

# JR Nasu-Shiobara Station

# Direct Shuttle to Matsukawaya 

#Bus stop of a yellow shuttle bus "Rindou"  in front of Nasu Tourism Information Center. 
From Shinjuku or Ikebukuro, bound for Nasu Tourism Information Center: 
(Destination stop: Nasu Onsen) 
Or JR Kanto bus is available  (

Round trip transportation fee is about 6000yen! 
It is good for the one who wanna save pocket money for the rest of the trip. 

<Nasu Onsen Shrine>
Matsukawaya, just 3-min by walk from Nasu Tourism Information Center.
It is known as a popular "Power spot" 
That is why we come to spend a visit! 

# Ashiyu (Foot bath) on the left of Nasu Onsen Shrine

# Ashiyu 

Before going inside the shrine, 
we have come to Ashiyu!
It is free^^

To warm up the body 
then, start our discovery trip to Nasu Shrine!

# Nasu Onsen Shrine

It is said that
this is the placed discovered by a deer hunter while chasing after deer. 
The hunter was hurt and come to the spring here for healing. 
Therefore, the hunter thought that 
this is God's guidance. 
Afterwards, the springs is named "Shika no yu (Deer bath). "

# Wishing a peaceful world!

#Sessho-seki  (Killing Stone)
.In the past, it was famous of its hideout of a nine-tailed fox. 
Since the jet out of gas here is poisoned; therefore, it is named as "Killing Stone."

Now, it has become one of the famous sightseeing spots in Nasu.
Isn't it a nice place?

By the way, it is next to the Shika no yu we just introduced.

<Killing Stone in Autumn>

# A Hamburger shop next to the Nasu Tourist Information Center

We came here in autumn too.

This restaurant is famous of its hamburger 
Since it is Nasu, fresh milk from Nasu  is used.

Look at these cute little cows, they are chair actually! so cute!!!!
You  wanna come and take pictures with them too!!

<Wife of master at Matsukawaya >

Her name is called  Kurisu Terumi. 
Doesn't it like a foreigner's name Chris?
But actually, she was born and grown up in Nasu.
She always wears a big smile standing on the main gate to welcome all the guests to come.
The only things different everyday is the pattern of Kimono.

#Wife of master at Matsukawaya, Ms. Kurisu Terumi !

Her cheerful smile becomes her symbol.

<Onsen in Matsukawaya>
Onsen is separated into male's one and female's one. 
Starting from Aug, 2013, 
a new service of renting a private onsen has started. 
Let's enjoy a happy time with your partner, family or friends. (Extra fee is required)

Unfortunately, there is no COED hot springs. 
Anyways, enjoy the time!

So good!!!

so good!!!

# It was -5C

Looking up to clear blue sky
nothing blocks the view of Nasu Kogen
Just enjoy both hot springs and  beautiful view.
Get relaxed both mentally and physically. 

How enjoyable!!!

#Have a cup of tea after hot springs!

<Food in Matsukawaya>

You can enjoy the Japanese cuisine in your room.
Warming your body
Gathering at the table
Enjoying the rich meal.

Traditional cuisine of Japanese Ryokan is provided. 
Kaiseki-ryori mainly included Nasu black cattle
You can freely choose from Shabu shabu, sukiyaki 
and steak.

How lucky to have that many choices^^

#Enjoying meal in the room at Matsukawaya

Not just its quantity but also the flexibility of the meat!
Can't you feel it by just looking at the white pattern on the meat! 

<Master and his wife of Matsukawaya >

What a perfectly match!
Nothing is needed!
And you can see the shine from them!

There is a Japanese phase, 
(Sugitaru wa nao oyobazarugagotoshi)

Simple is the best! 
Best description of Mastsukawaya. 

Let's go!!

We went to Teddy's bear Museum too!


The article of spring is temporarily unavailable. 

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