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#Shopping ♪ Wanna Have Made in Japan's High-quality Scarves? Here We Come to this Fashionable area~ Aoyama

#Shopping ♪ Wanna Have Made in Japan's High-quality Scarves? Here We Come to this Fashionable area~ Aoyama 

Made in Japan's
High-quality Scarves Specialty Shop
at Aoyama, Omotesando

If you are thinking to go shopping during your trip to Tokyo,
you probably don't wanna miss this area-- Omotesando, Aoyama.

Like Ginza,
Omotesando is also well known as a "Shopping Heaven."
Many of the world's top brand stores are located in this area.
especially some lovely and elegant Made in Japan's brands and boutiques! 

Okay!! Today we come to explore this area and
find an excellent shop, 
which most of the fashion lovers would come here to get some fashionable items.

You know what is that fashionable item?

Omotesando Station, Tokyo Metro 

This street of greenery represent the nobility of Omotensando.

Here, we meet this specialty shop of  scarves in Aoyama. 

Okay! Let's us show you around 
in this trendy and refined shop named "Koma."


Koma Aoyama
Specialty Shop of Scarves in Aoyama

A Made-in-Japan Brand

Every piece is made from hands of all skillful staffs. 
Every piece is made high-quality with sincere heart.
Let's come to meet the real Made-In-Japan in Aoyama.

Origin of the "Koma" brand:
"Koma" means literally a spinning top in Japanese.
A spinning top got to be in its perfect condition in order to get spun.
That is what"Koma Aoyama" pursuit on its quality. 
Getting better and better to to pursuit the best of the best.

So it is not just simply a traditional toy's name.
Like a top,
having an axis of force in the middle, 
"Koma Aoyama" 
being an axis of Japanese craftsmanship on and on.  

Walking from Harajuku to Omotesando
then from Omotesando to Aoyama

Generally, you can visit Harajuku, Omotesando, and Aoyama 
3 areas together in 1 days! 
This is so called the golden shopping route!

Harajuku - a trendy place of the youngsters 
where most trendy fashion blooms were born.

From Omotesando to Aoyama - An area you don't wanna miss while shopping in Tokyo!

If you are interested, you can also move from Omotesando to Shibuya, too.

This pink area is Harajuku and the purple area is Omotesando and Aoyama.

Koma Aoyama is located on the street 
together with many high-branded shops like Prada and Cartier.

Koma Aoyama Specialty Shop of Scarves


Only 4 in a day!

Its factory is not for mass production; 
the main purpose is to make full use of knowledge, skill and material!
Technique used during the period of 1940s~60s.
 is difficult to see anymore.
Even now, birth of technology of this woven machine 
can only make 4 scarves in a day.

Color & Dyeing
The color of the scarf uses the "ancient color" in traditional Japan to express the traditional Japanese "beauty."

Like Japanese cuisine, using colors to express the change of 4 seasons in Japan.

Since the changes of temperature and humidity will affect the coloring and dyeing process, 
so no mistakes will be allowed. 

Very colorful!

Scarves Only

Aoyama is one of the fashionable area in Tokyo for Shopping!
Made-In-Japan Specialty Shop of Scarves
It is pretty hard to use word to express! 
Just go and see!!
It would be faster!

Okay! Follow us!

Center of the Shop 

Although the shop is not quite spacious,
its interior design shows its elegance. 

It is a worth shop to visit if you like scarves and love fashion =)

All kinds of scarves

Wow!!! Too many choices!!! It is hard for us to make a decision.

Its texture is just like cotton candy! How soft!!
 A design can be used with all year around.

Texture and quality of "Koma" 
It is softened as gentle wind blowing around.

What do you think?

Of course staffs and sometimes maybe the owner are happy to pick a special piece for you!

Get one for yourselves and one for your friends!!
How nice is the box =)

Definitely, you will feel that it is worth to own one.

I made the decision finally =)

Specialty Shop of Scarves
Koma Aoyama
Made in Japan 

Price range is about 15,000yen ~40,000yen. 
You will definitely like it!

For Scarf-lovers,
you don't wanna miss it!

While you are planning to go to Harajuku,
why don't you wanna shop in Omotesando and Aoyama?

Koma Aoyama
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