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#Accommodation ♪ A "Shining Star" Hotel in Ueno~ Candeo Hotels Ueno Park

#Accommodation ♪ A "Shining Star" Hotel in Ueno~ Candeo Hotels Ueno Park 

While traveling Tokyo,
come to have a stay at Candeo Hotels Ueno Park !

If you are having troubles to find accommodation during your travel in Japan,
we have a suggestion for you!
Candeo Hotels Ueno Park 

It seems it is getting popular among foreign travelers recently!
It is because 
① Reasonable room rate
② Delicious breakfast
③ Convenient transportation

Location of Candeo  Hotels Ueno Park 
By JR: One stop from JR Ueno Station called  "Uguisutani Station"
By Tokyo Metro: One stop from Hibiya Line Ueno Station called "Iriya Station"

Both are easy access to sightseeing spots in Tokyo!

JR Uguisutani Station

More reference

From Narita International Airport : Only 37 mins by Narita Express (N'EX)
to arrive JR Nippori Station 
then  transfer to JR Yamanote Line


From Haneda Airport : Monorail to JR Hamamatsucho Station, 
then transfer to JR Yamanote Line 

You can see  "a shining star" from the platform of JR Uguisutani Station

Yes!!! That is Candeo Hotels Ueno Park 

Wow!!!! what a nice sunset view in the neighborhood!!!!

A big supermarket is just downstairs to the hotel

Lounge of the hotel 

Wi-Fi service is available in the lounge.

We find a corner full of all traditional Japanese products and toys



The whole room decorated with brown wooden colors, making the room looks more modern.
Simple and elegant furniture design with soft bedding, making us to feel more comfortable.
What a cozy and comfortable room to have a break after a full day travel in Tokyo!

Standard Twin Room

Many people said rooms in hotel are always small,
but, look at this one in Candeo Hotels Ueno Park!
It is not that small though!

A spacious space

This is a superior twin room.
From the window, you can see trains running on the railways.

This is the view from the window.

Here are the list of rooms you can choose

Wow!!!! Wi-Fi access in the lounge is very fast!!! Cool!


Sightseeing Spots in the neighborhood 
From Candeo Hotels Ueno Park, 
you can just walk to Ueno Park, Ueno Zoo and Starbucks in Ueno lol
Of course there are Ueno Ameyoko Market and Ueno Yodobashi Camera.

You know there are many attractive spots in Ueno ^^  
All are easy access from Candeo Hotels Ueno Park!
What do you think about our suggestion?

Ueno Zoo
This is one of the must-go spots when you travel in Tokyo. 
Come to see Panda and Polar bear ^^

Starbucks in Ueno Park

Many people like to have a cup of coffee on the hand
taking break, enjoying the air and nature around here!
What a nice moment during your travel in Tokyo!

in Ueno Park


Ameyoko Market
Here is the most popular area in Ueno!
Shops mostly opens until 20:00
Then, the food stand (Yadai) and Izakaya opens until midnight. 
Some open 24-hour.
So there is no excuse to miss it!

Wow!! Many people!! What a bustling area!

Everywhere is interesting! 

Let's have a drink here!!

Cheers!!! What a memorable experience! 



You can see it from some of the rooms in Candeo Hotels Ueno Park!
Anyways, when you go out from the hotel, you can see it!!! 
It is nearby though =)

634m height 


Tokyo Metro Iriya Station 

Besides Uguisutani Station, 
you can also get to the hotel by Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
Ueno, Akihabara, Tsukiji, Ginza, Roppongi and Ebisu. 
All are accessible. 

Both JR and Tokyo Metro are convenient. 


Candeo Hotels Ueno Park

You still hesitate on accommodation in Tokyo?
Reasonable price, convenient and accessible to sightseeing spots
Here you are!!!

There are 60 kinds of dishes to choose during breakfast!
Have what you like in the morning after waking up.
You will find many healthy Japanese Food!!
That's our journey to Japan!

Candeo Hotels Ueno Park

+81 03-5808-6100

Ways to reservation rooms
① Go search "Candeo Hotels Ueno Park" on google or yahoo or
② If you speak Japanese, you can directly reserve on the official homepage or
③ Check on "TripAdvisor"

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